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Create polished videos without any actors or equipment. Turn any text into high-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers – in less than 5 minutes. Try Speechify AI Video Generator.

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Say goodbye to traditional methods of shooting video

Say hello to the speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiencies of AI generated video.

Traditional Video Recording Studio
Traditional Video Shoot

Studio time and equipment

Studio staff

Talent. More talent = more expensive.

Lengthy schedule

Post editing

Expensive. $1000+ for just one short video.

AI Generated Video
AI Video Generator

All you need is a laptop

No staff. You can create a video in minutes

Use 1 or many AI avatars at no additional cost

Get your video in minutes

Minor to no editing. Zero learning curve.

Only $239/year

Create AI Generated Videos For Any Format

AI generated videos for courses, social media, onboarding, or anywhere else.

YouTube AI Avatar Video
AI Videos for YouTube

Create polished AI videos for YouTube or YouTube Shorts and grow your reach.

Instagram AI Avatar Video
AI Videos for Instagram

Connect with your audience on Instagram. Export videos formatted for Reels.

TikTok AI Avatar Video
AI Videos for TikTok

AI videos for TikTok are easy to generate. Hyper scale your social media reach.

Facebook AI Avatar Video
AI Videos for Facebook

Easily export stunning AI generated videos for Facebook. Publish more & connect more.

Abandon traditional slides. Impress with AI Video.

You can use AI generated video avatars to liven up those presentations and sales decks.

Sales decks

Impress prospects with professional and unique videos.


The board will remember your key points with a creative presentation.


Delight and entertain your new employees with fun, yet professional videos.


Create and scale your training videos.

Convey Emotion with AI Voice Apps

Text turns into audio, instantly.

Our AI engine that powers Speechify AI Voice Studio takes your text and converts it into high quality audio. You have full control over your character’s AI voice, tone, emtion, and much more.

Customize AI Avatars for Video

100s of customizable AI avatars

Choose from 100s of AI avatars and fine tune them or start from scratch and build your own custom character. It is easier than it is fun to build your own.

AI Generated Video

Edit and publish

Editing is easy and there is a zero learning curve. With a very intuitive UI, drag and drop, anyone can create stunning AI generated videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AI video generator is a sophisticated tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality videos. By utilizing machine learning and complex algorithms, it automates video production and editing, making it more efficient and accessible even for beginners.

AI Video Generators use AI image generation techniques and AI text analysis to transform text prompts into stunning visual content. The AI image system interprets the text and creates corresponding scenes, while the AI text-to-video mechanism converts the written words into engaging video content.

Absolutely. AI Video Generators offer a customizable video editing experience. From the fonts, subtitles, and video templates to the inclusion of custom avatars, they allow users to design unique and personalized videos.

AI Video Generators are capable of creating a wide array of video content including, but not limited to, explainer videos, training videos, tutorials, and social media content for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. They can even produce professional videos suitable for startups and content creators.

AI Video Generators use several AI tools such as text to speech for voiceovers, generative AI for creating AI avatars, AI voice for creating natural-sounding dialogues, and algorithms for automating the video creation process. Tools like ChatGPT and Synthesia are often used for text understanding and AI-generated video production.

Yes, AI Video Generators are designed to be user-friendly, making them ideal for beginners. Users do not need a background in video editing or production to create engaging videos. These tools often offer tutorials and user guides to help beginners navigate the process.

While AI Video Generators primarily use text-to-speech AI tools for voiceovers, some advanced tools allow users to record and use their own voice. This helps create a more personalized and authentic video content.

Yes, many AI Video Generators offer features for adding subtitles to your videos. They can also offer transcription services, converting voiceover audio into text, and then embedding it as subtitles in the video.

The pricing for AI Video Generators varies depending on the features offered, video quality, and whether watermarks are included. Some services offer free versions with limited capabilities or watermarked videos, while others provide different subscription tiers for more extensive features and higher quality videos.

Yes! This is one of the core use cases for which we created Speechify Voice Over Studio.

The pricing for AI Video Generators varies depending on the features offered, video quality, and whether watermarks are included. Some services offer free versions with limited capabilities or watermarked videos, while others provide different subscription tiers for more extensive features and higher quality videos.

Yes, AI Video Generators are an excellent tool for content creators on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and others. They can also be used to create video podcasts, promos, and various other forms of engaging and high-quality video content.

Yes, many AI Video Generators incorporate AI-powered image generation technology. This means that they can create custom images or scenes based on the text prompts provided, enhancing the overall video content.

Yes, AI Video Generators are designed to produce professional-grade videos. They come equipped with video editing tools, customizable video templates, and high-quality video production techniques to create professional videos that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.