Want to read Agatha Raisin books in order? Read on to learn how to approach the series.

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Agatha Raisin books in order

Mystery books never go out of style, and the Agatha Raisin series of amateur sleuth cozy mystery novels are perfect proof. This book series is written by Marion Chesney, aka M. C. Beaton, and focuses on an advertising executive who retires to the Cotswolds and becomes a detective. In fact, Agatha Raisin books are so beloved, they have also been turned into a mystery TV series starring Ashley Jensen that’s very similar to the Hamish Macbeth series – another detective show that’s sure to keep you guessing.

Here, we’ll discuss the Agatha Raisin books in order.

Publishing order of Agatha Raisin books

Here are all Agatha Raisin New York Times and Amazon bestselling books in their publishing order:

  1. The Quiche of Death – Agatha Raisin gives up her public relations firm and retires in the village of Carsely. She enters a quiche contest and becomes involved in solving a crime after a judge dies of poisoning.

  2. The Vicious Vet – After a handsome vet dies from a drug injection intended for a horse, Agatha decides to investigate his death with the help of James Lacey.

  3. The Potted Gardener – A new face arrives in the village and impresses Agatha. Worried she’ll be outdone, Agatha enters a gardening contest. Not long after, one of the contestants is killed, and Agatha and James investigate the crime.

  4. The Walkers of Dembley – Agatha returns from London and investigates the death of a woman found in the field.

  5. The Murderous Marriage – Agatha is left at the altar after her first husband stops the wedding. He’s soon found strangled to death, and Agatha struggles to prove her innocence.

  6. The Terrible Tourist – Agatha travels to Cyprus to find her ex-fiancé, but their vacation is interrupted by a murder.

  7. The Wellspring of Death – A mineral water company wants to bottle a part of the village’s spring, and the townsfolk are divided. Things get even more complicated when a murder occurs.

  8. The Wizard of Evesham – Agatha goes to a lovely hairdresser for help and finds him charming. However, he may not be that charming according to past customers.

  9. The Witch of Wyckhadden – In an attempt to fix the damage to her hair, Agatha goes to a seaside resort. She turns to a local witch and soon embarks on another murder investigation.

  10. The Fairies of Fryfam – Agatha rents a cottage in Fryfam, a village where fairies supposedly live. After a man is found dead, Agatha puts on her detective hat again.

  11. The Love from Hell – Agatha and James get married, but they soon end up living separately. After James disappears, Agatha becomes the prime suspect.

  12. The Day the Floods Came – While trying to recover from her failed marriage, Agatha goes on a vacation and suspects a murder that hasn’t happened yet.

  13. The Case of the Curious Curate – Agatha is attracted to a new curate, Tristan Delon. But, there’s something odd about him, and after he ends up dead, she investigates the case.

  14. The Haunted House – A new neighbor convinces Agatha to investigate a haunted house, and she gets involved in another murder investigation.

  15. The Deadly Dance – Middle-aged Agatha sets up her detective agency and starts taking on new cases.

  16. The Perfect Paragon – Agatha’s detective agency investigates two murder cases, and she’s forced to hire more associates.

  17. Love, Lies and Liquor – Agatha’s ex-husband James returns to the village and takes her on vacation, where a body is found on the beach, strangled with Agatha’s scarf.

  18. Kissing Christmas Goodbye – While planning a perfect Christmas with James, Agatha sets out on a murder investigation of a wealthy widow.

  19. A Spoonful of Poison – A festive family event turns into the scene of two murders, and Agatha must uncover the truth.

  20. There Goes The Bride – When James Lacey is about to get remarried, his bride is found shot, and Agatha is the prime suspect.

  21. Busy Body – A local Health and Safety Board inspector ends up dead, and Agatha takes on the case.

  22. As the Pig Turns – Agatha attends a pig roast and discovers a body. After another murder happens, she’s determined to find the culprit.

  23. Hiss and Hers – Agatha is interested in a local gardener, but he soon ends up murdered, and she wants to uncover the truth.

  24. Christmas Crumble – Agatha hosts a dinner party for the elderly, but things get complicated when one of them dies.

  25. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead – An woman who enjoys borrowing items and not returning them ends up murdered, and Agatha investigates the case.

  26. The Blood of an Englishman – A local baker is murdered, and Agatha works on the investigation.

  27. Dishing the Dirt – A therapist is found strangled to death, and Agatha is the prime suspect.

  28. Agatha’s First Case – This short story focuses on Agatha at the age of 26, working on her first murder case.

  29. Pushing up Daisies – Agatha investigates the deaths of Lord Bellingham and Peta Currie.

  30. The Witches’ Tree – Margaret Darby is murdered, and Agatha wants to uncover the truth.

  31. The Dead Ringer – Millicent is murdered, and one of the suspects hires Agatha to clear his name.

  32. Beating About the Bush – Agatha investigates a case of factory espionage and murder.

  33. Hot to Trot – Sir Charles Fraith is accused of murder, and Agatha is believed to be his accomplice.

  34. Down the Hatch – Agatha investigates the murder of a man called the Admiral.

  35. Devil’s Delight – A young man stops Agatha and Toni on their way to Bill Wong’s wedding, saying he saw a body. When they arrive on the scene, the body isn’t there, but Agatha grows suspicious and investigates.

  36. Dead on Target (Expected: October 2023) – Agatha finds the body of a local landowner and starts an investigation.

M. C. Beaton died in 2019, but Agatha Raisin mysteries continued thanks to the author’s good friend, R. W. Green.

A chronological list of Agatha Raisin books

Here’s a chronological list of the mystery series. The difference is that Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death isn’t the first on the list, but the third, because the two short stories take the front of the list.

  1. Christmas Crumble

  2. Agatha’s First Case

  3. The Quiche of Death

  4. The Vicious Vet

  5. The Potted Gardener

  6. The Walkers of Dembley

  7. The Murderous Marriage

  8. The Terrible Tourist

  9. The Wellspring of Death

  10. The Wizard of Evesham

  11. The Witch of Wyckhadden

  12. The Fairies of Fryfam

  13. The Love from Hell

  14. The Day the Floods Came

  15. The Case of the Curious Curate

  16. The Haunted House

  17. The Deadly Dance

  18. The Perfect Paragon

  19. Love, Lies and Liquor

  20. Kissing Christmas Goodbye

  21. A Spoonful of Poison

  22. There Goes The Bride

  23. Busy Body

  24. As the Pig Turns

  25. Hiss and Hers

  26. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead

  27. The Blood of an Englishman

  28. Dishing the Dirt

  29. Pushing up Daisies

  30. The Witches’ Tree

  31. The Dead Ringer

  32. Beating About the Bush

  33. Hot to Trot

  34. Down the Hatch

  35. Devil’s Delight

  36. Dead on Target (Expected: October 17, 2023)

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Is the Agatha Raisin book series over?

No, it’s not over. The latest book is expected in October, 2023.

Should I read the Agatha Raisin books in order?

Yes, you should read the books in order.

When did the Agatha Raisin series start?

The first book of the series was published in 1992.

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