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Where to find an Audible sale

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Looking for ways to save up on audiobooks? See where you can find an Audible sale and other ways to buy more books for less.

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Audible sale

If you’re an avid reader, an Audible subscription makes perfect sense. You get access to hundreds of thousands of books, including best-selling titles. Plus, you can listen to them anywhere.

Of course, this convenience comes at a cost. At some point, your Audible membership might become a financial burden. To prevent this, you should keep your eyes peeled for sales and deals. The good news is that there’s no shortage of them. Keep reading to learn how to save money on Audible and enjoy more books for less money.

What is Audible?

Audible is Amazon’s subscription-based audiobook service. It lets you listen to audio versions of thousands of books. The Audible app is available for iPhone, Android, and Amazon devices. You can also listen to books on your laptop or desktop computer.

In addition to audiobooks, Audible offers poems, short stories, and podcasts, so there’s something for everyone.

If you want access to all this content without breaking the bank, you can save on your Audible subscription in many ways, from promo codes to limited-time discounts. Let’s discuss the most common saving methods in more detail.

The key tips for getting great Audible offers and saving money

Look out for 2-for-1 sale opportunities

Audible members enjoy a variety of discounts, including 2-for-1 sales and daily deals. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll get notifications whenever a new deal is live.

On the Daily Deal page, you can expect great discounts every day. It might not always include legendary titles like the Lord of the Rings, but you’ll surely discover many great audiobooks.

Return books you don’t like

If you subscribe to Audible Premium Plus, you’ll get one monthly credit for premium titles. This isn’t the case with the basic Plus membership, which only includes the Plus catalog without exclusives.

Premium Plus members can get their credits back if they return a book. You can do so within 12 months of buying it, so you can use the credits for another book on your wishlist instead of spending extra.

Have somebody send you a free book

If you’re unsure whether Audible is for you, you can test it out even before subscribing to a 30-day trial. How? By having a paid subscriber send you a free audiobook.

You don’t have to be an Audible member to receive a book. Someone can go to their library and send it to you. They’ll still keep the title, so everyone wins.

Take advantage of prime reading

You can get some free books with Audible narration through the Prime Reading feature if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

You can get up to 10 different books at no charge. The selection of audiobooks might not be as rich as Audible, but this is still a great way to get some free audiobooks.

Find Audible coupons

Amazon partners with many different services, websites, and content creators. As a result, it offers coupons they can share with their audiences.

You can browse the web for Audible coupons and likely find quite a few of them. When you do, enter the coupon code at checkout, and you’ll get a discount.

Add Audible narration to Kindle books

If you’re a Kindle user, this hack is ideal for you. As strange as it may seem, buying a Kindle book and adding Audible narration can be cheaper than only buying the book on Audible.

For example, one Kindle user got SJI Holliday’s Violet for just 99p on Kindle. They added the Audible narration for £3.49, so the total cost was £4.48. The same book was listed on Audible for £16.88, meaning a huge £12.40 saving.

You can save even more by adding narration to Kindle or any other book using a text to speech software like Speechify. It can turn your Kindle title into an audiobook in no time. Let’s see how Speechify and Audible work together.

Speechify and Audible—The perfect pair

Speechify is an excellent text to speech tool that lets you scan any text and turn it into high-quality audio, but this doesn’t just go for digital formats. Speechify can also turn any physical copies of books into audiobooks with OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

Thanks to Speechify’s Audible integration, you can import any book for This includes the premium selection and Audible originals.

Speechify also offers multi-device support. You can use it on your Android or iOS device, Mac, Windows, and any desktop or laptop with web browsers like Google Chrome thanks to dedicated extensions. No matter where you are, you can take audiobooks and enjoy the natural-sounding narration from Speechify’s customizable AI voices.

All this makes Speechify a great option if you want to save up on Audible or audiobooks in general. You don’t even need an Audible subscription—take any book you own, and you’ll have an audio version of it in no time.

When you factor in the cost of the Audible subscription, you’ll see that combining Audible and Speechify is far more cost-effective. Plus, you’re not limited to specific libraries. Whether your text is online or offline, it can become an audiobook.

If you want to see Speechify in action, you can try it for free.


Do Audible books ever go on sale?

Audible often runs sales and discounts. There are new deals daily, so you can get many books at a lower price.

What is the cheapest way to use Audible?

You can use Audible for free for the first 30 days. Afterward, you can use the above tips to save money.

Is Audible discounted for Prime members?

Prime members often have Audible discounts, which can go over 50%. Plus, they get two credits instead of one with the Premium Plus plan.

Is Audible cheaper than Kindle?

Audible’s Plus plan costs $7.95 per month, slightly cheaper than Kindle’s $9.99 subscription.

How do I find the Daily Deal on Audible?

Daily Deals are available to Audible members only. Once you subscribe, you can find them on the Audible Deals page.

How can I find the price of an Audible book?

You’ll see the price listed next to each book. There’s also an option to sort Audible books by price to see the cheapest bargains first.

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