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Want to read Elin Hilderbrand books but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Elin Hildebrand is a New York Times bestselling author of numerous romance novels. Born in Pennsylvania, she graduated from John Hopkins University with a major in Writing Seminars. In 1988, she earned her MFA after attending the University of Iowa writers’ workshop. Hilderbrand published her first novel, The Beach Club, in 2000. Here we’ll provide a short overview of Elin Hilderbrand’s novels.

Books by Elin Hilderbrand

The author Elin Hilderbrand has written several series of novels, along with standalone books. Here’s a list of her work.

Standalone books

  • The Beach Club (2000) - The novel follows the personal drama among employees at the exclusive Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel.
  • Nantucket Nights (2002) - In this book, we learn about the amazing connection between three friends: Kayla, Antoinette, and Val. After one of them dies, the surviving two friends discover life-changing secrets.
  • Summer People (2003) - Following their patriarch’s death, the Newton family retreats to their home in Nantucket, which becomes a place of shocking secrets, passion, and overwhelming emotions.
  • The Blue Bistro (2005) - Working at a Nantucket restaurant on the brink of closing, Adrienne falls in love with her boss Thatcher. However, he seems to have some kind of a relationship with his business partner and chef, Fiona.
  • The Love Season (2006) - During her visit to Nantucket, Renata Knox reaches out to her godmother Marguerite, whom she hasn’t seen in over 14 years. All in the hope of finding out information about her mother’s life and death.
  • Barefoot (2007) - Sisters Brenda and Vicky and their friend Melanie go to Nantucket for the summer, hoping to find solutions to their struggles in life.
  • The Island (2010) - After a canceled wedding, a family decides to stay on a remote island for the summer. They enjoy laughter and love but also uncover some shocking secrets.
  • Silver Girl (2011) - After her husband committed fraud, Meredith decides to visit the Nantucket mansion of her oldest friend. Old flames are rekindled, and she questions her current life and the life she could’ve had.
  • Summerland (2012) - Following a tragic car accident, questions start to arise regarding the events leading up to the incident.
  • Beautiful Day (2013) - Carmichaels and Grahams go to Nantucket for a wedding. While the bride and groom couldn’t be happier, we soon learn that this isn’t the case with their loved ones.
  • The Matchmaker (2014) - Matchmaker Dabney has to share painful secrets with her family after her own chance at love is jeopardized. With tragedy around the corner, she sets out to find a perfect match for her loved ones.
  • The Rumor (2015) - Grace and Madeline are best friends who love nothing more than gossip. When faced with the possibility of losing their happy lives, they try to make up for their mistakes.
  • Here's to Us (2016) - After chef Deacon Thorpe’s death, his loved ones gather on Nantucket to honor him. They remember the good times and discover some shocking secrets.
  • The Identicals (2017) - Although they’re estranged, identical twin sisters Tabitha and Harper are forced to connect after a family tragedy.
  • Golden Girl (2021) - Vivi dies in a car accident and is granted one summer to watch over her family from above and three chances to change the outcome of different events.
  • The Hotel Nantucket (2022) - After a bad breakup, Lizbet Keaton catches a break and gets the general manager position at Hotel Nantucket. Although the hotel seems like a paradise, it’s far from it.
  • The Five-Star Weekend (2023) - After a tragedy, Hollis decides to host a five-star weekend, i.e., a trip for her best friends from all phases of her life on Nantucket island.

Nantucket books

  • A Summer Affair (2008) - This a story of a woman who tries to juggle everything: her work, family, past and present loves, and social pressure,
  • The Castaways (2009) - Greg and Tess MacAvoy, pillars of the community, are killed in a tragic sailing accident. In due course, their loved ones discover the shocking truth related to their lives and deaths.
  • The Perfect Couple (2018) - The Otis-Winbury was supposed to be the social event of the year. But after a body is discovered a few hours before the ceremony, all the guests become suspects.

The Winter series

  • Winter Street (2014) - The first book deals with a Quinn family holiday gathering that’s filled with drama. Kelley Quinn owns the Winter Street Inn and is a father of four children whose lives are a mess.
  • Winter Stroll / Christmas on Nantucket (2015) - The Quinns return to Nantucket for Christmas, having lots to celebrate. However, the gathering quickly turns into chaos.
  • Winter Storms (2016) - While the Quinn family members try to put their lives back together, a blizzard threatens to keep them from their favorite place.
  • Winter Solstice (2017) - The last gathering of the Quinn family is filled with new opportunities and teary goodbyes.

The Paradise series

  • Winter in Paradise (2018) - Irene Steele’s life is turned upside down after receiving a phone call about her husband’s death on St. John’s. On arrival in the Caribbean paradise, Irene discovers her husband’s secret life.
  • What Happens in Paradise (2019) - One year after her husband’s death, Irene and her sons return to St. John to learn more about his past.
  • Troubles in Paradise (2020) - Irene and her sons discover that there’s a chance Russ’ death wasn’t an accident.

28 Summers books

  • 28 Summers (2020) - On her deathbed, Mallory Blessings instructs her son to call the number written on a piece of paper in her desk. He’s shocked when he learns who’s on the other end of the phone.
  • The Sixth Wedding (2021) - The sequel tells the stories of all the characters many years later. It’s filled with secrets, shock, and deception.

The Summer series

  • Summer of ‘69 (2019) - This historical novel focuses on the Foley-Levin during the summer of 1969. All family members lead their own busy lives, not realizing this summer will change their lives forever.
  • Summer of ‘79 (2020) - Ten years after one summer changed everything, we catch up with Blair, Kirby, and Jessie.

You should also explore short stories like The Tailgate, Endless Summer, and The Surfing Lesson.

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What is considered Elin Hilderbrand's best book?

Many consider Summer of ‘69 her best book.

What is Elin Hilderbrand's new book called?

Her new book is called The Five-Star Weekend.

Who is Elin Hilderbrand's publisher?

Elen Hilderbrand’s publisher is Little, Brown and Company.

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