How to use voice simulation

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Either for fun or as a professional tool, there are plenty of voice changers you can use every day. Learn which one works best for you.

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Do you like the way your own voice sounds? A lot of people would say no, absolutely not. Luckily, we live in an age where custom voice changers and AI voices are a real thing.

Today, voice modulators can change your voice in real time, so you can sound entirely different to those listening to you as you speak.

Content creators, for example, use voice changers to engage their audience and deliver more dynamic content. However, you don’t have to stream Fortnite or any online game on Twitch for a living or be a social media influencer to have fun with voice changers!

How does voice simulation work?

Most voice changers transform pitch-sensitive fundamental waves of the user’s voice. Voice pitch is, in a way, our voice’s DNA, but not all voice changers can do a flawless job and may deliver an overly robot-like sound.

Now, while you have physical instruments to change voice, digital ones offer more and better options. Actually, some of the voices you’ve heard on the internet and thought were human could easily be just AI voices.

Sound effects can slightly change your natural voice, but there are voice effects that can turn you into a completely different person with a completely different voice! Voice filters can make you sound like a cute animal, robot, older, or your younger self — the possibilities are endless!

Options of voice simulators

If you search for free voice changers software, the best voice changer apps, AI voice generators, or anything similar, you will probably find dozens of hits and suggested tools. The key is finding the best voice changer for your needs.

That will, naturally, depend on whether you’re a professional or just a curious person looking for a new voice. If you still haven’t tried any voice simulator, downloading a mobile app can do the trick. For more professional needs, you’ll have to dig deeper.


Voicemod or Voicemod Clips will probably be the first voice changer you find on Google. Available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS (in different forms), Voicemod is easily accessible and often used in the gaming community, on Discord, or for streaming.

While Voicemod is commonly and widely used, there are many free voice modifiers you can use for various purposes, from sounding like a chipmunk while talking on Skype/Zoom to creating a mock-up podcast.

It doesn’t matter if you use a computer, iPhone, or any other smartphone. There are numerous voice-changing apps you can try and see which one is the best fit for you.

Live Voice Changer, MagicCall, Squeak Voice Changer, Real-Time Voice Changer Lite — these are just some of the apps you can use to alter your voice on your mobile device.


While mobile apps are fun, there are websites with far richer features and advanced audio effects. If you need a real-time voice or to transform your docs into a voice recording, there might be a tool just for you.

Speechify can turn any digital text into an audio file with 30+ natural, human-like voices in 15+ languages. You can easily scan and listen to any printed text at 5x faster speeds. And if you want to sound like, e.g., Gwyneth Paltrow, just paste your text and watch the magic happen!

    With Speechify, everything can be turned into speech, so make sure to try Speechify yourself.

    What languages can voice simulators do?

    English is by far the most common language for voiceovers. Some languages like Spanish and French are spoken in many countries and are, therefore, more easily found in the world of voice changers.

    For example, Speechify offers Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Hebrew, and Russian as options for high-quality voiceovers.

    Representation matters and diversity is important, so it’s always great to see voice simulators, including different languages and dialects.

    Cost of voice simulation

    For users, trying out voice simulation is usually free. Most voice changer software apps and tools are either free or at least have some free features available.

    If you’re creating, e.g., tutorials and podcasts, you’ll probably need a more advanced voice-changing tool, but even those cost only 30–50$ per year.

    With so many free options, it’s probably best to start with free tools, and when your needs grow, do your research, read reviews, and opt for the best voice simulator.

    To generate various soundboards and reduce background sounds or input devices, you’ll need to combine free tools or purchase ones with all these integrated features.


    How do you use voice simulator?

    You can easily use a voice-changing app on your mobile device or on a computer. Real-time voice simulators change your voice as you speak, but some tools can change the voice of a recording.

    Can you replicate someone’s voice?

    To a certain extent. Voice simulators will change the way your voice sounds, but only the most advanced AI voice platforms can ‘clone’ a voice. 

    Is there an app that alters your voice?

    Yes, there are many apps that can alter your voice. You can easily find them on Google Play and Apple App Store or download them to your PC.

    What are the benefits of voice simulation?

    If you are a professional content creator, voice simulation will help you generate more engaging content. However, there is nothing wrong with using voice simulators just for fun.

    How do you make a voice sound like the opposite gender?

    Even the most basic voice changers have the option of sounding like the opposite gender. However, you must act responsibly when using this feature and make sure you’re not misleading people on purpose.

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