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Learn about popular text-to-speech alternatives to We've brought together top options for you to consider.

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Released in 2019, is a voice generator powered by artificial intelligence that has quickly become one of the most popular solutions on the market for producing voiceover content. However, is far from being the only text-to-speech software available today. Along with, there are dozens of other high-quality voice generators that offer similar features, competitive pricing, and benefits. 

To help you choose the AI voiceover software that is best suited for your needs, we’ll take a closer look at before diving into the ai alternatives that are available and how they compare. 

What is is an AI voice generator that can be used to create voiceovers for YouTube videos, explainer videos, product demos, audiobooks, podcasts, and anything else you can imagine. Rather than working with human voice actors, enables content creators to produce studio-quality voiceovers at a fraction of the cost. Along with this core function, also offers lots of other beneficial tools and features, including the ability to create a transcription in different languages and a wide range of different voices to choose from. With many different pricing options, and availability on ios, android, chrome and other web platforms, is a popular choice on the market today.

Features and pricing of is able to convert any digital text into natural-sounding voices, utilizing machine learning to produce natural-sounding voices that are as realistic as possible. One of the best features of compared to many of its competitors is the fact that through automation, offers an especially broad range of voices to choose from. With, you will be able to choose from dozens of different voices, including both male and female voices. also offers a selection of voices across 20 different languages and offers multiple accents to choose from for several of these languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. also offers a number of customization features that can help you fine-tune how your AI voice sounds, including the ability to customize pauses, pitch, pronunciation, emphasis, and more. 

Other ai voice options to consider

While there is certainly a lot to like about, there are plenty of great alternatives available as well. If isn’t the exact text-to-speech converter that you are looking for, here are a few high-quality alternatives to consider that can create ai text in multiple formats to suit your needs.


Speechify is the leading text-to-speech API available. It helps businesses & content publishers increase time-on-site, audience engagement, and accessibility. Speechify provides a better experience than any other text-to-speech API on the market by providing multiple playback-speeds (.25x to 3x), text-highlighting, several natural-sounding voice accents, celebrity voices, and much more. It’s competitive pricing and top-rated user reviews make it the top choice for a variety of use cases.


Designed specifically for communicating with customers, Twilio is an API solution that provides a number of customer support tools – including the ability to create AI speech voices. Along with this feature, Twilio also offers messaging tools, tools for gathering and analyzing customer data, and several other features designed to help companies efficiently communicate with their customers.

Like, is a text-to-speech (TTS) converter that utilizes artificial intelligence to convert online text into realistic voices. One of the most impressive things about is the massive library of AI voices that it offers. With, you will be able to choose from 832 different voices across 132 languages. also offers noteworthy features such as the ability to convert your blog posts, LinkedIn, and elearning content into audio articles and a text-to-speech API that lets you integrate real-time voice synthesis into any mobile app or other software that your company produces. 

Amazon Polly 

Offered by Amazon Web Service (AWS), Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech converter that is capable of converting any digital text into audio files. While Amazon Polly might not offer the same wide range of AI voices and helpful features as other solutions, what earns Amazon Polly a spot on our list is the fact that it is completely free to use for up to five million characters each year. is one of the more feature-rich TTS solutions available today. Along with plenty of high-quality voices to choose from, also offers unique features such as the ability to clone a voice, the ability to create custom AI voices, the ability to dub your native voice into other languages, and many other naturalreader options. If you are looking for a voice generator that offers all the bells and whistles and don’t mind paying extra for these features, is an excellent option to consider. 


ReadSpeaker is a SaaS solution for synthesizing text that offers 110 voices to choose from across 35 languages. Having been on the market for over 20 years, ReadSpeaker is considered to be a pioneer in the text-to-speech industry and is still a viable option today for anyone that wants to create high-quality AI voiceovers. 

Nuance vocalizer 

Designed for enterprise users, Nuance Vocalizer is a tool that allows you to implement text-to-speech functionality across web, IVR, and mobile applications. Nuance Vocalizer offers 119 different voices to choose from across 53 languages and provides powerful tools for editing and customizing your AI voices within Nuance Vocalizer’s Vocalizer Studio. 

Watson text-to-speech 

One of the many features of IBM Watson, Watson Text to Speech is an API cloud service that allows you to both convert written text into natural-sounding audio as well as create AI virtual assistants that can be used for automated customer service. Given that IBM continues to be a leader in AI and machine learning research, it should come as no surprise that Watson Text to Speech is one of the most well-polished and capable AI speech generators available today. 

Azure text-to-speech 

Produced by Microsoft, Azure Text to Speech offers 270 different AI voices to choose from across 119 languages and language variants. Along with this impressive range of voices, Azure Text to Speech also offers powerful voice customization tools and flexible deployment options. 

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