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Let's discuss corporate onboarding voiceover generating and explore the best text to speech tools for crafting corporate onboarding videos.

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Corporate onboarding voiceover generator 

“Corporate onboarding voiceover generator” is quite a mouthful, but these tools will help you improve your employee engagement and learning experience. 

Are you onboarding new employees? Then you know this process can either be swift and efficient or a never-ending nightmare. Nevertheless, the key to successful onboarding is to have accessible learning materials and tutorials in one place.

While you can use, e.g., YouTube videos for corporate training, it’s better to create your own training videos and custom video content in general. And the best part is that there are excellent text to speech tools to help you in this endeavor. 

What is corporate onboarding voiceover generating?

Corporate voiceover in employee onboarding is a training strategy where a company uses AI-generated voices to conduct internal training. These AI voices can be a lot like natural-sounding human voices.

AI voices make corporate life easier because you don’t need to allocate an employee to be a voice actor and you don’t have to pay for outsourcing services for professional voiceovers. In addition, many TTS engines are either very affordable or free, so make sure to look for your go-to text to speech tool.

Advantages of using a voiceover generator

High-quality e-learning requires adequate tools. Great voice generators and speech software can improve your employees’ learning experience. Text to speech (TTS) voice generators can easily be used to:

  • Assist content creators

  • Create onboarding videos

  • Make professional podcasts

  • Turn any text into an audio file

Artificial intelligence peaks everyone’s interest. With all the AI videos and AI voices, some people might think we’re living in 3022. But truth be told, AI is not the future but the present of speech synthesis and even video editing.

Best AI Voice Generators

To find the best professional voiceover generators, you should look up fully-equipped text to speech software. You can find good use cases on, e.g., social media, but make sure that the speech software you opt for meets your company’s needs.

The right voice generators will help you make excellent explainer videos, but to edit videos, transitions, or make screen recordings, you may need video maker software. Some voiceover generators offer a feature of adding AI voices directly to your videos, too.

In terms of pricing, purchasing one month of video editing software and a text to speech tool will cost you less than a LinkedIn ad.


Speechify is the best-rated TTS app on Apple’s App Store. This text to speech program can turn any written text into spoken words in a natural-sounding language.

You can use Speechify by visiting the Speechify website or opt for the Speechify Google Chrome Extension, iOS app, Mac Desktop app, or Android app.

Using Speechify’s life-like voiceover generator is easy and fast. Turning text into an audio file will take only a couple of minutes.

  • Type in the text you’d like to hear spoken

  • Select a voice & listening speed

  • Press Generate

With Speechify’s help, your dullish presentations and documents can be fun and memorable.


Murf also offers high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices for your corporate needs. While Murf is available in many languages (e.g., Portuguese and Norwegian), official reviews deem it easy to use yet a bit expensive (the most popular PRO plan’s price is $26 per month).

With Murf, you can edit already recorded voiceovers and go the other way around and convert audio files into editable text. Options for voices and languages are vast, and you can try Murf with ten free minutes of voice generation.


You can also use Listnr to generate life-like text to speech audio. Listnr APIs include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and you can choose from dozens of different languages for synthetic voices. 

Standardly, after converting your text into an audio file, you can download it in wav and mp3 formats. Listnr also has a built-in library of background music with over 5,000 tracks. 


Lovo is a tool that enables you to do voiceovers for e-learning, audio ads, games, and many more. Lovo also offers many voice skins, authentic and custom voices. 

People generally use Lovo to create explainer videos, documentaries, and presentations but remember that the free version of Lovo gives you only three downloads per month. Unfortunately, Lovo doesn’t have mobile apps. is also a popular AI voice generator, and its primary uses are voice generating using AI, Audio articles, and text to speech API.

This TTS tool also has a library that includes AI voices in almost every official language and accent worldwide. While offering impressive diversity, is unfortunately available only for online use, but at least it has a WordPress integration available.

Incorporate Speechify’s easy-to-use text to speech application into your onboarding presentation

Luckily, you can start using Speechify today without wasting hours on how-to tutorials. There are only four very simple steps: paste or type desired text, select a voice, adjust speed, and click the Generate button.

English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Hebrew, or Russian? The choice is yours.

Speechify actually has an entirely free version, and even its Premium version offers a trial period to check the app out. Speechify was designed to help with reading disabilities, but it also eases the life of many individual users and professionals.

Bring your onboarding presentation to life and make it engaging and interactive instead of dumping a ton of text on your new employees. And did we mention that you can use Gwyneth Paltrow’s voice?


What are the best AI voice generators for your corporate training videos?

There are many great AI voice generators, but Speechify is rated #1 in this niche on App Store. 

How can corporate onboarding voice generating be used?

You can use it to create memorable training videos, tutorials, podcasts — any type of audio content, really.

Why use a voiceover generator?

A voiceover generator will surely make your onboarding experience easier for you and your employees. Many people have an echoic memory, meaning they’re more likely to remember the facts they hear over the ones they read.

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