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$10B Public Company uses Speechify AI Voice Over for Earnings Call

On Feb 28, 2023, Endeavor (NYSE: EDR) made history by delivering its annual earnings call using an AI voice over from Speechify.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) uses Speechify Voice Over to create a video for its Digital Acceleration Campaign, partnering with the UN.

A more sustainable and more inclusive future for all is on the horizon, thanks to recent advances in digital technology.

Hire one, or all our AI Voice Actors, for one price

Fine tune their voices, edit emotion, tone, speed, and more to get exactly what you need.

Davis: American English

Davis loves narrating. Listeners are hooked to his every word.

Jorge: Spanish

Jorge is youthful and fun. He can be uplifting and inspirational.

Denise: French

Denise is a pro. You hear the confidence in her voice.

Ryan: British English

Ryan has rich textures and commands attention.

Jane: American English

Jane is a best friend. She can speak in a familiar voice.

Guy: American English

Guy is welcoming. Complex topics don’t sound as daunting.

There’s a better way to create Voice Overs

Convert any text into audio

Speechify Voice Over Generator can read any text in a natural voice.

Maximize your productivity

Import scripts with one click and everything is perfectly formatted.

Share & Export

Share your project with your team with a share link. Export in multiple formats.

Why Choose SpeechifySpeechify
WellSaid Labs
Annual Cost$288$312$529
Instant Feedback on Voiceover editsYes
Granular word level control over pronunciation, pauses, pitch, etc.Yes
60+ Natural Sounding VoiceYesYesYes
Languages and Accents20+ languages and accents20+ languages and accents
Blazing Fast Audio ProcessingYes
Advanced Audio TimelineYes
Audio Upload LimitsNo limits
Voice generation per year50 hours per user per year24 hours per user per year24 hours per user per year
Download limitsUnlimited DownloadsUnlimited Downloads750 downloads
8000+ licensed soundtracksYesYes
Commercial Usage RightsYesYesYes
24×7 Phone SupportYes + Chat + EmailChat and Email OnlyChat and Email Only

See Sample Voice Overs

Great for any use case. Even add video and images to create stellar visuals, in minutes.

Political Ad Voice Over
AI Political Ads

Create AI driven political ads in minutes and get your message out quickly. Even your interns can do this.

Apple Vision Pro AI Product Demo
Product Launches

Voice overs that are ready for the big stage and the spotlight. Engage the world with beautiful presentations.

Death on the Nile Chapter 1 Audiobook created Using Speechify Voice Over

Turn any book you’ve written into an audiobook. Dust off those drafts and bring your stories to life. 

Scale Up Your Voice Overs with Speechify AI Voice Over Generator

If you have any text, we can turn it into a Voice Over

A girl creating a voice over

Zero Learning Curve

Speechify Voice Over Generator works right in your browser. With an easy to use interface, anyone can create a voice over in minutes.

When you need the help, access our video library for short tips and tricks.

Scanning document to convert to speech

Use AI to create your Voice Overs

Our Voice Over Generator page uses Artificial Intelligence technology to generate your voice overs instantly.

TTS Voices: Snoop & Gwyneth Paltrow

The most natural-sounding voices

Our voice actors sound more fluid and human-like than any other TTS AI reader so you can understand and remember more.

Speechify Studio Pricing

Get our entire suite of AI studio products bundled into one transparent price.

Pricing Plans


Simple way to get started

$0 per month forever

  • No Downloads
  • AI Voice Over and Voice Dubbing
  • Video, Slide, and Image support
  • Try all 200+ voices
  • 10 mins of voice generation
  • Support adding pauses
  • Support adjusting pronunciation
  • Support uploading of .txt and .docx scripts, as well as Youtube URLs

The basics for individuals

$99 per month / user

  • 50 hours of voice generation per user/year
  • AI Voice Over and Voice Dubbing
  • Video, Slide, and Image support
  • Access to all 200+ voices
  • All 20+ languages & accents
  • 12 hours of translation per user/year
  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks
  • Commercial usage rights
  • Support for pauses, pronunciations, expressions
  • Support uploading of .txt and .docx scripts, as well as Youtube URLs
  • Voice Cloning
  • Avatars
  • Thousands of Stock Images & Videos

Customizable capability based on your business needs

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Everything in Professional

  • 1,000+ hours of voice generation per user/year
  • 500+ hours of translation per user/year
  • 20+ hours of AI Avatar Video/year
  • Multiple seats
  • Share, Editing, Commenting & Enterprise Collaboration Features
  • Custom Invoices
  • Commercial Usage Rights
  • White Glove Procurement Assistance
  • SOC2 Compliant
  • Company-wide on-boarding & Training
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Custom soundtracks

Speechify AI Voice Over Generator online reviews

So Easy

It’s so easy to control and to use with any podcast or project for school.


This is incredible! The quality of the voices you offer is unmatched compared to the other services I’ve been experimenting with.


This application and its features are amazing. I like how the voices sound less robotic, and how efficiently and quickly the voice overs can be edited and generated.


I love that the voice over recognizes punctuation and enunciates with such clarity.

Better than Murf

Way better than Murf! It actually sounds realistic.

Sound natural

Great voice over software overall. lots of customization for emphasis and making it sound more natural. It’s sounding not so robotic and more and more human to me.

Absolutely stunning

This is the best service I’ve used so far! Absolutely stunning.


This is so perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for. It contains all the features. Thank you so much. Truly appreciate it.