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How to study better: 11 techniques to improve your study habits

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Learn more about different study methods and study techniques below, including practice tests and memorization, and maximize your study time.

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There are a lot of learners who are looking for a way to maximize their retention as they study in the same amount of time. While flashcards are an effective study habit for a lot of people, there are others who are looking for a way to think outside the box. Regardless of whether you are in high school or college, you can find a way to study better with a few tips. Learn more about different study methods and study techniques below, including practice tests and memorization, and maximize your study time.

Find a good place to study

One of the first study tips that you need to follow is that you must find a good place to study. Regardless of whether you are reading, rereading or practicing math problems, you must find a quiet study space. Some high school and college students prefer a coffee shop, while other people like to handle schoolwork in the library. Figure out what type of environment works best for you, and place yourself in that study spot when you work.

Avoid distractions from social media

Social media is a major distraction for a lot of people, and it can derail your study schedule and study skills rapidly. Although a five-minute break at intervals, sometimes known as the Pomodoro Technique, can be an effective way to maintain productivity, you need to avoid last minute panic by staying away from social media as you study. You might even want to consider placing a blocker on all of your devices with an internet connection that can prevent you from accessing social media while you study.

Ignore your phone

If you want to incorporate good time management into your study strategies, you should stay away from your phone. If you have a big test or final exams coming up, make sure that you turn off push notifications on your phone. If you stay away from your phone while studying, you can focus all of your mental energy on the task at hand, stay on top of your study schedule and avoid all nighters. Ignoring your phone is an integral part of how to study effectively.

Maintain focus with the help of an app

If you want to build good study habits, you might want to use an app to help you. There are plenty of apps out there. For example, you might want an app that can help you with note-taking. Or, you might want an app that can help you create solid mind maps. Think about whether you are an auditory, visual or tactile learner. Then, find an app that can cater your study methods to your specific learning style.

Take a break for self-care

Although procrastination is a major problem for students at all levels, research shows that taking study breaks from time to time can help you improve the quality of your study. It can also foster the creativity that allows you to write in your own words. As you organize your study environment, make sure you have a study plan that allows you to study smarter, not just harder. A short break every few hours can be helpful, but you need to make sure that you balance your study obligations with your desire to take a break from time to time. Then, make sure you are productive during that break. Get some exercise. Get a quick bite to eat. Meditate. Find something productive to do that will help you freshen up when you return to your studies.

Organize your notes

Regardless of whether you are an auditory or visual learner, you need to organize your notes. There are plenty of ways you can improve your organization and maximize the effectiveness of your notes. Highlighting, underlining, color-coding and using study tabs can all be helpful. Find a way to keep your notes organized as you go. That way, you will spend more time studying and less time looking for certain documents.

Join or create a study group

You might want to consider developing a study group. Lots of people learn better when information is explained in another way by their peers or teachers. Plus, if you study in a group, you can hold yourself accountable because you will want to stay on top of your studies to avoid letting down your peers. Think about whether a study group is right for you.

Use aromatherapy, plants and music as focus tools

Think about how to improve your focus. You might want to try aromatherapy, fresh plants or even music. Make sure the music isn’t too loud or distracting. Consider exercising right before studying as well. That way, you release neurotransmitters that can help you focus better.

Be sure to review

Too many people wait until the night before a major test to start studying. That is not the right approach to take. You need to review regularly to help you not only learn the material but also retain it. Set up a review schedule of various topics to ensure you retain the information.

Know your most effective learning style

How do you study best? Are you an auditory learner, a visual learner or a tactile learner? Focus on creating a study plan that can help you learn in a way that allows you to best grasp the information. You might need to explore a new study method.

Make studying part of your daily routine

If you really want to study better, you need to make studying a part of your daily routine. You might want to review material in the morning when you wake up or perhaps before you go to bed at night. If you focus on building concepts on top of one another through daily review, you can get the most out of your studies.

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Some of the most common questions learners ask about studying and information retention include:

What is the best method to study?

There are a few methods you can use. You might be interested in spaced practice that can help you improve your retention, or you might be interested in retrieval practice that focuses on information recall. Many people also like the SQ3R method, which is a great technique for reading comprehension. On the other hand, the most efficient method is to use Speechify, which can help you convert your text files into audio files that you access from just about anywhere.

How can I improve my study?

If you want to improve your study habits, you need to focus on the right strategies. You need to have a study schedule you follow. Consider studying with a group if you are worried about falling behind. You should also reduce all distractions when you study, including social media. Finally, think about using Speechify to listen to information while on the go. That way, you can multitask and retain more information.

What are 3 study tips?

There are a few key study tips you should consider. First, make sure you study in the right location. Do you study best in your room? Or, would you rather go to the library or a coffee shop? Second, make sure that you get plenty of sleep, particularly before a major test. You need your brain to function well. Third, get the most out of your time. With Speechify, you can get through your books and notes faster because you can listen to your files faster than you can read them.

How can I improve my memory and study skills?

There are a few ways that you can improve your memory and study skills. Reviewing regularly, instead of trying to cram the night before a major test, can help you retain more information. You should also try to link topics together with a mind map. Instead of rote memorization, focus on understanding how various topics link together. Then, you can apply the information and learn it more effectively. Finally, seeing the information in multiple ways can also help to improve your memory. With Speechify, you can listen to your information and read it, as the text is highlighted on the screen, helping you not just learn but retain the material as well.

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