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Learn more about Webnovel and its services.

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Webnovel audiobooks & text to speech

Webnovel is one of the largest online literature platforms. It allows users to listen and read books on their phones or computers, take notes, and interact with other members. Here you’ll learn more about Webnovel and its services.

Webnovel’s services

Webnovel offers something every online book reader will appreciate.


Webnovel is a hub for web novels, i.e., novels published online. Although called “Webnovel,” the platform offers its users numerous genres and formats, from light novels and romance stories to fan fiction and comic books.

One of the reasons Webnovel is so popular is its accessibility, with the platform letting readers enjoy audiobooks too. In only a few clicks, readers can listen to the audio version of their preferred book and customize the settings. This option is available for every book published on the platform.

Many people enjoy listening to books being read aloud because they find them easier to understand. Plus, audiobooks are especially valuable for those with reading difficulties.

Text to speech

Webnovel features a text to speech option that allows users to convert text such as webpages and emails into speech. Users can choose the playback speed and pitch and set a sleep timer. 

However, the text to speech option on Webnovels is available only on the mobile app. Users can download the Android version on Google Play (Play Store) and the iOS version on the App Store. 


Besides allowing readers to explore thousands of books, Webnovel encourages writers to publish their work and earn money through Inkstone.

Inkstone is a writing platform that Webnovel developed to allow authors to share their original work with others. If Webnovel recognizes potential, the employees may contact the writer and offer a contract. Of course, writers can always contact Webnovel and directly submit their work.

Available languages

Currently, Webnovel provides content in six languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Hindi.

Another Text to Speech Option

Since Speechify uses cutting-edge AI to convert written text to speech, users will enjoy naturally-sounding voices. In addition, they can choose the playback speed, language, and even the preferred accent.

Speechify is excellent for anyone who enjoys listening instead of reading. Moreover, it’s ideal for those with dyslexia, ADHD, other learning disabilities, and reading disorders. 

The service is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari as well as an iOS and Android app. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be happy to know that Speechify is incredibly easy to use, even for those who have never experienced a similar service.

Speechify offers free and paid subscription plans (Speechify Limited and Speechify Premium). So you can try it for free and see whether it suits your needs.


How do you use audio on Webnovel?

The audio option on Webnovel is available only on mobile apps. Open the desired book, tap the middle of the screen, and press “Audio.” Choose the playback speed and pitch, and turn on the sleep timer if required.

How do I change the language on Webnovel?

You can change the language on Webnovel by launching the app and pressing the globe icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Simply tap “Content language” and choose the preferred option.

How do I delete a book on Webnovel?

When writing, it’s not possible to delete a book on Webnovel. However, you can delete the chapters and the synopsis and leave a note informing readers that the book has been removed.

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