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Australian accent generator software like Speechify can help you add natural-sounding AI voices to your presentations, videos, and any other type of content. Read to learn more.

Adding a voice with an Australian accent to a project can be challenging when you don’t have the accent yourself. You may also lack the budget to hire expensive voice actors. AI accent generators offer the best of both worlds with quality Australian voices at an affordable price. Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, and Speechify are some of the most popular options. This article introduces Speechify, one of the best voice over Australian accent generators with high-quality text to speech voices.

Why might you need an Australian accent?

Here are the most common reasons users need an Australian accent.

Add voice overs for Australian characters

If you’re making a video game with Australian characters, the last thing you want is to make their accent American or British. Offer a fully immersive character experience by giving your heroes the pronunciation of their native land with a simple voice changer tool without hiring a voice artist. Australian English voice generators offer a range of male and female voices for any occasion.

You’re trying to learn the English language

Learning English is best done through extensive exposure to the language. Listening to news articles, web pages, emails, and short texts in an authentic, natural-sounding Australian accent translator will help improve your pronunciation. You can take a more immersive learning approach by listening to the pronunciations of words in American English vs. Australian English texts and spot or analyze their differences. Software like Speechify has a highlighting feature so you can follow the text on the screen while listening to its audio version. You’ll focus more attention on the words, improving information retention. Finally, accent generators can help proofread your work in English. You can paste the text you wrote and listen to it read aloud. Since the computer reads the text you inserted (no autocorrect feature included), you can clearly hear where you made a spelling or grammar error.

You like listening to the Australian accent

The Australian accent has a secret charm to it. If you love it for no specific reason, you’re not alone. In this case, Australian accent generators can help you get the most out of online content. Listen to news articles, web pages, PDF files, or even personal messages in Australian English for your pleasure.

You’re studying the accent

If you’re a linguist or studying the accent for purposes other than academic, you can use an accent generator for easy access to lifelike Australian speech. Maybe you need specific words or phrases pronounced in the Australian dialect but lack native speakers in your surroundings. Spending hundreds of dollars on professional voice over artists doesn’t make much sense either. Accent generators check all the boxes.

You’re targeting an Australian audience

Maybe you’re a content creator, influencer, business owner, or an online educator who works with an Australian audience. You can curate your content to speak to their soul by offering a 100% Australian voice for your ads, podcasts, audiobook segments, e-learning videos, or other audio content.

The elements of an Australian accent

The Australian accent started developing when the first generation of children was born in the then-British colony. The accent quickly became more distant from British and other English accents, and the language soon began differentiating in vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, and grammar. The modern Australian accent is divided into three categories: Broad: The stereotypical accent spoken around the country. Plenty of idioms exist in this variation. General: Most popular accent spoken by people from metropolitan areas. It has more British and American words compared to other variants. Cultivated: Something like the Received Pronunciation in UK English. The usage of this variation is in decline. Here is the overview of the Australian accent and dialect features:

  • AQI (Australian Question Intonation), where speakers pronounce sentences with a rising intonation. As a result, a regular sentence can sound like a question.
  • Plenty of slang (arvo for the afternoon, Aussie for an Australian, barby for the barbeque, bloke for a guy, dunny for an outside toilet, G’day for Good day, and so on).
  • The lack of pronunciation of “r” at the end of the word.
  • Vowel pronunciation - A person telling you they’re going “to die” may want to say they’re going somewhere “today.”
  • Deletion of the “t” sound at the end of the word. Australian speakers also flap or soften the “t” in the middle of a word.

Speechify Voiceover - The powerful Aussie accent generator

Speechify Voiceover is a go-to Australian accent voice generator if you appreciate high-quality yet affordable service. This software can create a voiceover of any text file you upload or enter into the API. You receive an mp3 or wav audio file you can add to presentations, YouTube videos, or listen to for your pleasure. Numerous high-quality AI voices are available. Customization features like intonation, pitch, or speech rate can help tailor the perfect voiceover for any context. Choose from dozens of Australian English natural-sounding voices (including Australian male voices and Australian female voices). You can convert text with this text to speech software in a fast and efficient way. The TTS tool can convert Microsoft Word and Docs files, web pages, emails, PDFs, and any other text. Speechify has premium voices in numerous other languages:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Arabic

The device has an iOS, Android, browser extension, and desktop app version. Try the software for free by visiting the official website.


How do you imitate an Australian accent?

Some simple tips to imitate an Australian accent include adding “ey” or “ie,” to words (Breakfast = brekkie), omitting the “r” at the end of the word, shortening words (service = servo), and pronouncing “oo” like “ew” (pool = pewl, school = skewl)

How do Aussies say hello?

Aussies often say “Hi,” “G’day mate,” or “Hey, how are you?” when they greet people they know.

What is the difference between a twang and a drawl?

Drawl is slower and doesn’t pronounce “r” as much as twang. Twang is faster and more nasal.

What is the difference between the Australian and New Zealand accents?

The two accents are almost indistinguishable. However, a small difference includes the Australians emphasizing the “ee” vowels, while New Zealanders accentuate the “u” sounds.

What is some Australian slang?

Mate (friend), mozzie (mosquito), Oz (Australia), ripper (great), sheila (woman), away with the pixies (daydreaming), and boozer (a pub) are some of the popular slang words and expressions in the Australian dialect.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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