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Bible study is an important part of the day, but it can be hard to fit in as much studying as you would like with a busy schedule. Read more for simple ways to study while on the go and the best ways to do that.

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Best Audio Bible

People who believe in and listen to the Bible often want to listen to it on the go. There are many different Christian apps that you can pay for and download. However, Speechify let’s you read the Bible easier. 

Why would you want to listen to the Bible instead of reading?

Most Christians read the Bible as part of their daily habits. God’s word is an important part of their life, and they want access to bible verses or a verse of the day. Most people read an offline or physical version of the Bible. However, if they want access to the Bible on the road, someone might want to listen to the best audio Bible. The audio version of their word of God may provide access to their bible study needs. They could listen in the car, on social media, have playback of meaningful bible verses, and share their thoughts on the Bible via mobile app.

Easy Access to the Bible

Someone looking for access to the Bible, their favorite Bible verses, or in search of a daily reading can install the Speechify Chrome extension. From there, they can use their iOS or iPad to visit any free Bible site. A great English standard version of the Bible is From there use the Chrome Extension for access to daily Bible. You can use Speechify to turn the Bible into an audio Bible

Saving Time With an Audio Bible

Each book of the Bible can feel daunting. God’s word can feel long, and your reading plans can take over the day if you are trying to read a hard or offline copy of the Bible. King James Version of the Bible has 80 books. Bible reading can take a lot of time, and an audio version can help if you adjust the speed of the audio version of Bible reading.

Best Bible apps with audio for engaging with scripture on the go

Whether you are scrolling on your iphone, or looking for a new passage in a devotional, there are a lot of Bible Apps that you can use as Bible study tools. All of these great new living translations as well as any other translations of the Bible you choose are readable on Speechify.


This app on your mobile device has the ability to read the Bible to you and give you access to the word of God. The app on your mobile phone is free to download and upgrades are provided that enhance your Bible Study experience.

Bible app for kids

When thinking about listening plans for the Bible, you have to take into account kids listening to the Bible too. Speechify can help with those Bible plans. Just download your desired Bible translation, go to any version of scripture that you think is appropriate for your child, or choose any online version of the Bible, and Speechify can read it.

Dwell Bible app

Described as a scripture listening app, so you can get the word of God on the go. Although, there is a cost to this app. Your Bible getaway is available on your android or iPhone.

Olive Tree Bible reader

The Olive Tree Bible app can be read with Speechify, and can be customized to use bookmarks, highlighters, and you can take notes. Speechify brings it to life by reading the Bible for you, providing a Bible gateway to understanding!

The Study Bible

Available on your android or iPhone, The Study Bible app gives you a Bible study and scripture at your fingertips. The audioBible is not free, but you can share verses through social media and bookmark passages and add commentaries.

This app allows you to listen to the audio of the Bible offline. It needs to be downloaded, which may take up space on your iPhone or android. With that, comes some Jesus film and videos of the word of the new testament and other verse of the day videos.


Listening to the Bible on the go through Audible is another audio version of the Bible. Providing more than audiobooks, Audible is another option to access the King James Version of the Bible. This does come with subscription requirements.

The Word of Promise App

Using recognizable voices to get the daily dose of the Bible, this app has actors reading out their favorite Bible verse. It is an app available to purchase, it will be available for playback on the word of God, to enhance your listening plans.

Courage for Life Bible

This audio version of the Bible is all female voices. The commentaries surrounding this app are that the word of God can help at risk women. This is thought to be the best Bible app for women who are struggling and need daily Bible in their lives.

Daily Audio Bible

Thought to make daily access to the Bible easy, this version of the Bible is read fresh daily, and can be listened to on an ios or app. There are free versions, although extremely limited in their capabilities.

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