Vietnamese text to speech

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If you’re looking for a TTS app that supports Vietnamese—look no further. Read about the best tools to create content in this language.

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Vietnamese text to speech

Regardless of the industry you’re working in, you’re bound to come across text to speech technology. Besides being a favorite among YouTube video creators, its use cases are for creating e-learning courses and business marketing. Also, since it’s so widely spread, it’s only logical for TTS apps to support different languages.

Luckily for people working in Vietnam or its market, many text to speech apps support this Asian language. In this text, we’ll list the best transcription tools that feature Vietnamese voices so that you can choose the best one for your needs and your wallet. Hence, without further ado, let’s check out Vietnamese text to speech, shall we?

Text to speech for Vietnamese language

Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optical character recognition, modern TTS tech doesn’t sound robotic and can transcribe almost any writing into fully audible speech. Today, most speech synthesis apps use high-quality natural-sounding voices and they are a major improvement compared to what was before them.

It’s estimated that more than 70 million people speak Vietnamese, both in Vietnam itself and some parts of China. Many of them use text to speech technology—be it for e-learning, business, or just as assistive tech. Nevertheless, it’s also used by others around the world to communicate with the Vietnamese market.

When it comes to Vietnamese text to speech voices, they aren’t all the same. Namely, you can choose between male and female voices, different accents, dialects, and much more, which makes your content even more immersive. As such, let’s now check out some of the best apps that support Vietnamese TTS.

Text to speech software for Vietnamese

As mentioned, text to speech technology is all around us. Hence, it’s no wonder that there are so many apps that provide this service. Some are free and offer basic features, while others improve on them and include paid plans. Either way, it’s easy for complete beginners to get lost while choosing and end up using the wrong app for them.

Still, there’s no reason to despair. By following our list below, you’ll get to know the best apps for natural-sounding speech in Vietnamese and other languages like English, Portuguese, Norwegian, Arabic, Korean, and all others. We’ll also focus on some additional features that make them stand out in the current text to speech market.


The first option on our list is Narakeet. Namely, this provider offers several services, and text to speech is just one of them. Others include Slides to Video, Markdown to Video, and Automate Video Production. All of these can be useful regardless of what type of content in Vietnamese you’re looking to create.

Nevertheless, since this text is about text to speech, we should state that Narakeet is a solid option for Vietnamese. You can choose between 6 voices in this language and it’s possible to save the transcribed speech as an MP3, M4A, or WAV audio file. The app is pretty simple to use and it’s based on a top-up payment plan.

Next up, we have This is an online voice generation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to its fullest. Users can select between various language packs, one of which is, of course, Vietnamese. The language comes in two sets of voices—regular and realistic—and both include five different AI narrators.

The app itself is an excellent choice for all profiles of users. You can use it as an assistive tool to overcome reading difficulties, create unique voice-overs for YouTube videos, or narrate your e-learning guides. The pricing and features will vary depending on your subscription plan; it’s thus best to go for the most expensive one.


Designed to save you time while creating a voice-over, Murf is one of the most popular AI transcription apps. Many use it for narrations, podcasts, and YouTube videos, as it offers realistic-sounding voices in different languages. Unfortunately, Vietnamese isn’t one of them. You can still use it for Polish, Turkish, and many others.

The reason it’s on this list is the sheer number of features Murf offers. You can use it for voice cloning, speech recognition, as well as API services. Either way, you’ll create high-quality videos and narrations in no time. Of course, all that comes for a certain price. There are several subscription plans, each of them offering something different.

Microsoft Azure

Offering SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services, Microsoft Azure is one of the hard hitters in the text to speech industry. Sure enough, its brand name says a lot about its quality, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about its features. The benefit of Microsoft Azure is the number of languages it supports. The Vietnamese speech option has two voices—male and female.

You can start using Microsoft Azure by signing in with your preexisting Microsoft account. Nevertheless, you’ll first need to decide on your plan, and there are three of them. The first one is a classic subscription plan. Then there’s pay-as-you-go and the free plan. To get the best voices (neural of Wavenet), you’ll need to choose the paid versions.


Although a video creation tool and not primarily a text to speech app, Synthesia does the latter quite well. The app allows you to create video presentations with a full-on AI-generated narrator who’ll speak whatever text you run through it. The best part is that the narrators can speak different languages besides English.

To get the most out of Synthesia, you’ll need to decide between two paid plans. The first one is called Personal, which costs $30 a month. On the other hand, you have the Corporate version, which you’ll need to negotiate with the team behind Synthesia. Either way, you’ll get a perfect tool for advertising your brand, creating explainer videos, and much more.


Lastly, we should mention Speechify. It’s among the best text to speech apps at this moment. It works on all platforms and devices and has various of realistic-sounding AI voices for you to choose, including the most lifelike Vietnamese voice compared to other apps. Furthermore, its OCR component can read photos of text and turn them into audio in real time for you to enjoy.

You can use the app to read PDF and TXT files, as well as Google Docs, ePub, and most other extensions. So whether you want to read social media posts, documents, study guides, news articles, etc., Speechify is a great choice. All in all, you can check out Speechify for free. All you need to do is look for it on the appropriate app store for your device or add it as a plug-in for your browser.

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