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Affordable IVR Voice-Over Solutions: Hiring Freelance Actors for Quality and Cost-Effective Services

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When implementing an interactive voice response (IVR) system for your business, the right voice can make a significant difference. From delivering hold...

When implementing an interactive voice response (IVR) system for your business, the right voice can make a significant difference. From delivering hold messages to guiding callers through your phone system, professional voice actors bring a level of accessibility and believability that's difficult to match. This article delves into the costs associated with hiring voice actors, the benefits of utilizing freelance talent, and where to find the best voice for your IVR voice over.

How Much Does It Cost to Voice Over an IVR?

Costs for professional voice over services vary depending on several factors, such as the scope of the project and the expertise of the voice actor. On average, voice over rates for IVR projects can range from $100 to $500 per hour. However, it's possible to find affordable options, especially when working with freelance voice actors.

What Is the Lowest Paid Voice Actor?

Newcomers or beginners in the voice acting field often accept lower rates, with some charging as little as $20 to $50 per hour. They usually provide their services from a home studio and deliver audio files post-production. While their experience might be limited, many beginners possess versatile voice talent capable of enhancing e-learning materials, explainer videos, social media content, and more.

How Much Should a Voice Actor Cost?

Pricing should reflect the value offered by the voice-over artist. Look for experienced voice actors who have a history of delivering high-quality work, demo reels showcasing their talent, and a voice that aligns with your brand's personality. If you require special language skills, such as Spanish, English, or Portuguese, this may also impact the cost.

Where Can I Find Freelance Voice Actors?

Numerous online platforms connect businesses with freelance voice talent. Websites like Voice123,, and Fiverr provide extensive catalogs of voice-over artists offering their services for various voice-over projects. Here, you can listen to demos, check out their rates, and hire the perfect voice for your IVR system or any other project.

Benefits of Using Freelance Voice Actors

Hiring freelance voice actors provides several benefits. They often offer more affordable rates than voice-over agencies, and the diversity of talent is vast. This flexibility allows you to find the right voice that resonates with your brand and audience. Freelancers are also well-adapted to working remotely, making it easier to manage projects and receive voice-over recordings promptly.

How Many Voice Actors Are There in the World?

The exact number of voice actors worldwide is unknown. However, with the proliferation of online platforms and the increasing demand for voice-over services for audiobooks, video games, TV commercials, and podcasts, the number is estimated to be in the tens of thousands.

Examples of IVR Voice Actors

Famous IVR voice actors include Pat Fleet, the voice behind AT&T's IVR system, and Joan Kenley, the voice of Verizon's phone system. However, there's a vast pool of less-known but equally professional voice actors, including beginners eager to lend their voice to your project.

Average Pay for a Voice Actor

In the United States, the median pay for a voice actor is around $40 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, highly experienced or specialized voice actors can charge considerably more.

Qualifications for Being a Voice Actor

While having a degree is not a prerequisite, training in areas such as drama, broadcasting, or voice technique can prove beneficial. Most importantly, a voice actor needs to have a clear, versatile voice and excellent diction. Fluency in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, or Portuguese, can also be a plus, opening up more opportunities for voice over jobs.

Top 8 Software or Apps for Voice Actors

  1. Adobe Audition: This comprehensive audio editing software offers a wide range of tools for recording, editing, and mixing audio files.
  2. Audacity: A free, open-source software that allows voice actors to record and edit their voice-overs.
  3. GarageBand: Exclusive to Apple users, this app is useful for recording and editing audio files.
  4. TwistedWave: An audio editor for web-based, Mac, and iOS platforms, suitable for quick editing and processing of audio files.
  5. Pro Tools: A professional-grade software used in recording studios worldwide for recording and editing voice-overs.
  6. Logic Pro X: Another Apple exclusive, Logic Pro X is an advanced digital audio workstation that offers a vast array of recording features.
  7. iZotope RX: This audio repair software helps clean up audio files, removing noise and other unwanted sounds.
  8. Voice Record Pro: A professional voice recording app that lets you record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length.

When it comes to finding affordable, high-quality IVR voice-over services, the key is understanding the landscape of voice acting, acknowledging the necessary qualifications, and knowing where to source talent. By carefully considering your needs and the wide variety of options available, you can find the best voice that fits your budget and aligns with your brand, improving your telephony experience and the overall accessibility of your services. Whether it's for your IVR system, e-learning content, social media posts, or explainer videos, the right voice actor can significantly enhance your project's impact.

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Cliff Weitzman

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