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Accessibility Coordinator Certification: Unpacking the Role and Importance of ADA Coordinators

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What is an ADA coordinator?An ADA coordinator is an individual responsible for ensuring that entities such as public institutions, local governments, and...

What is an ADA coordinator?

An ADA coordinator is an individual responsible for ensuring that entities such as public institutions, local governments, and businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Their role involves overseeing policies, practices, and procedures to accommodate people with disabilities. They also address ADA issues, manage grievance procedures, and ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided as required.

Who is the ADA coordinator for the University of Missouri?

As of my last update in September 2021, specific names of ADA coordinators for institutions like the University of Missouri might vary over time. It would be prudent to check the official University of Missouri website or for the most up-to-date information.

What is the certification called?

The certification for ADA coordinators is commonly referred to as the "ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program" or ACTCP. It's managed by institutions like the Great Plains ADA Center.

Difference between a "certified" and "non-certified" ADA coordinator

A "certified" ADA coordinator has completed a comprehensive training program, like the ACTCP, and demonstrated a knowledge-base relevant to ADA regulations, transition plans, and more. Non-certified coordinators might not have undergone this formal training, which could impact the effectiveness of their ADA compliance measures.

Why would a university need an ADA coordinator?

Universities, as public entities, must ensure accessibility for all. An ADA coordinator ensures the institution meets ADA regulations, from architectural studies to webinars and online platforms, ensuring every student, regardless of disability, receives an equal opportunity.

Difference between an ADA coordinator and an accessibility coordinator

While both roles focus on accessibility and ADA compliance, an ADA coordinator typically addresses broader ADA issues, ensuring compliance with all ADA titles, including Title I and ADA Title II. An accessibility coordinator, however, might focus more on specific areas, such as web accessibility or architectural studies.

Certification process for an ADA coordinator

The ACTCP involves a series of in-person training, webinars, and self-evaluation. Once enrolled, candidates benefit from technical assistance, ada training sessions provided by the ADA National Network, and specialized knowledge resources like the ADA Symposium.

Who must have an ADA coordinator on staff?

Title II of the ADA requires all public entities, including local and federal government agencies, to have at least one ADA coordinator. This applies to any government entity, whether a department of justice body, the federal government, or a local gov institution.

Top 8 Software/Apps for ADA Coordinators

  1. The central hub for ADA coordinator resources, this site offers a comprehensive knowledge-base tailored to the professional needs of ADA coordinators.
  2. TTY Apps: Essential for communication with the hearing impaired.
  3. ADA National Network Training: Offers extensive webinars and online resources on ADA regulations and compliance.
  4. Great Plains ADA Center Tools: A comprehensive suite of tools focused on ADA compliance.
  5. Southeast ADA Center Resources: Provides extensive information, especially on Titles I and II of the ADA.
  6. New England ADA Center Software: Offers a variety of tools, from self-evaluation resources to technical assistance.
  7. ADA Symposium Webinars: An essential platform for coordinators looking to expand their ADA knowledge.
  8. Department of Justice ADA Toolkit: Official toolkit providing direct guidance on ADA regulations.
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