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Here are some great resources to find Spanish audiobooks. Browse the offers to find what you’re looking for, whether you’re a beginner or a fluent speaker.

Table of Contents

5 great sources for Spanish audiobooks

Why Spanish audiobooks?

Listening to audiobooks in the Spanish language can be helpful for native speakers and language learners alike.

These audiobooks allow beginners to grasp a new language better and learn Spanish words quicker. Native Spanish speakers and bilingual individuals who speak Spanish and English can benefit, too.

Firstly, plenty of Spanish speakers are looking for Spanish language books in audio format. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to incorporate literature into your daily life. Yet, some classics like Harry Potter or The Little Prince (El Principito) may be less easy to find on the Latin-American market. Audiobooks in any foreign language besides English can sometimes be hard to come by, and Spanish is no different.

The best sources of Spanish audiobooks, of course, solve this issue.

Whether you’re a Spanish learner picking it up as a second language, you can discover Spanish short stories, take your knowledge to the next level, and find classic literature in Spanish with the help of audiobooks. Secondly, Spanish speakers with dyslexia or ADHD will find audiobooks in their language incredibly helpful.

List of places to find Audiobooks in Spanish


Audible is an audiobook service launched by Amazon. It’s easy to use with a search function and filters results by genre, author, and language. 

Audible has more than 20,000 audiobooks in Spanish. You can find captivating books in many genres, including science fiction, thrillers, and global best-sellers.

Besides literary works, there are excellent learning resources, such as short stories for beginners and language learning books. For instance, you can get the famous Learn Spanish with Paul Noble here.

Audible also has resources for different language variants—so you can search for content that is written for Spanish speakers in Spain as well as Mexican Spanish, both of which have some key differences between them.


While Amazon doesn’t have as many books as Audible, it still has a vast offering. Naturally, everyone knows about Amazon—they’re the company that sells and delivers almost anything. This includes books, both in paperback and audio format.

Amazon has a large selection of Spanish audiobooks—over 10,000 titles, in fact. There are audiolibros para niños (audiobooks for kids), non-fiction books, and many others.

When it comes to literature, you’ll see titles from all over the world. These include Parque Jurásico by Michael Crichton, El Alquimista by Paulo Coelho, Dracula by Bram Stoker, and thousands more. For non-native speakers, there are learning books and other valuable resources.


Audiobooks offers—as the name states—audiobooks.

The Audiobooks website doesn’t have many Spanish audiobooks, but the books it has are still worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in the English titles as well.

This site features classic authors like Shakespeare, James Joyce, Cesar Vallejo, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, and Francisco De Quevedo. There are also great writers from the ancient world—Epictetus, Plato, and Euripides, etc.

Loyal Books

You might’ve heard of Loyal Books under a different name. The site used to be called Books Should Be Free. The old title makes the main principle behind the site crystal clear. Finding books on this site is easy with the well-organized side menu and search function to save even more time.

Loyal Books also doesn’t have a vast library of Spanish books, but there’s a twist: all audiobooks on this site fall within the public domain.

You can choose from about 80 audiobooks in Spanish on Loyal Books. Some titles include Cuentos de Hadas (Fairy Tales) by The Brothers Grimm, Don Quijote by Cervantes, and various collections of Spanish stories and poems.


LibriVox relies in large part on volunteers and doesn’t feature ads. The volunteer work isn’t limited to collecting audiobooks, either. People worldwide upload the books of their choice to LibriVox.

LibriVox does the same thing as Loyal Books, but on a massive scale in comparison. The site has nearly 800 Spanish audiobooks available for free.

The best feature of the LibriVox collection is that most of the books come from Spanish authors. Plus, there are plenty of poetry books and story anthologies, which can be great for first-time readers or, more precisely, listeners.

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