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Alternatives to TTSReader

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TTSReader is a popular text-to-speech program, but is there anything better? Read a full comparison of the best TTSReader alternatives!

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What is TTSReader

TTSReader, or Text to Speech Reader, is a popular read aloud, text-to-speech tool (sometimes known as a vocalizer) that allows people who need or would prefer listening to reading to get the information they need. TTSReader translates text to voice quickly and easily, and works to change ebooks into audiobooks, web pages into spoken words, online text into audio files, and more. If you’re someone who learns better by listening than by reading, you may find that using TTSReader or one of the alternatives listed here is an efficient, effective way to work, learn, and communicate.

TTSReader offers several basic features on its easy-to-use free website.

First is the ability to copy and paste for text-to-speech. Users can copy any text into the dialogue box on the TTSReader website and have it instantly convert text into speech. This is a simple and fast way for anyone who needs speech synthesis to get information without downloading files or dealing with complicated apps.

Additional features are in the beta testing phase for TTSReader, including an option to enter a website URL into a text box on the site (just like you would navigate to a site on your web browser). From there, TTSReader takes plain text on the website and translates it into high-quality audio. This feature can be easier for people who are visually impaired or otherwise struggle to read text files to get the information they need in a fast and simple way.

TTSReader also has a fun option to hear an audio recording of a random interesting article. This can be an exciting way to learn something new without having to spend time scouring the internet for an article.

The big bonus when it comes to TTSReader is its functionality. TTSReader is a lightweight text-to-speech software option for those who want to translate written text into audio, and the site makes it easy to use your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, or Android device to get the information you need. Users have the option to choose between several natural sounding voices, to set the reading speed that makes the most sense for their needs, and to choose the program’s language.

While the site is free to users, there is also the option to pay for a premium subscription. Users who pay for the premium subscription are able to use TTSReader without ads, and also have the option to use the program commercially.

TTSReader Alternatives for 2022

Looking for alternatives to TTSReader? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something that offers additional features or you’re simply ready for something new to try, check out our top alternatives to TTSReader below.

1. Tuxpin

Tuxpin provides users with natural-sounding voices that make it easy to stay on task as you’re listening to the webpage. You can also pull websites from any social media app to have them narrated through Tuxpin.

If, like many people today, you’re concerned about your privacy, you can rest assured that Tuxpin will keep your playlists private and will not share the sites you’re visiting with others who may typically have access to your podcast playlist. You’ll be able to simply share webpages to the Tuxpin app by clicking on the share feature, just as you’d normally share a website with a friend through text or email.

A cool bonus is that Tuxpin is free and offers users up to five no-charge translations per month. Each translation offers about nine minutes of audio, which, according to Tuxpin, is the length of an average online news article. If you’re interested in additional narrations, you’ll be able to pay a fee to upgrade to a premium membership, where you’ll receive 500 nine-minute translations per month, allowing you to browse and translate to your heart’s content.

2. TextAloud

TextAloud offers users a simple way to translate txt files into audio files. Users can translate PDF files, Microsoft Word docs, and web pages into audio for a quick and easy way to get the information they need.

In addition to using TextAloud to get audio information, many people also use this app to proofread their work, as they find that it’s easier to catch proofreading mistakes and errors when listening to their written work out loud. Students are also big fans of TextAloud because it allows them to internalize large blocks of text without having to sit hunched over a book as they’re studying.

While the TextAloud app isn’t free, many users find that after utilizing the free trial option, they’re happy to pay for the service. Users can get a single license for about $35 per year, and can add in upgrade options, such as premium voices and a TextAloud clock to help them stay on track as they’re listening and working.

Natural Reader

This app works to take any audio file and translate it into an mp3 file, making it simple to upload audio that you can listen to anywhere.

Natural Reader works across a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android. If you prefer to work without an app, Natural Reader also offers a web client that makes it simple for you to get the translations you need on any device with internet access.

While Natural Reader is popular with both students and professionals, it’s also a good fit for people who have reading issues, like dyslexia, and for people who need to take their audio files with them on the go.

3. Voicely

Looking for a way to use voice to text software for your business or organization? Voicely has you covered. This convenient app makes it simple for you to translate text into audio files.

Users love that Voicely is simple and straightforward and that they can pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to the software—which is different from programs that charge a subscription cost in order to continually use the software.

Voicely prides itself on offering natural-sounding voices that utilize the pauses and syllable emphasis that you expect when listening to a real human.

4. Speechify

While all text to speech apps can be useful, there’s no question–Speechify is our top pick as an alternative to TTSReader. This incredibly natural-sounding text to speech app and voice synthesizer makes it simple for users to translate any text file into an audio file, including .mp3 and .wav files, and it offers more than 20 voice options, allowing users to choose a voice that’s the right fit for them. In addition to voice options, Speechify is available in dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and so many more.

Speechify allows users to maximize their time by providing the option to speed up content, allowing users to get through material two to three times faster than reading alone. Many users find that this option allows them to get more done in less time. Nearly all types of text files can be read by Speechify—including Word docs, PDFs, ePub files, HTML, RTF, web pages, RSS feeds, social media, and more.

With Speechify, it’s up to you where you’d like to listen to your audio material. Your Speechify library will sync across you devices, meaning you can listen to information on your computer and switch over to your phone while you’re running errands, all without losing your place or having to figure out where you left off. Speechify is available on Mac and Windows systems, Android and iOS mobile systems, and even through plug-ins on web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

Conclusion – Speechify is the best alternative

Other benefits to Speechify include its advanced speech engine and speech API, which creates very natural-sounding voices. This makes it the top choice among voice aloud reader programs for readers who prefer to listen, as well as for content creators who need to create natural-sounding voiceovers for video. You can even use it to create short voice-messages out of text to send to others if you don’t want to record yourself speaking.

Finally, Speechify offers both completely free and premium versions, and you can try out the premium version with a free trial.

A cool bonus with Speechify is that you can use your phone to snap a photo of physical text, and the app will quickly translate the written words into an audio file. This makes Speechify very multimedia-friendly!

Notable mentions

WellSaid Studio

This app is a good fit for advertisers and others who want to use text-to-voice technology to create products for their business, or for those who are working to create voice additions to online or mobile apps.

Speech Central

This simple app puts both interesting features and an easy-to-use platform in front of users, and it works in real-time. This means that users don’t need to upload files in advance—rather, Speech Central can listen to users through Bluetooth, following instructions on what to read and when. Speech Central also saves reading history, making it easy to refer back to old content.

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