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How to create videos at scale with AI avatars

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Check out our ultimate guide about how to create videos at scale with AI avatars easily and conveniently.

AI avatars have gained massive popularity in recent years, especially in the realm of video creation. These artificial intelligence digital personas enable content creators to produce engaging videos at scale. This article will guide you on creating AI avatar videos and elevating your content game for a variety of use cases.

Creating your AI avatar or digital clone

To create your AI avatar at scale, you must employ AI tools and technologies, such as machine learning and generative AI algorithms. These advanced technologies learn from vast datasets to create realistic human avatars that mimic facial expressions, gestures, and movements.

Several services can help you create an AI avatar or digital clone. While some platforms focus on creating 3D models, others specialize in 2D avatars. You can choose a service that best suits your needs and create your AI avatar by uploading your photos or professional videos. The AI algorithms will then analyze your features and generate a personalized digital clone.

How to make AI avatar videos

Numerous apps and platforms enable users to create AI avatar videos. Here's a list of some of the best ai video generators:


Synthesys Logo

Synthesys is an AI video generator that creates AI audio and AI avatars using text-to-video and text-to-speech technology. In addition to generating videos with an AI presenter from a text prompt, Synthesys can create voiceovers with its library of 65 voices (35 female, 30 male). The platform can produce sales videos, tutorials, animations, explainers, TV commercials, podcasts, and more.


Veed Io Logo

VEED focuses on AI-assisted video editing, offering background noise removal and captioning features. It also has tools specifically for live streaming, allowing users to simultaneously go live on multiple platforms and record and edit the content for reposting on social media. VEED is ideal for social media influencers, Twitch streamers, and video podcasters.


Invideo Logo

InVideo is a versatile video editor with AI-powered features that make video creation a breeze for beginners and professionals alike. The platform offers a range of video templates, fonts, and intuitive editing tools to help you create high-quality AI avatar videos. InVideo's intelligent video assistant—an AI-powered tool—automatically checks and solves design mistakes. Capable of producing various video types, including promos, presentations, testimonials, and memes, InVideo allows for automatic sharing on social media channels and is used by major companies like CNN, Microsoft, and Caterpillar.


Lumen5 Logo

Lumen5 is an AI-driven video creation platform that allows you to transform your blog posts and articles into engaging videos with just a few clicks. With its vast media library, templates, and AI technology, Lumen5 is perfect for creating explainer and marketing videos. Designed specifically for marketing teams, the platform enables users to customize their videos with brand-specific fonts, colors, logos, and more. Lumen5's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes video creation as easy as crafting slideshow presentations.

Designs AI Logo is a comprehensive AI art generator that offers various AI tools, including a video maker for creating professional-looking AI avatar videos. Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and AI-generated content make video creation a seamless experience. The platform allows users to create videos through a wide selection of templates sorted by industry, format, and even season. also features a text-to-video tool where users can input the video's title and script and choose from various voiceover and language options. Logo uses generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create custom avatars and AI-generated voiceovers. The platform can also generate personalized videos based on the viewer, making it an ideal tool for e-commerce.


Synthesia logo

Synthesia, similar to, offers AI-generated avatars in its videos. The platform uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze written content and generate videos with voice-overs that can be translated into over 50 languages. Reputed companies like Reuters, BBC, and Accenture are among its users.

Elai Logo is an AI video creation platform that generates personalized videos by combining generative AI algorithms and human avatars. It's ideal for creating training videos, social media content, and YouTube videos. With, users can automatically generate videos at scale using a blog post link or a PDF presentation. The platform also allows the creation of customized avatars to be used as talking presenters in videos instead of actual people. Avatars can range from photorealistic humans to cartoon characters, and users can change their videos before downloading them.


Pictory Logo

Pictory effortlessly converts long-form text into short, shareable videos for social media and provides editing capabilities. It can also extract highlights from long videos using AI. It is an excellent resource for creating highlight reels from Zoom meetings or virtual conferences. All videos created with Pictory get automatic captions, increasing accessibility for viewers.


GliaCloud Logo

GliaCloud enables users to generate high-quality videos using various inputs, from news articles to social media platforms. Users can access GliaStudio for any media assets, such as photos or music. GliaCloud offers specific features depending on the video's purpose, like real-time editing and updating for news videos or transforming user-generated content into shareable videos for marketing purposes.

Add seamless voiceovers to your videos with Speechify

To further enhance your AI avatar videos, consider adding realistic voice-overs using Speechify. This text to speech service provides authentic narration that sounds uncannily like a real human. Speechify converts your written text into engaging audio content, making it perfect for explainer videos, podcasts, and more. Give Speechify a try and see what this innovative technology can do for you.


Is there an AI that can make complete videos?

AI-powered video creation platforms like InVideo, Lumen5, and can help you create complete videos using AI algorithms, templates, and editing tools.

How do I make an AI video from pictures?

Platforms like Lumen5 and allow you to create AI videos from pictures by leveraging AI algorithms, transitions, and background music to generate engaging video content.

How can you make animated videos with AI?

You can use AI-driven video creation platforms, such as and, to create animated videos by choosing from various templates, customizing your AI avatar, and adding voiceovers or subtitles.

What are the benefits of AI video creation?

AI video creation offers numerous benefits, including time and cost savings, easy customization, intuitive video editing, consistent quality, and the ability to create content at scale.

What is the best AI video editing software?

InVideo, Lumen5, and are some of the best AI video editing software. They offer user-friendly interfaces, AI-driven features, and customizable templates for creating high-quality AI avatar videos.

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