AI Voice Cloning: What is the best option?

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Voice cloning is a game-changer in content creation, education, and the entertainment industry, and you can do it yourself too. Here’s how.

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AI Voice Cloning: What is the best option?

AI voice cloning is no longer something out of a cyberpunk movie. Nowadays, we can analyze and replicate voices with nothing but a smartphone and an internet connection. If you’re interested in AI voice generators and voice-cloning technology, stick around — we’re taking a look at what voice cloning is and the best speech synthesis apps.

A deeper look into AI voice cloning

First off, what is AI voice cloning and how did it come to be?

AI or digital voice cloning is essentially a deepfake technique used to analyze and then replicate a human voice. It’s based on highly advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it’s become so sophisticated that the end results are often indistinguishable from actual human voices.

Deepfaking and voice cloning have been around since the advent of computing technology that allowed for it. Nowadays, with our smartphones and computers becoming indispensable tools in education, business, and entertainment, and with the internet being everyone’s number one medium in those areas as well, we’ve reached the point where voice synthesis is available to virtually everyone. 

Influencers use voice cloning for social media projects and content creation, teachers use it for e-learning, and those in the entertainment industry use it for video games, movies, etc. But how can you get into real-time speech synthesis? The answer is with AI voice cloning apps.

Different AI voice cloning applications 

There are plenty of AI voice cloning apps online. All you have to do is hop over to the app store and you’ll be playing around with generated voices in no time. Most high-quality voice changers are available on Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux, so you can use them at any time, anywhere. Here’s our list of recommendations.

Murf is the first AI voice generator on our list. It’s a great IVR tool with plenty of uses in content creation, in the classroom, and in assisting those with reading and learning disabilities. If you’re looking to make audiobooks and short video presentations for your next project, you won’t go wrong by choosing Murf because it’s a joy to listen to its natural-sounding voices. 

No voice cloning app list is complete without Play, a long-standing dubbing and speech-generating veteran. It’s got hundreds of different voices to offer, both male and female. Play also lets you adjust pronunciation, tempo, and everything else to make your target voice even better.

Third up, we’ve got Resemble, an app that is all about speed and efficiency. It’s got plenty of unique voice-changing features and it lets the user fine-tune their audio files in more ways than you can imagine. The voices it offers are lifelike and you can even mix and match them to come up with hybrid voices for more demanding voice cloning work. 


Veritone is not only a voice cloning tool. It uses its AI technology to transform use cases in virtually every industry, from energy to health care to retail. Thanks to its powerful algorithms and deep learning capabilities, Veritone is the perfect choice if you can afford to go all out with your budget.

Text to speech alternatives to AI voice cloning 

If you can’t figure out which AI voice cloner to use or if they don’t seem to be the best solution for your projects, you can always use text to speech (TTS) alternatives. While voice cloning tools simply have the goal of mimicking someone’s voice, TTS programs can do much more. For example, they can serve as both voice assistants and voice cloning tools.


At number one, we have Speechify, the best TTS app out there. It is available as both an app and a browser extension, and it can do everything from simply reading your web pages to using SSML technology to power speech synthesis. If you’re looking for a versatile tool that will help you with voice cloning but also be able to do some other work when you need it, look no further than Speechify.


Next up, we have Balabolka. This is yet another fantastic TTS solution that you can use when you’re out of voice cloning options. It supports many formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, etc., and it gets new updates regularly. It’s not as intuitive as Speechify, but it will do the trick.


There’s also NaturalReader. As its name suggests, this app goes the extra mile when determining syntactic specifics, making sure the synthetic voices you come up with sound as natural as possible. This app is great for content creators and larger businesses alike.

Amazon Polly

Last, we have Amazon Polly. This is a highly-sophisticated tool with a plethora of features, as you’re going to see when you boot it up. Not only can it help you convert text and images into audio files in many different languages, but it can also let you create new voice-generating tools yourself. If you are not afraid of more complex UIs, give Polly a go.

The best option for your voiceover needs

So, what’s the best solution for your voiceover needs? Is it hiring voice actors? Making a custom voice in the best AI voice cloning apps? Using your own voice and tuning it up?

We’d argue TTS applications should be your first choice. The reasons why are many, but we can sum them up by simply saying that TTS tools offer more bang for your buck. 

When you start relying on an app like Speechify, you’ll notice how better it is to have all the tools available at all times, even if you didn’t think you needed them at first. Sure, you might need voice cloning first and foremost, but if your project goes in an unexpected direction and you find yourself needing a completely separate app for whatever additional fine-tuning, you’ll be happy you have everything you need in one place.

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