Juggling too much at once? If you want to become more of a multitasking pro, this article discusses the best tool for multitasking.

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Best tool for multitasking

Multitasking combines better time management and productivity so you can complete your tasks quickly and get more done. It’s practically become an Olympic sport for some people who really love multitasking. Fortunately, several apps are available that can help make your multiple tasks more organized and manageable.

Learn some of the best tools available in the Google Play and App store to help you focus and juggle your to-do list like a pro.

Speechify helps you multitask efficiently

At times, one of your tasks may include reading. Wouldn’t it be great to focus on other tasks at the same time? It may sound impossible, but it is possible with the new app and number one text to speech service, Speechify.

Speechify reads text aloud so you can listen while you multitask. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan the text and synthesize voices for a natural-sounding read. It has narration customization options that allow you to choose the voice, accent, language, and a reading speed up to nine times faster than the average. The experience is similar to listening to audiobooks.

You use Speechify to read documents, articles, emails, and even to check up on social media like LinkedIn.

The Speechify service can read the text within your Windows laptop or MacBook browser through its Chrome extension. You can install the iOS app for text to audio listening on your iPad and iPhone and the Android app for Android products. By saving text to your Speechify library, you can access it from any device at any time.

Other multitasking tools worth considering

Clutter affects your focus and productivity, and a cluttered workspace can make it challenging to switch between apps and open windows. Here are some other apps to help you get through your to-do list quicker when working from your Microsoft Windows or Apple device.

FancyZones by Windows PowerToys

If you’re using a 32-inch 21:9 aspect ratio display or larger, the apps you use may not fill the whole screen. Although Windows 10 accommodates apps that are open side-by-side, this doesn’t work for ultra-wide monitors. These displays are like two 16:9 monitors in one, where you could display three or more apps together. The Windows 11 Snap Layout feature supports this option, and the FancyZones app offers the same for Windows 10 users.

FancyZones is a free utility tool built into PowerToys. It lets you separate your screen into different virtual zones and supports you in switching between tasks more quickly.

Virtual Desktops in Windows

Virtual desktops deliver clean desktops while your open apps run in the background. The feature is accessed through the task view button in Windows 10. You won’t need to close the programs to keep your taskbar less cluttered. For example, work for different projects or clients can be done on separate virtual desktops.


Todoist uses a unique method to encourage motivation and productivity by turning your to-do list into a game to be completed. It includes real-time synchronization, filtering, labeling, sub-tasking, and color coordinating to help prioritize your daily tasks.


Milanote is more of a schedule-organizing app and one of the best organization tools around. In addition to allowing you to plan and organize your schedule, you can design specific projects.

Milanote has many features to meet your requirements, from project planners and mood boards to standard to-do lists. Media files like pictures and videos can be added to the text for more information. And everything is completely customizable. This platform is excellent for sharing workspaces for project planning with friends or colleagues.


Mosaic is an app for Mac users. It’s a powerful window management tool that lets you lay out and resize your windows by dragging and dropping. You can develop personalized layouts to maximize your screen in a way that works best for you. It also lets you create a quick layout to customize your desktop for new Mac apps.

Mission Control in macOS

The Mission Control feature available with Mac operating systems is similar to the Virtual Desktops feature in Windows 10. It helps keep the things you’re working on organized by keeping them on separate desktops.

When you open Mission Control, your desktop should display in any full-screen window. You can display another desktop by clicking Mission Control‘s “+” sign.


Magnet offers the best Windows multitasking features for the Mac operating system. Like the Mosaic app, you can arrange your screen by dragging app windows. When pulled to the edge of your screen, the apps will snap into a split-screen view. You won’t need to hold keys down to create a new workspace like the macOS built-in split screen app.

Magnet allows you to organize your work via a triple split-screen. You can manage your windows to fit up to six panels side-by-side evenly. In addition, the Magnet window manager allows you to arrange your panels through customizable keyboard shortcuts or the menu bar widget.

How to multitask efficiently with Speechify

Performing more than one task simultaneously has its benefits and drawbacks. The pros include:

  • Saving time

  • Increasing your brain power through constant engagement

  • Preventing procrastination as you achieve more

  • Improving your resilience and ability to manage challenging situations

Some of the cons include the following:

  • Multitasking can cause inefficient use of time when switching between tasks as your brain adjusts to the switch.

  • Heavy multitasking may lead to mental blocks.

  • It may affect your brain’s ability to retain information.

Juggling tasks works best when you combine a job that requires focus, like reading, with something automatic, like walking the dog or folding laundry.

The Speechify app helps you become a multitasking pro in two ways:

  • It allows you to perform automatic tasks while your brain focuses on audio content.

  • Since you won’t need to read from a screen, it gets you away from your devices, therefore removing distractions such as social media notifications.

Speechify will boost productivity and focus. Discover your new “reading superpower” for effective multitasking by trying Speechify for free today.


How do you manage multiple tasks simultaneously?

Consider the following in assisting you with multitasking:

  • Make a to-do list.

  • Break tasks into smaller activities.

  • Set priorities.

  • Limit or eliminate distractions. 

How can I multitask without breaking my brain?

To multitask without becoming overwhelmed, consider pairing a task that requires intense focus with a manual job that requires minimal thinking.

What is a good example of multitasking?

A good example of multitasking is something most people do every day: listening to the radio while driving a car. Another example is folding laundry while watching TV. 

Pick Your Speechify Tribe

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“I’m an audible learner. Speechify helps me to comprehend readings better than I am capable of reading the text silently.” - CANDI CL

“This is probably top 5 of greatest apps ever, you can literally read alone an entire book in a day. Easily worth the cost of the app.” - TJV 34

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“I use this app to proofread before I publish chapters of my books and it works so good! 10/10 recommended.” - LOUIELEIUOL

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