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5 things to do while you listen to audiobooks

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Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks but lack the time to fully commit? Here are 5 things to do while you listen to audiobooks.

5 things to do while you listen to audiobooks

When reading a physical book, you're usually limited to a single activity. You might be able to still focus while listening to music from your favorite playlist, but that's pretty much it. In contrast, audiobook listening allows you to do other activities simultaneously. This is great when you don't have enough time to enjoy a good audiobook or run out of podcasts to listen to while doing household chores.

To help you manage your time more efficiently and enjoy your favorite audiobooks more frequently, we've compiled a list of the top 5 things to do while listening to audiobooks.

Top 5 activities to do while listening to an audiobook

Listening to audiobooks will make any of these activities more enjoyable while allowing you to accomplish more during the day, which is a win-win situation.

1. Working out

As beneficial as working out is, it can sometimes become tedious. Listening to audiobooks while working out will help you pass the time faster and stay motivated and entertained throughout your exercises.

You can pop in your earphones or earbuds, play an audiobook, and breeze through your session in the gym.

Alternatively, you can head outside for a workout. Runners, in particular, can benefit from listening to audiobooks while pounding the pavement. Audiobooks will distract their minds from the miles ahead and keep them going once the scenery and the activity become monotonous.

2. Chores

Household chores are another activity that few people rush to complete. After all, would you rather find out who the killer is in a compelling mystery book or do the dishes? The good news is that with audiobooks, you don't have to choose.

Find out why Jennette McCurdy is glad her mother died while doing any of these chores:

  • Washing clothes
  • Folding laundry
  • Tidying your room
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Dusting

Grab a Bluetooth speaker and take your audiobook outside to do some weeding, raking, or watering. Regardless of the chore, your task will be much more appealing when listening to a captivating audiobook.

3. Cooking

You can't seem to put a book down, but it's getting dangerously close to mealtime. Grab an audiobook and problem solved.

Whether following a simple recipe or going for an ambitious delicacy that will keep you in the kitchen for hours, an audiobook will remain your faithful companion.

4. Going for a walk

Going for a walk can be a lifesaver for people who work from home or want to lead a healthier lifestyle. An audiobook will keep you company, whether going for a short stroll around the neighborhood with your dog or a long walk to your favorite spot in nature.

5. Crafting

Not everyone wants to listen to audiobooks to distract themselves from a mundane activity. If you're one of those people, try crafting while listening to a good book. This way, you'll pair two stress-reducing activities and take some much-needed time to relax and unwind.

When it comes to crafting, there are many activities you can take up, depending on your interests. You can try crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, or jewelry-making.

Besides helping you relax and enjoy your audiobook, these creative activities will help you express yourself.

Audiobooks can be an ideal companion for even more activities

Thanks to the convenience of audiobooks, the list of activities you can combine them with is seemingly endless. It all boils down to your needs, preferences, and available time.

If you simply want to sit back and relax, you can combine listening to audiobooks with other leisure activities:

  • Scrolling through social media
  • Doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • Playing video games
  • Relaxing in a coffee shop
  • Sunbathing on the beach
  • Enjoying adult coloring books

If, however, you wish to accomplish more during the day or lack time to sit and go through a book, try listening to audiobooks while:

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Commuting
  • Driving on a road trip
  • Organizing your closet
  • Organizing your bookshelves

If multitasking isn't your thing, you can pick up the same e-book on Speechify and read along while listening. This will help you focus more and immerse yourself completely.

Audiobooks can even help you fall asleep more easily. Reading books has been proven to help people struggling to sleep, relax and worry less. However, a print book requires keeping the lights on and holding the book physically. In contrast, an audiobook will lull you to sleep without these distractions.

Plus, apps like Audible, Overdrive, and Speechify offer sleep timer settings, so you know exactly where you left off with your favorite Harry Potter book.

Is listening to audiobooks while doing something else efficient?

Listening to an audiobook while doing another activity makes you more focused and organized. Audiobooks accomplish this by keeping your mind from wandering.

To get the most out of audiobooks for multitasking, try matching the book with the activity, just like a sommelier would pair wine with food. For instance, Saul Bellow's Mr. Sammler's Planet can be the perfect pastime for those stuck on public transit. Similarly, Ruth Reichl's Comfort Me with Apples will make cooking a delightful experience.

Fill your audiobook library with Speechify

Pairing audiobooks with everyday activities is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. You just need to find a valuable source of compelling fiction and non-fiction books. Enter Speechify.

Speechify is an audiobook service that boasts an impressive library of incredible titles suitable for any activity. You can purchase individual titles or subscribe to the monthly service to ensure you never run out of listening materials.

Speechify is available across all major platforms. You can always start from where you left off, whether using your computer or heading outdoors with your phone.

Give Speechify a go today and use every moment to the fullest extent.


How do you stay focused when listening to audiobooks?

You can stay focused when listening to audiobooks by finding activities that go well with the title you're listening to.

What are the benefits of listening to audiobooks?

Audiobooks offer many benefits, including the ability to multitask, consume a book wherever and whenever you feel like it, and improve your literacy skills.

Can you do important tasks while listening to audiobooks?

You can do many important tasks while listening to audiobooks. It all depends on the task itself and the audiobook you choose. Be careful with audiobooks that are too engaging, as they can distract you from tasks that require intense concentration.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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