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Vimeo pricing and plans (2024): Everything you need to know

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Searching for video editing software? Here's everything you need to know about Vimeo's pricing and plans.

Vimeo, renowned for its high-quality video content and streamlined workflow, has cemented its place as a top-tier platform for video hosting and creation. As a hub for content creators worldwide, Vimeo offers a range of pricing plans and features to meet the varying needs of its users. Here’s a thorough look at Vimeo's key features, pros and cons, and its pricing plans.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is an online video platform that provides a space for content creators to upload, share, and monetize their videos. With a focus on delivering high-quality, ad-free playback, Vimeo sets itself apart from other video hosting platforms. Its user-friendly interface and diverse feature set make it ideal for personal projects, webinars, live events, and even virtual events.

Key features of Vimeo

The advanced features of Vimeo extend beyond just video hosting. The platform enables users to upload videos in a variety of formats and offers player customization options, enhancing the viewer experience. For live streaming, whether it's live events or live Q&A sessions, Vimeo offers robust support.

Vimeo's integrations with other apps and APIs, its video creation and video marketing tools, and screen recording functionality make it a comprehensive solution for video content needs. Content creators can also utilize the platform's stock photos and templates to create videos that stand out.

In addition, Vimeo OTT is a feature that allows creators to monetize their content, making it a viable option for professional use. Vimeo also offers advanced plans like Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Plus, and Vimeo Premium, each with distinct features and benefits.

Pros and cons of Vimeo

Vimeo's main strength lies in its focus on high-quality video content, a feature that sets it apart from many other video platforms. The platform offers ample bandwidth and is equipped with marketing tools to help businesses grow their online presence. The absence of disruptive ads during playback and the ability to upload videos in a variety of formats add to its appeal.

However, the platform's pricing model may seem complex to some users. While Vimeo does offer a free plan, the advanced features, increased upload limits, and customer support are mostly tied to the paid plans. Some users might also find the number of videos that can be uploaded or the live streaming capacity under certain plans restrictive.

Vimeo's pricing plans

Vimeo's pricing is structured around several subscription plans designed to cater to a range of needs. Do not that Vimeo has recently restructured and renamed its pricing plans, the Vimeo Plus, Vimeo Pro, and Vimeo Premium plans no longer exist.

The current Vimeo plans and their pricing are as follows:

Free plan

  • Limited video-making and editing tools, including Basic templates, add text and sticker animations, and trimming tools
  • Unlimited screen and webcam recordings
  • Basic viewer analytics
  • The ability to download converted files
  • Access to basic stock photos, videos, and music
  • Upload two videos per month, up to a total of 25 videos for your account

Starter plan: $12/seat/month

Features include:

  • Embedding of the Vimeo video player
  • Screen recording capabilities
  • Basic video templates
  • Ability to create video chapters and add SEO features
  • Analytics for engagement and social media

Standard plan: $20/seat/month

Features include everything you get in the Starter plan, plus:

  • Branding abilities in the video player and in videos
  • Create custom video end cards
  • Make custom forms for lead capturing
  • Premium video templates
  • Access to stock photos and other content
  • On-demand selling of individual videos

Advanced plan: $65/seat/month

Features include everything from the Standard plan, plus:

  • Host webinars and virtual events
  • Do live Q&As, create polls, and offer chat features
  • Virtual registration for events (up to 100 per event)
  • Branded invitations and reminder emails
  • Monitor the video streaming in real-time
  • Access to marketing integrations

Enterprise plan

Features include everything from the Advanced plan, plus:

  • Custom permissions
  • Even more marketing integrations
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLAs
  • Ability to moderate live Q&A videos
  • Host backup streams
  • Dedicated account manager

These features are only the tip of the iceberg for each plan’s features. Each Vimeo plan includes its own offers for features like admin controls, managing team member accounts, video streaming capabilities, monetization, and more.

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