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Best audiobook apps

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Audiobooks are fun, informative, and convenient. Here are the best apps that will allow you to take your listening experience on the go.

Best audiobook apps

Audiobook apps provide access to many books that users can listen to rather than read. They are available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices, making them hugely accessible.

With audiobooks, users can take their book enjoyment on the go with nothing more than a smart device in their pocket. However, it may be difficult to choose the best app for your needs from the many online offers available today. This article will help you find the best audiobook apps and provide an overview of the most popular options.

What is an audiobook?

Audiobooks are sound recordings of a narrated book. The narrations are usually performed by actors or other professionals, and they can include one narrator or a full cast. Users can access audiobooks through various audiobook player apps.

What are smart audiobook players?

Audiobook players can be powerful tools for learning, pursuing your interests, and enjoying literature. These apps allow you to play audiobooks from a specific service. You can use a mobile app for Android or iOS devices or other dedicated mobile devices for audiobooks, such as Amazon Kindle.

Most players have additional features like bookmarks and sleep timers, making the listening experience more comfortable.

The best audiobook apps

Let’s explore some of the best audiobook apps available, catering to different preferences and tastes, so you can find the perfect companion for your literary journey.


Audible comes from Amazon, the digital giant behind modern technological wonders like Alexa. The service has a vast selection of audiobooks, including new releases, international bestsellers, podcasts, and Audible originals. It’s a subscription-based service where users can purchase audiobooks for a monthly fee.

The most popular membership plans on Audible are Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. The difference between the two is in the audiobook selection. The Premium Plus subscription provides users with a premium title every month in addition to access to the Plus catalog. Premium titles can be downloaded, becoming accessible offline via the Audible app even if the user’s subscription ends.


Kobo has a free app for Windows, Apple, iPad, and Android devices. Through the Kobo app, users gain access to the audiobook library and thousands of Kobo books.

Kobo features various audiobook titles, including trending popular audiobook editions for both fiction to non-fiction works. The service has a monthly subscription model, although non-members can also purchase audiobooks at retail prices. In-app purchases by members will come at more favorable rates. represents another subscription service. Audiobooks purchased through this service are available for streaming, downloading, and offline listening. In other words, once you purchase an audiobook from, you’ll have unlimited access to it even without a Wi-Fi connection. has free iOS and Android apps with plenty of features. Unfortunately, the apps don’t allow you to change your subscription plan – you’ll need to visit the website for those actions.


Libby is the successor app of OverDrive, which will go out of service in 2023. Rather than purchasing, users can borrow titles from Libby. Once you create an account, you can start creating your library collection. You’ll also get a personal library card to sign in to the service.

Libby is, in many ways, a digital version of a public library. After you borrow books, you can use the app to browse through your collection of audiobooks and have them downloaded onto your device. Libby has the option to send audiobooks to your Kindle reader, making integration between the two services seamless.


Scribd has one of the largest digital libraries around. The service features ebooks, audiobooks, news articles, podcasts, and even sheet music. While Scribd isn’t an exclusive audiobook service, it houses many titles for audiobook users.

Scribd is based on subscriptions that can follow one of three models: student, monthly, or annual. Any subscription allows you to read unlimited books without ads. Having a Scribd account will also open up download and upload possibilities.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital is a different service than the ones mentioned so far. It’s based on borrowing books, but that’s not what sets Hoopla Digital apart. Instead, the unique feature of this service is that it connects to local libraries across the world. You can sign up with your library card and gain access to the entire digital collection of your local library.

Best of all, Hoopla Digital is free to use and available on the Google Play or Apple App Store. The only limitation with Hoopla Digital is in borrowing time. This heavily depends on the type of media. For instance, you can borrow video material for three days and music for a week, while ebooks and audiobooks can stay with you for three weeks.


Librivox is a unique and highly community-oriented audiobook app. It specializes in public domain books read by volunteers from around the world, thereby offering a vast library of free audiobooks. The app provides an extensive catalog that includes thousands of books in various languages.

Its interface, while not particularly modern, is functional and easy to navigate. Despite some variability in the quality of the readings due to the volunteer-based approach, Librivox is a rich resource for classic literature lovers who appreciate the charm of a diverse array of narrators.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books serves as an all-in-one bookstore offering ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks. Available on both Android and iOS devices, it provides a seamless listening experience with features like customizable reading and listening speeds, sleep timers, and offline access.

Users can purchase or rent individual audiobooks without a subscription, offering flexibility for casual listeners. Its integrated Google-powered search function makes it incredibly easy to find the content you're looking for.


Storytel is a subscription-based audiobook and ebook service offering a broad selection of titles in various languages. It boasts a comprehensive and ever-growing library, from bestsellers to classic literature, non-fiction to children's books.

The app allows users to download books for offline listening, make bookmarks, and adjust the narration speed to their preference. In addition, Storytel provides a unique feature of a curated book recommendation system based on users' listening history, aiding in the discovery of new titles.


Spotify, predominantly known for its music streaming service, also offers a growing selection of podcasts and audiobooks. The audiobook selection might not be as vast as specialized audiobook platforms, but the advantage lies in having access to a wide range of entertainment in one app.

Spotify has a user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and robust cross-device synchronization. However, finding specific audiobook titles might be a little challenging due to the app's primary focus on music.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is a versatile platform for both ebooks and audiobooks. The audiobook section of the service is subscription-based, offering one credit per month that can be exchanged for any audiobook in their library.

Kobo excels in its integration with its e-reader devices, allowing users to switch seamlessly between reading and listening. The app also features customizable narration speed, a night mode for easier bedtime reading, and detailed insights about listening habits.

Speechify Audiobooks - The #1 audiobook app

Speechify Audiobooks is an innovative platform offering a diverse range of literary content that caters to various tastes. To welcome new users, Speechify offers the first premium audiobook for free, providing an excellent opportunity to explore the app's offerings and experience its user-friendly interface. The app also includes thousands of free public domain classics, allowing users to delve into some of the greatest works of literature without any cost.

Further, its extensive library spans across all genres, ensuring there's a book for every mood and interest. A standout feature of Speechify is ability for audiobook listeners to adjust playback speed up to an impressive 4.5x, making it a perfect choice for speed listeners or those looking to binge novels quickly. Whether you're a lover of contemporary fiction, an avid consumer of non-fiction, or a fan of timeless classics, Speechify Audiobooks ensures an enhanced and customizable listening experience. Try Speechify Audiobooks for free today.


Which app is best for audiobooks?

Several apps are a great choice for audiobooks, including Libby, Speechify Audiobooks, and the Audible app.

Does Nook support audiobooks?

Yes, the Nook app supports audiobooks.

What are DRM-free audio files?

DRM-free audio files are audio files that have no Digital Rights Management restrictions, meaning they can be freely copied and shared

What is the best free audiobook app for iPhone?

Speechify Audiobooks offers a wide range of free audiobooks on iPhone

Can I download audiobooks to my phone or computer?

Some services will allow downloads, while others that work on a borrowing model won’t.

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