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Tyler Weitzman
By Tyler Weitzman MS in Computer Science, Stanford University in Speech Synthesis on August 23, 2022
Besides having fun with friends on Discord or Skype, using a voice changer with effects can help you hide your identity and stay anonymous.

    Voice changer

    Voice-changing software allows us to modify the way we sound. It adds desired levels of distortion, fiddles with the pitch, and even changes the tone of our voice. In our day and age of constant online interactions, such apps are needed just as much as any other.

    Changing your own voice while communicating through a smartphone or computer is as easy as one, two, three. All you require is a proper plug-in, and you’ll switch your identity, age, or—funnily enough—mimic someone you know.

    But why would anyone want to play with voice effects? Is it just for fun, or are there other, serious reasons for having a new voice? In short—it’s both. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Allow us to explain all there is to know about voice changers, one step at a time.

    The benefits of using a voice changer

    In essence, everything we use for serious purposes has a funnier side to it, too. The same goes for voice editor software. Many people use voice filters to joke around on Discord while playing multiplayer games. Yet, others use it to create a voice-over for specific situations.

    Nevertheless, there’s no wrong way of using voice modulators and sound effects. Whatever works for you is okay, as long as it doesn’t have a criminal intent behind it. So, let’s discuss how people use it for fun as well as other purposes.

    Voice changers for fun and entertainment

    If you’re a gamer, you’re probably already on Discord. It’s a great platform to communicate and cooperate while playing games like Fortnite. Still, why only keep it at that? Why not add some fun to it? That’s where voice changer apps come in. With such software, you can joke with your online buddies by reenacting different voices.

    Skyping or using Zoom with friends and relatives is another instance where using a voice-modifier app can be useful. Besides having fun with one another, you can play pranks on them. Changing how you sound while wearing a disguise can turn you into a real chameleon. Sure enough, this might not be an appropriate way to joke around depending on the situation, so you should always keep it at a safe level.

    On the other hand, most voice changers can manipulate pre-recorded WAV audio files, too. This is why it has common use in the entertainment industry. Be it for videos or music, you can create unique sounding voices and sound effects to suit your needs. This includes fiddling with the pitch to change from sounding like a male to a female and vice versa.

    Voice changers for specific purposes

    Voice changers aren’t just for fun and games. They can have a more serious role if you’re looking to create specific content. For example, many people who create videos on YouTube or make podcasts use this kind of software. This can be for a myriad of reasons, but the main idea is to stay anonymous in a world that’s more and more transparent.

    A good idea to use a voice changer is when trying to get rid of nuisance callers like salespeople. Most of them will keep pushing their product if they realize they’re talking to elderly people or youngsters. Yet, there are malicious callers, too. Aside from contacting the police first, you can fend them off by having a deep-sounding voice recording.

    Another specific purpose of using a voice changer is when you want to make certain inquiries. By manipulating your voice, you can inform yourself about a rival business, order a sketchy product, or even investigate a cheating partner. As such, private detectives usually use voice changers when searching around for information.

    Alternatives to voice changers

    If you intend to change your voice without using pricey software, you can always do it the old-school way. By this, we mean speaking through a kazoo or a similar instrument. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way, as it might be hard to speak clearly enough for others to understand. Instead, it might get comical and irritating.

    Another alternative is to use a remote voice-changing device. Namely, you just place it between your mouth and the microphone, and it will manipulate your voice in real-time. Still, these devices are pretty primitive in terms of the options they allow their users. Most of them can only add distortion, so you’ll sound rather sinister, even if that’s not your intention.

    Luckily enough, there are are voice-changing software alternatives. The most common are text-to-speech (TTS) apps like Speechify. Although their original purpose isn’t to change voices, they can still do it with great effect. This is especially true if you’re looking for a fully unique sound that won’t resemble your voice in any way.

    The idea behind TTS software is to type what you want to say, and the app will recognize it and use artificial intelligence (AI) to turn it into speech. However, that’s just its basic purpose. Most of these apps have various presets that resemble different types of voices. From male and female to deep and high to young and old, there’s lots of variety. Even celebrities’ voices can be used!


    It’s no secret that there are many TTS tools out there. However, not many of them offer the same results and a variety of options like Speechify. This is an OCR-based software that uses both AI and machine learning to turn what you write or type into speech.

    What sets it apart from other TTS tools is that you can use it in many ways. Speechify available on smartphones (both iOS and Android ones), as well as Macs and Windows-based computers. Either way, Speechify will recognize symbols and read them back to you.

    When it comes to using Speechify for voice effects, it might be even simpler than using actual voice-manipulating software. All you need to do is type what you want to say, and the tool will turn it into speech using an artificial voice.

    You can play around with the tone, choose different presets, and adjust the speaking speed, which can even make the text sound like it’s being read by a chipmunk. But that’s not all! Speechify also allows you to snap photos of text, and the OCR will turn the written words into speech as well. This can be a great option if you want to recite movie or game references that suit the occasion.

    All in all, Speechify is probably the best text-to-speech tool right now. Despite many alternatives, its versatility sets it apart from the crowd. With its numerous voice options, it can suit anyone who’s looking to change their voice in no time—and all this regardless of whether it’s for fun and entertainment or something more serious.


    What are the best voice changers?

    There are numerous high-quality pieces of software with a voice-changing feature online. The first one that comes to mind is definitely Murf. With its audio-editor option, Murf can help you eliminate background effects and noises, making your voice sound professional.

    We also need to mention Adobe Audition. Just like their other products, Adobe’s Audition is a high-end voice editor. It can change almost any characteristic of your voice, which makes it suitable for both gaming, recording podcasts, or imitating popular characters.

    Of course, you can always use the best text-to-speech app, Speechify, as an easy way to take any text you want to type or write into lifelike speech in a matter of seconds.

    How can I get a free voice changer?

    In case you don’t have the budget to purchase a professional voice changer app, you can always use free software to create a custom voice. Sure enough, they won’t offer some advanced options, but they can get the job done for most people.

    The best free real-time voice changer is surely Voicemod. This app is popular among people who enjoy online games as it’s compatible with Twitch and Discord. Moreover, Voicemod has an easy-to-use soundboard that allows you to add numerous audio effects without the need to previously watch an hour-long tutorial.

    Voicemod is also a favorite because of its low CPU usage. This is the main concern for gamers, as playing a demanding title with a launcher like Steam can cause frame drops that affect the performance.

    The best free text-to-speech option for your voice changing needs is Speechify! There is also a premium version available that offers even more incredible features.

    What is the most realistic voice changer?

    Here are the best real-time voice changers you can use to troll your friends like a boss.

    • Voicemod
    • NCH Voxal Voice Changer
    • MorphVox JR
    • AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
    • Clownfish Voice Changer

    Of course, we can’t forget to mention Speechify’s very natural-sounding voices as a text-to-speech app.

    Speechify Text to Speech Features

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