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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Productivity on June 27, 2022
There are a multitude of text-to-speech apps that you can use online. Searching Google will show you hundreds of results but we've curated only the top 5.

    Text-to-speech software is an excellent solution for a wide range of challenges, including but not limited to dyslexia and other language disabilities or conditions. TTS, or text-to-speech, programs also help people read and comprehend text better for studying, work, and personal use. Many people even use text-to-speech as a shortcut to complete simple tasks like checking email or reading the news via web pages.

    No matter the reason you need text-to-speech software, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of apps available for download in the app store. Below, compare the best apps for translating the written text into spoken words for Apple devices and discover the best text-to-speech app for iPhone users.

    1. Text to Speech! 

    Text to Speech! is a completely free version of text-to-speech software that allows users to convert text to speech. While the free download is an attractive option, it’s important to note that its features are fairly limited and Apple users will not get as many benefits as they might from a program like Speechify or NaturalReader.

    This application’s user interface is clean and easy to navigate on an iPhone or an iPad, making for a professional and straightforward user experience. The app has a unique feature that allows you to integrate spoken text into your phone calls directly from the app. However, this functionality can be buggy and you will not be able to hear the spoken text from your own phone.



    • In-app purchases are available


    • 95 different voices to choose from
    • 38 different language options, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and more
    • Adjust settings like the rate of speech and voice pitch
    • Type text directly into the application to have it read aloud to you within seconds
    • Requires iOS or iPadOS 12.0 or later on Apple devices

    2. Voice Dream Reader

    Voice Dream Reader is a popular speech-to-text application used by people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism, executive functioning disorders, blindness or low vision, and other issues that make reading and comprehending printed text difficult. Voice Dream Reader allows you to adjust the size, color, and font to format documents specifically to your needs. You only need an internet connection to get started.


    • Premium voices can be obtained with in-app purchases
    • Buy the full version for just $9.99 (one-time charge)


    • More than 200 different voices, some of which are included and others that can be purchased for an additional cost
    • More than 30 different languages available, including English, Japanese, and Portuguese, plus translation functionality
    • Reading speed of up to 500 words per minute for content in many formats, including web pages, PDF files, EPUB files, plain text files, and more
    • Choose the reading level that best fits your needs

    3. Narrator’s Voice

    Narrator’s Voice is a simple free text-to-speech program for iOS and Android. Although it’s advertised as the best TTS app currently available, the user interface on an iPhone or an iPad is clunky and does not provide as seamless an experience as other programs do. That said, this free app does not have a character limit, making it one of the easier free versions of this type of program to use. If you’re creating narration for YouTube videos, Narrator’s Voice is a great option.


    • Free with in-app purchases available


    • Convert text to .MP3 audio files
    • Convert images of written text to spoken word format
    • Requires iOS or iPadOS 11.0 or later on Apple devices
    • Apply different voice effects to create unique sounds
    • Share audio files with friends directly from the app

    4. Speechify

    Speechify is a text-to-speech web browser extension and mobile app available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is currently the TTS software with the fastest reading speed on the market, capable of playback at a staggering 900 words per minute. Users can listen to PDF files, audiobooks, Word docs, web pages, HTML, and many other audio file formats. Speechify also uses advanced technology like Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to mark up language and convert images of text to a spoken word format.


    • Users have access to a limited free version
    • Buy a subscription to the software for $139 yearly
    • Features
    • The fastest reading speed currently available
    • More than 60 different languages and the functionality to translate between them
    • Exclusive languages like Japanese are included
    • Other languages available with Speechify include Portuguese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, English, and more
    • Talk to real people when you call for customer support
    • Add the browser extension to your preferred browser bookmarks to easily listen to web pages
    • Choose output formats like Word documents, Google Drive, Dropbox, basic text files, and more

    5. NaturalReader

    NaturalReader makes the list as one of the best text-to-speech apps for iPhone, Android, and web browser applications. NaturalReader’s natural-sounding voices are surpassed by only a couple of other text-to-speech apps, namely Speechify. The AI-powered voice reader is available for Mac and Windows operating systems like Android, iOS, and web browsers, and can be used to dictate text for a broad range of purposes, including both school and work.


    • Free download available
    • The personal version costs $99.50
    • The professional version costs $129.50
    • The ultimate version costs $199.50


    • Scan image text and other text formats to create spoken-word audio files
    • Speech voices can identify specific syntactic environments
    • The browser extension can easily be added to your browser bookmarks for convenience
    • Increases reading speed, reading comprehension, and memory retention of written content
    • Interested in alternatives to NaturalReader? Check them out in our blog.


    What is the best free text-to-speech app for iPhone?

    These free text-to-speech apps will make your iPhone dictate on-screen text like web pages to help make reading easier and increase your ability to remember what you‘ve read:

    The five best free text-to-speech apps for iPhone
    1. Speechify

    2. NaturalReader

    3. Text to Speech!

    4. Narrator’s Voice

    5. Voice Dream Reader

    Is there a text-to-speech app for iPhone that translates text from English into different languages?

    Most text-to-speech programs have multiple languages to choose from to translate your text into a spoken word format. Depending on what you’re using a TTS application for, you may want to choose the text-to-speech app with the widest variety of language options to select from.

    What is the best text-to-speech reader for Android and iOS?
    There are multiple options for a text-to-voice program that‘s compatible with both iOS and Android. Speechify takes the lead as one of the most versatile TTS apps due to its compatibility with Mac and Windows operating systems like iOS, Android, Chrome, and nearly every type of web browser.

    See the best text-to-speech alternatives for Android users

    What iOS text-to-speech apps have different voices to choose from?

    Most speech-to-text programs offer at least a few different voices to choose from. Some apps offer several unique voice options, like Speechify. It offers dozens of different voices, including those from celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    What iOS text-to-speech apps have the most natural-sounding voices?

    The most natural-sounding voices in any text-to-speech software are those created using advanced AI-powered technology that mimics the natural pitch, cadence, and flow of real human voices. NaturalReader and Speechify both use state-of-the-art voiceover technology to offer high-quality voices tailored to sound as natural as possible.

    Which iOS text-to-speech software is best for recording podcasts?

    The best text-to-speech app for iPhone can also be used to record podcasts when live voice recordings aren’t appropriate. For example, you may not have the equipment to record high-quality podcasts without noise interference or other issues. In this case, the functionality of a text-to-speech app can convert your podcast script to spoken word so you can upload the audio file to your selected podcast editing software.

    Final thoughts

    Choosing the best text-to-speech app for an iPhone can seem intimidating with the vast number of iOS text-to-speech apps currently available for download in the Apple app store. Which speech software works for you depends on a multitude of different factors, including but not limited to the purpose you’re using the text-to-speech app for, what functionality you want, your reading abilities, and your budget. Whether you decide on a free app or one that you pay for, using a high-quality text-to-voice reader can be a shortcut that helps you in numerous ways.

    In this list of the top five best text-to-speech apps, both NaturalReader and Speechify are excellent choices for Apple iPhone and iPad users. However, Speechify‘s functionality leads with its sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and natural-sounding voices. Browse iOS text-to-speech apps in the Apple app store to find the best text-to-speech app for iPhone today.

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