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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Dyslexia on June 27, 2022
What are the most effective dyslexia tools for writing? Take note of these technologies to help dyslexic people resolve their issues and become better writers.

    One of the biggest problems associated with dyslexia is that it causes writing difficulties. Affected individuals need help to overcome them, but what can they use?

    They can use a wide range of dyslexia writing tools.

    How does dyslexia create writing challenges?

    Children naturally struggle with writing and spelling. It’s no wonder, considering that most English words are irregular in some way.

    However, people with dyslexia have an even harder time spelling words for several reasons. They have trouble correctly ordering letters in specific words and may also write some words backward.

    Additionally, they might have difficulty linking sounds to the letters they represent and memorizing the relation.

    Since sufferers can’t grow out of this learning disability, they need powerful tools to achieve academic success.

    The tools for helping dyslexic people write

    Here are some of the best tools learners can use to write more easily both in school and at home:

    Text to speech readers

    Text to speech (TTS) readers are assistive learning allies that read text aloud. That’s why they’re also known as read-aloud technology.

    Smartphones, computers, and other digital devices use these technology tools to process words and turn them into recordings. It’s beneficial for children with dyslexia who have a hard time writing and spelling unfamiliar words.

    The audio quality is sometimes questionable, but if you choose a top-rated platform like Speechify, you won’t have this issue. This app has natural-sounding voices that make reading more immersive, whether you use it on Android, laptops, iPhones, iPads, or other iOS devices.

    As dyslexic learners listen to high-quality audio, they can focus on their writing only. They’re more likely to recognize and correct mistakes, allowing them to elevate their language skills when listening to Amazon Audible or Librivox audiobooks.

    Spell checkers

    Some spell checkers are specifically designed to help dyslexic persons improve their writing. They process phonics better than Microsoft Word and usually come with TTS for meanings and suggestions.

    The best feature of spell checkers is that they inform people with dyslexia about their accuracy. They provide detailed reports about spelling errors, telling the user what to focus on when proofreading and performing dictation assignments.

    Plus, users can add words to databases to expand their vocabulary and maximize precision. This is essential for ADHD, autism, and other learning disorders, not just dyslexia.

    Speech-to-text software

    Unlike TTS software, speech-to-text platforms enable people with dyslexia to control devices with their voices. This is perfect for alleviating this condition, as it allows the sufferers to improve their spelling through verbal communication.

    Speech-to-text software can help people with dyslexia in several ways.

    • Resolving spelling problems – Dyslexic people no longer need to generate the correct spelling of certain words themselves. Instead, they pronounce the words, and the app does the rest.
    • Sharpens focus – Speech-to-text apps enable users to concentrate on the content and organization of their documents rather than spelling or typing. Having more time to focus on other writing aspects can help improve overall language skills.
    • No distractions – With high-quality software doing most of the work, dyslexic kids can easily keep up with their thoughts. Typos and difficult words won’t distract them as long as they speak clearly and loudly.
    • Dictaphone functionality – Many platforms allow users to link their speech-to-text software to Dictaphones. This lets them transcribe their voice notes directly into documents on the PC or other devices.


    Smartpens is helpful dyslexia technology that allows users to take notes while recording classroom discussions or lectures. You need only tap your notes, and the program replays what it captured.

    Another remarkable feature of this learning tool is that it stores digital copies of notes that you can later transfer to your PC via USB. From there, you can search, listen to, or review them.

    This technology is ideal for dyslexic people who struggle to write because it eliminates the stress of simultaneously consuming information from multiple sources. It allows you to take notes while you write, so you’re no longer distracted. 

    Word prediction software

    Dyslexic learners with writing difficulties should also consider word prediction software. They prompt users with lists of possible word choices, depending on the vocabulary they previously entered.

    Some apps automatically collect words as you type them, so you don’t have to insert them into the database manually. Automatic collection removes most of the labor associated with these tools, enabling you to focus on your writing only.

    Word prediction apps are also popular among people with dyslexia because they let them hear words, sentences, and letters aloud as they enter them. Plus, they identify and correct phonetic or creative misspellings. These features are key to enhancing writing skills.

    But the most impressive part of this software is that it offers examples of easily confused homonyms and words. For instance, if you write “three,” and you want to check you’ve spelled the number correctly, your app can provide sample sentences for verification.

    Mind mapping

    Mind maps are an excellent way for dyslexic children to brainstorm their thoughts organically. They don’t have to worry about structure and order.

    Instead, they can visually structure their ideas and take notes on certain topics before they start writing. This gives them a sense of direction and lets them anticipate certain words.

    Mind maps are beneficial when planning longer written work. With everything organized beforehand, dyslexic individuals can maximize efficiency by reducing the number of words they need to write.


    Using multiple tools is highly recommended, but your primary technology for improving writing as a dyslexic person should be text to speech. Speechify is perfect for all your needs.

    You can utilize the app to turn any text into an audio file, making it easier to interpret. Whether you work with PDFs, Google Docs, or other sources, the platform lets you upload them within seconds. Once you’re ready to listen, you’ll enjoy an array of natural-sounding voices reading your content aloud.

    If you want to become a better writer with Speechify, try the app for free today.


    How can I help a dyslexic person write?

    You can help dyslexic persons write better with tools like TTS software, mind mapping, and spell checkers. Visual aids are also helpful.

    What color writing is best for dyslexia?

    Dark-colored text works best for teaching dyslexic students how to write.

    How do dyslexic students learn writing skills?

    Dyslexic students should have plenty of time to learn writing skills. Teachers should provide examples of good writing and let them replicate sentences one word at a time.

    What are the benefits of using dyslexia tools for writing?

    Assistive tools help save time when dealing with dyslexia. They also overcome various obstacles, like poor handwriting and slow note-taking.

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