Deep voice text to speech with Spotify

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Let's explore what Spotify's acquisition of Sonantic means for the future of text to speech technology. We'll also cover how apps like Speechify have made this service format more accessible.

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Deep voice text to speech with Spotify

Deep learning has transformed technology, offering high-quality voice generation solutions. Consequently, many companies have developed text to speech (TTS) programs that deliver natural sounding deep voices.

With the podcast giant Spotify announcing it has acquired Sonantic, a UK-based AI voice platform, other industry leaders may soon follow suit.

While machine learning can help big corporations expand their business, custom voices are available to everyone with internet access.

Let’s explore what Spotify’s acquisition of Sonantic means for the future of text to speech technology. We’ll also cover how apps like Speechify have made this service format more accessible.

Spotify and text to speech

Although Spotify is best-known as a podcasting and streaming giant, the company is looking to expand its reach by branching into AI voice generation. In 2022, the corporation announced it had acquired Sonantic, the startup responsible for restoring Val Kilmer’s voice in the Top Gun sequel.

Using an AI generator, Sonantic combined state-of-the-art speech synthesis and machine learning to recreate the Hollywood star’s voice. In 2014, Van Kilmer lost his voice due to throat cancer. However, thanks to Sonantic’s custom voice generator, the actor can take on new projects using a TTS desktop program.

Although Spotify hasn’t disclosed how it intends to use text to speech technology in its services, it will likely start with personalized recommendations and ads. One of the company’s recent implementations included audiobooks, so it may venture into AI narration and voiceovers. Since machine learning has become more sophisticated in the last decade, Spotify has the opportunity to produce countless natural-sounding voices to elevate the customer experience of its subscribers.

Speechify offers a variety of voices for TTS

Until recently, synthetic voices sounded stiff and robotic. However, thanks to advancements in speech recognition and e-learning, that’s no longer the case.

Apps like Speechify use cutting-edge practices to develop custom voice options for users. Moreover, they’ve made TTS voices more accessible and you don’t have to be an owner of a big company to use such software.

While some free web-based voice generators allow users to try up to 10 voices without a subscription, these options aren’t lifelike. However, with a Speechify subscription, you can enjoy multiple natural-sounding text to speech human voices.

Speechify’s innovative TTS format supports over 20 languages and 30 voices. If you want to listen to a gripping short story, you can choose a male narrator with a deep voice to set the mood.

Content creators can also benefit from Speechify’s voice generator. The AI-enabled voices sound like real-time voiceovers, so why not use them to optimize your YouTube videos or Spotify podcast? Instead of wasting time recording ad reads, select a compelling deep voice on the app and let it read the script aloud. The program uses SSML and API integrations to deliver unmatched service and top-grade synthetic voices.

Why it’s important to find a TTS voice you like

If you’re thinking about implementing TTS into your web page, finding a voice that aligns with your brand image is essential. You can test different male and female voices to see which fits best with your message. You can further customize the setting to adjust the pace and pitch, thus improving customer experience. 

Finding the perfect voice matters, even if you’re not a business owner trying to optimize your web presence.

Besides English, the program supports other languages, including Spanish, Italian, Hindu, Portuguese, and others. If you’re on the go, you can save the audio file on your Android or iOS device.

Male voice options

Speechify boasts one of the most extensive male voice libraries. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from:

  • Nate

  • Matthew

  • Simon

  • Michael

  • Harry

  • Erix

  • Winston

  • Russel

  • Craig

  • Eric

  • James

  • Hank

  • Neil

  • Alex

  • Daniel

  • Fred

  • Narrator

  • Bonus Voice: Mr. President (modeled after Barack Obama)

Matthew is the top choice for users who prefer American English. The deep voice has an authoritative edge perfect for articles or research papers.

Those who appreciate fluid speech can also try Nate, another American English voice. Compared to Matthew, this option has a higher pitch and is excellent for fun, lighthearted content.

The accent you choose significantly impacts your listening experience and you might find listening to British English more engaging and enjoyable. In that case, Harry is the way to go.

Remember, you don’t have to settle for one option. If you want to upload fictional stories to Spotify, use several high-quality voices from the above list to bring your story to life. Also, consider your target audience. Think about which voice they’ll respond to best.

How to get started with Speechify

Although Speechify is a text to speech platform and mobile app with advanced features, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Users can convert web pages, emails, PDFs, and Word docs into WAV files and voiceovers. You can access the free version without a subscription and play with the app’s useful features.

The program is compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft devices, and you can download it from the Google Play or Apple App store. The Google Chrome extension is also invaluable for optimizing web pages with TTS implementations.

Premium subscribers have access to the app’s most attractive features:

  • Support for more than 20 different languages

  • Importing and skipping options

  • Customizable reading speeds

  • Over 30 AI-enabled voices

  • Note-taking and markup tools

The above features are just a few reasons Speechify has become one of the most popular TTS apps. 

Furthermore, the program caters to users with neurodivergence-based conditions such as ADHD and dyslexia. All you have to do is import a Google doc or PDF file into the app and trust Speechify to deliver outstanding results.

Next Steps

With companies like Spotify interested in natural AI voice generators, we’ll likely see more TTS content in the next few years.

Whether you’re looking to produce a podcast or improve productivity for school or work, you’ll need a program with a reliable speech synthesis algorithm, and no app comes close to Speechify. Try it for free today and see how its features are changing the TTS industry.


What is the most realistic TTS voice?

Speechify has an extensive catalog of customizable realistic TTS voices. You can play with the pitch and tone to ensure the voices meet your needs.

What is the best TTS voice app?

Users agree that Speechify is among the best TTS voice apps due to its responsive interface, beginner-friendly features, and advanced options.

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