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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in AI Voice Cloning on April 10, 2023
Advanced AI produce can deepfakes that clone a person’s voice through deep learning. Discover how it works and the best deepfake generators here.

    Deepfake voices are synthetic voices created using artificial intelligence (AI). Through a speaker’s voice recordings, this voice cloning technology can generate a voice that will sound exactly like the original person. The uses of this kind of technology are multiple and varied providing content creators with nearly unlimited possibilities.

    In this article, you’ll find some of the best places to get great deepfake voices.

    What is a Deepfake Voice?

    A deepfake voice is an AI voice, often called voice cloning or synthetic voice. This AI technology allows users to replicate a person’s own voice by training an AI model – referred to as “deep learning”. Deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, refers to the use of neural networks with multiple hidden layers, allowing them to learn intricate patterns and representations from large and complex datasets. In providing original audio clips to the cloning software, the AI tool then compiles the information via a learning algorithm and produces speech that sounds like a human voice.

    The functionality of this technology has many professional and practical applications. Although this technology is not illegal, deepfake audio use cases have created controversy.

    One of the uses of this technology is allowing users to create videos using a celebrity voice as a voiceover. For video game developers, for example, it enables them to replicate the voices of historical figures or create realistic voices for their characters instead of using voice actors.

    Popular organizations worldwide have also benefited from the use of deepfake voices. For example, the non-profit organization Malaria No More used a deepfake voice in a campaign with David Beckham. In the 55-second video clip, the famous soccer player is seen delivering a message in nine different languages using deepfake voice AI.

    This AI technology has also enabled podcasters to translate their content into different languages using their voices.

    Where Can You Find the Best Deepfake Voice Generators?

    Many users find deepfake voices an interesting resource to create content for TikTok or other social media platforms. Here you’ll find the best voice cloning tools available, many offering a variety of pricing levels.



    SpeakPic is an application available for Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can use a pre-generated voice to animate a picture. SpeakPic automatically analyses the picture, locates the mouth, and generates a speech synthesis for the voice you’ve chosen in advance from a dozen different options.

    You can add any text, and the app will create realistic animation. With this high-quality app, you’ll be unable to tell the difference between the original person’s voice and the one generated for your photograph.

    Resemble AI is an online platform available for Windows and Apple computers. The software is an AI voice generator you can use to create recordings using your favorite celebrities’ voices.

    This app is focused on the entertainment industry, providing its users with hours of fun. The voice-changing app has a high level of accuracy, making it hard to distinguish the real from the deepfake voice.



    FakeYou is a free internet-based app that will allow you to use the voice of actors, video game characters, and singers in your videos. This app is an AI voice text-to-speech model that uses artificial intelligence to create audio recordings with your favorite voices.

    As with most deepfake voice apps, you’ll get a limited free trial and will need a membership plan to access the app’s features fully.



    Descript is primarily a web-based app that allows users to edit podcasts and other audio clips, including audiobooks. One of these app tools, Overdub, is a machine-learning TTS feature with which podcasters can deepfake audio with their voice.

    The first step for users is to upload a series of recordings for the generative AI app to clone their voice. One benefit of using this app is that podcasters can write the scripts, and Overdub will generate the voice AI podcast.



    Respeecher is a useful app for video game developers and users who want to create entertaining content for social media platforms. Your favorite celebrities will voice anything you write with this platform.

    Fake Voice Changer

    Fake Voice Changer is an entertaining app to customize your voice with any effect, such as a parrot, an elephant, and popular cartoon characters. It differs from its competitors because it has a very simple setting, making it user-friendly. This app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store for all Android and iOS devices.


    Replica Studios

    ReplicaStudios has a wide variety of talented actors’ voices available for you to use in films, video games, and the metaverse. As a result of actors spending hours training this AI technology, the artificial voices generated are flawless.

    ReplicaStudios is a cost-effective solution in comparison to the cost of hiring an actor and the recording studio. This audio deepfake AI technology is popular among documentary filmmakers.

    Discover the Range of Realistic Voices at Speechify

    Speechify is a text-to-speech app and one of the best AI voice generators that converts text into realistic cloned voice audio files. You can choose between different kinds of voices and adjust the speed to your liking.

    The app will automatically convert digital text into an audio file using the selected voice. To add a voiceover to your videos, you can download the audio file to your computer in MP3 format. This app is an excellent tool for creating voiceovers for videos and multimedia files.

    Try Speechify’s Voice Over Generator today to create custom voices with real-time voice cloning.


    Which is the best AI voice?

    If you’re looking for the best AI voice, Speechify is a great option. It has over 30 different voices available and many features to edit the recordings to your liking.

    Is there a deepfake for voices?

    Yes, deepfake voices are also known as lifelike voice cloning. These AI-based apps were designed to generate artificial voices that mimic the real person.

    What is the most realistic voice-over generator?

    If you’re looking for the most realistic voice-over generator, try Speechify. This app, based on the text-to-speech model, allows users to choose between 30 different voices in more than 30 languages.

    Are deepfakes illegal?

    Deepfakes are not illegal. However, this technology has created controversy due to its sometimes unethical use (see an article citing a situation at Forbes here).

    What is the best voice synthesizer?

    Speechify is the best voice synthesizer available. You can download the app on Android and iOS devices or install the Google Chrome extension on your computer. Using text-to-speech AI, the app can automatically convert written words into realistic speech.

    Why would I want a deepfake voice?

    Some of the most entertaining uses for deepfake technology is creating audio clips with your favorite character’s voiceover. Most of the apps created focus on the entertainment industry.

    What is a good free AI voice generator?

    There are several free AI-powered voice generators available online. Some of these services offer limited usage for free, while others may have certain restrictions or watermarks on the generated audio. Here are a few examples of free AI voice generator services:

    1. Google Text-to-Speech: Google offers a free Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice AI service that provides natural-sounding speech synthesis. It supports multiple languages and voice options.
    2. IBM Watson Text-to-Speech: IBM Watson also provides a TTS service that offers a free tier with a limited number of requests per month. It supports multiple languages and customizable voice options.
    3. Amazon Polly: Amazon Polly is another TTS service that offers a free tier with limited usage. It allows you to create speech in various languages and voices.
    4. ResponsiveVoice: ResponsiveVoice is a free TTS service that provides both male and female voices in various languages.
    5. Notevibes: Notevibes offers a free online text-to-speech converter with different voice options and allows you to download the generated audio.
    6. Natural Readers: Natural Readers has a free online TTS service that converts text to speech with multiple voice AI choices.

    Always check the terms of service and usage limitations when using free AI voice generators, and ensure that your usage adheres to any licensing or copyright restrictions for the generated content.

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