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If you’re a big fan of horror and science fiction genres and want to read something different, consider these four books by T. Chris Martindale.

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Fans of the horror genre can enjoy excellent books, movies, and TV shows. Yet, they’re always looking for a new book to set their imagination alight and give them the expected chills.

If they’re lucky, they might find excellent horror novels written in the past that haven’t entered the mass market but still have incredible value. The perfect example is the works of horror and science fiction novelist T. Chris Martindale.

All of his work is 30 or more years old, but in recent years its cultural relevance increased. If you want to expand your reading wishlist and learn about horror novels written in the early 1990s, T. Chris Martindale’s work is a fantastic place to start.

Who is T. Chris Martindale?

Information about T. Chris Martindale is hard to come by as the author stopped writing many years ago. Not all his novels were successful, and after “The Voice in the Basement” in 1993, he hasn’t published anything.

His first science fiction novel “Curse of the Werewolf” came out in 1987. He was also a nominee for the category of Best First Novel by the Horror Writers of America for his horror novel “Nightblood.”

It’s important to point out that when T. Chris Martindale wrote his novels, the horror genre was somewhat neglected. When a well-known author Grady Hendrix mentioned “Nightblood” in one of his books, many younger readers heard about the work of T. Chris Martindale for the first time.

This mention prompted the reprint of his most famous novel after 30 years and may lead to a revival of his other works. Until then, readers could only find Nightblood by T. Chris Martindale at used books and thrift stores or online resellers.

Finally, renewed interest in the author’s horror novels resulted in the production of two audiobooks. His books “Nightblood” and “Where the Chill Waits” came out in 2019 and 2022 on the Amazon Audible platform.

The four T. Chris Martindale books you need to read

If you love authors like Grady Hendrix and Stephen King, you’ll enjoy the originality of horror novels from T. Chris Martindale. Here’s a short overview of his best-known books.

Demon Dance

This novel is a mix between a horror and a western. The story revolves around Willie, a 17-year-old girl with a quick draw, Tol, a troubled cowboy, and a shaman named No Moon.

In the late 19th century, the dying Native American tribes see hope in Ghost Dance, a final act of vengeance from the remaining 10 tribes. In many ways, this is an action and adventure novel that contains many historical accuracies that deserve a mention.

Where the Chill Waits

“Where the Chill Waits” belongs to the Macabre Ink Resurrected Horrors series and is number 18 out of 19 titles. This novel follows four men who venture into the cold forest, a sun-starved place, to hunt for ancient evil.

They fight supernatural animals who refuse to die and winds so strong that they whisk them off their feet. This novel is about young men transitioning from boyhood to manhood, facing your fears, and the survival of the fittest.

The Voice in the Basement

This novel will likely appeal to Stephen King fans. “The Voice in the Basement” is about a married couple, Cathy and Mitch Ballard, who purchase a small home in the Indiana Woods.

Something seems off from the start, and they start hearing voices in the basement. As the plot unravels, they are subject to incredible visions and fight monsters in human form. It’s an action-packed story that will get your heart pounding in no time.

Nightblood (Paperbacks From Hell)

If you’re going to read only one novel by T. Chris Martindale, it should probably be “Nightblood.” Widely regarded as his best work, it was his only best seller. The newest editions contain an introduction written by Grady Hendrix, who directly promoted T. Chris Martindale’s works.

This book is about a soldier, Chris Stiles, who fought in the depths of the Vietnam jungle during the war. Once he returns home, he learns his brother was brutally killed in Central Park, New York, and he wants answers.

His journey leads him to Isherwood, a small town in Indiana with less than 1,000 residents. The terrifying realization of his quest is that he’s fighting the undead, ancient vampires, looking to eradicate the human race. “Nightblood” was initially published by Warner Books, but most recently, Valancourt Books took over the reprint.

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Is there another Chris Martindale who is an author?

The addition of the initial “T” in front of the T. Chris Martindale’s name implies that he’s trying to differentiate himself from another author, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The confusion stems from the 1984 novel “Duel of Masters” by Chris Martindale (without the “T.”) This novel is a part of the TSR Endless Quest horror book series, which only further confirms that it’s likely the same author.

Who is the author of “The Business of Nonprofits”?

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