Best productivity apps for Mac

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Having trouble staying focused while working on your computer? Here are the best productivity apps for Mac to help you stay on top of your daily tasks.

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Best productivity apps for Mac

User-friendly and practical, millions of people use Apple’s Mac computers for various daily activities, including work, studying, and video production. Regardless of what you use your computer for, these activities have one thing in common – productivity. Without your drive and motivation, a computer is just a fancy piece of equipment.

However, Mac users can rely on their devices to help them stay productive. Thanks to various Mac productivity apps, users can improve their time management skills and performance and stay on top of their workflow.

Keep reading to learn more about the best productivity tools for Mac users.

The productivity apps you need on Mac

Thanks to the numerous apps offered on the macOS App Store, there’s an option for almost every requirement. Whether you need tools for time tracking, project management, or automation, the perfect app is waiting for you. Here are eight apps every Mac user should consider.


Alfred is an excellent productivity app for Mac that helps you streamline your work by creating customized keyboard shortcuts. Thanks to this app, you’ll be able to open, close, and search different apps incredibly fast. Alfred is chock-full of useful features that allow you to save time performing various tasks.

Some of these features include:

  • Application launcher for navigating between different windows and apps

  • Search your Mac for quickly accessing apps and files

  • Search the web for quickly launching your favorite websites

  • System Commands for efficiently controlling your Mac

If you upgrade to the paid plan, you’ll unlock even more handy features. Some of the best include creating custom hotkey combinations, accessing clipboard history, creating snippets with personal abbreviations, and devising custom themes.


1Password is one of the leading password manager apps in the world. This app is a lifesaver for forgetful Mac users who manage many passwords. It will safeguard your passwords and remind you of them when necessary. As a result, you’ll have no trouble accessing your user profiles on various websites and other apps. 1Password offers a few more beneficial features:

  • Storing information in different categories

  • Creating labels to organize your data

  • Having access to data insight

  • Creating vaults to further protect sensitive information


Todoist is a powerful task management app that helps you keep up with your daily activities and to-do lists. This app aims to help you create better habits, thus increasing your overall productivity.

With Todoist, you can input tasks, organize them efficiently, and set alarm notifications to remind you of them. You can also prioritize urgent tasks and monitor your productivity progress.

Additionally, this app can help individuals with ADHD successfully navigate their daily tasks.


MindNode is the ideal app for thinkers who keep coming up with new ideas. This app is perfect for brainstorming and recording your ideas so that you can revisit them later.

Best of all, you can store your thoughts in various ways, such as notes, images, or links. Plus, you can visually organize your ideas using mind maps and diagrams. As a bonus, you can customize each map with your designs and stickers, a perfect addition for visual learners.


Evernote is a powerful note-taking app that every student should download. This app offers various features that can help you optimize your learning. Using Evernote, you can capture and arrange ideas quickly and efficiently.

Then, you can organize these ideas using tags and individual notebooks, which is great for retrieving desired documents with lightning speed whenever you need them. You can also share the saved notes and ideas with fellow students and receive feedback or have a productive study session.


Grammarly is a must-have for anyone who communicates with people on a daily basis or writes many reports, articles, blog posts, and similar texts. This app serves as a typing assistant and reviews your writing in real time. Grammarly doesn’t focus solely on grammar. It will also correct:

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Clarity

  • Delivery

  • Engagement

Grammarly will suggest synonyms for highlighted words and correct your tone with a single click. Thanks to this app, your writing output will be flawless without scouring the internet to find different language rules and guidelines.

After installing Grammarly, it will monitor your writing across all apps, including your email app, Slack, and social media.


Zoom is a popular communication platform for connecting remotely via video and audio calls and chat. It can help you connect with your peers and colleagues in real-time and discuss ideas, work on projects, and arrange meetings. This app also allows you to:

  • Create separate channels for different groups and projects

  • Share, screenshot, and annotate images

  • Elevate any call to a meeting


Speechify is a text to speech (TTS) app that can do wonders for your productivity. The app’s name is self-explanatory – it converts text in various file formats into audio output. This is one of the best Mac apps for productivity since it can work with most other apps on our list, significantly boosting your productivity.

It’s also worth mentioning that Speechify is available across all major platforms, allowing you to take your work on the road. When you’re not using your Mac, you can rely on the iOS app for iPhone and iPad or switch to an Android device and continue working.

Download Speechify for your Mac

Thanks to its many features, Speechify can do much more for you besides boosting your productivity. This app can be a lifesaver for individuals with learning or cognitive disorders or those who prefer the auditory learning style. Several features set this app apart from other TTS tools, including:

  • OCR functionality that allows you to extract text from images

  • The ability to export audio files and listen to them on the go

  • Natural-sounding voices that make any reading task enjoyable

If you like what you’ve read so far, download Speechify for free today and experience its many benefits first-hand.


Why is productivity so important?

Productivity is vital for making progress in your personal life and workspace. It helps you complete tasks faster and more efficiently and strive toward reaching your full potential.

How does using a Mac improve productivity?

Considering how much time people spend on social media, it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose motivation to do any actual work. So, besides offering apps that will distract you from your work, Mac also offers apps that will significantly boost your productivity. It is up to you to choose wisely.

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