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The Avengers fan fiction audiobooks and text to speech

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Want to listen to stories about your favorite superheroes? Read on to learn about the Avengers fan fiction audiobooks & text to speech.

The Avengers franchise has attracted millions of fans. They eagerly await each new release featuring their favorite characters and are constantly hunting for installments to complete their Marvel comic strip collection.

The Avengers are some of the most popular characters in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This has led to many fans who write elaborate fanfiction and add their own flare to the stories.

The main characters and settings in fanfiction works are copyrighted and provide the basis for the plot. Fandom members appreciate quality fanfics because authors are typically fellow fans, meaning they've spent a lot of time and effort crafting the story.

While there's no shortage of fanfiction resources online, fans may struggle to find high-quality audio versions. But with technological advancements like the TTS app, you can relax and listen to what new adventure Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor, or the Hulk are off to.

Where can you find Avengers fan fiction?

The internet is full of websites where fans can upload short stories, poetry, and even full scale novels about characters from their favorite movies, TV shows, or anime series. Let's discuss some of the most popular fanfiction platforms where you can find fan-written works about your beloved Marvel superheroes.


Wattpad is a popular platform that connects countless writers and readers who love fiction. With a Wattpad account, you can publish your story as short blog-inspired installments and read the work of other users. 

Although Wattpad is great for those who want to reach a broader audience with original work, it has an impressive collection of fanfiction titles. With more than one thousand fanfics about the Avengers, Wattpad is an excellent platform for fans who want to read more about Steve Rogers, Loki, or the Scarlet Witch.

You can quickly refine your search by using specific tags. You'll find a title that matches your preference with a few simple clicks. has been around since 1998. The site boasts more than 12 million users who can upload and read stories in over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, and French. The platform currently has nearly 40 thousand stories about the Avengers.

You'll find everything from crossovers where Star Wars characters work with the Avengers to engaging versions of the movie endings. You can even join forums and get fanfic recommendations from other fandom members.

If you're looking for Avengers-related titles and aren't interested in other franchises, this may be the perfect site for you. 

The platform has solid search options. Users can find creative fanfics using keywords or the preferred number of chapters and word count. 

Additionally, the site categorizes works into genres, and some of the most popular categories include:

  • Science fiction
  • Thriller
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Romance
  • War

Archive of our Own

Archive of or Own, or AO3, is an award-winning open-source site where users can upload and access transformative fanworks, including fanfiction. The platform won a Hugo Award for Best Related Work and has nearly 190 thousand stories under the Avengers tag.

Fanfic authors usually post longer works chapter by chapter and connect with others users who want to proofread their writing. As a result, AO3 is a treasure trove of high-quality fanwork that can entertain the Avengers fandom for days. You can bookmark your favorite stories and ensure you never miss a new chapter. 

Five great Avengers fan fictions to read

If you're looking for well-written fanfics about the Avengers, why not check out one of the following titles:

In the Home on AO3

Peter Parker joins the Avengers and is ready to aid his fellow superheroes in battling evil forces. But when something goes wrong, and the other members turn against him, Spiderman must find a way to help them come to their senses.

Into That Good Night on AO3

The human race has used all of Earth's resources, and the only hope for survival is traveling the universe to find a solution. And who will volunteer for such a dangerous mission? None other than Captain America, Bruce Banner, and their mysterious dark-haired companion.

Land of the Free on AO3

This story reworks the ending of Thor: Ragnarok. The retelling immerses readers in a world where Loki transports the Asgardian fighters to Wakanda using the Tesseract. It's speculative and fast-paced, a treat for any Marvel fan.

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation on AO3

One of the most popular fanfics about Tony Stark, this tale follows Iron Man as he creates robots like U and Dum-e. Readers have described the story as touching and appreciate the character development and pacing.

A Different Kind of Mask on AO3

This fanfic follows Peter Parker and Matt Murdock, an unlikely pair who must work together to hide their identities. Their efforts result in many funny scenes that will surely amuse fans of Daredevil and Spiderman.


Unfortunately, the above platforms don't provide accompanying audio versions for fanworks. While some authors attach audio recordings for their stories on AO3, readings with natural-sounding voices are few and far between. The good news is you can turn any digital text, even fanfiction, into audio with text to speech technology.

How does text to speech (TTS) work?

TTS or read-aloud software can turn your computer or mobile device into a powerful screen reader. You can convert an Avengers reimagining into an audio file with a few clicks. Some TTS apps allow users to download the recording and listen on the go, just like a podcast.

If you have a physical copy of the Avengers comic strips, don't worry; you can also listen to those. TTS programs rely on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify readable text and produce a clear audio version. 

Speechify is available as a Chrome extension and a mobile app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You don't have to stop at converting fanfics. Speechify recognizes different file formats, including Microsoft Word docs and more, and you can create top-grade voiceovers for videos using human voices. 

Speechify is quickly becoming a staple for people with learning disabilities and those who want to become more productive. Try it for free today on your computer, Android tablet, or iOS device to listen to any digital text.


Are there any Avengers stories on Audible?

Audible and similar platforms don't have fanfiction and stories about the Avengers. 

Can I write Avengers fan fiction?

Anyone who loves the Avengers and wants to explore the MCU further can write fanfiction and share it with other fans. You can use one of the platforms mentioned above as a reference and a place to start posting your work online.

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