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The top female text to speech voices

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There are a multitude of text-to-speech apps that you can use online. Searching Google will show you hundreds of results but we've curated only the top 5.

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Female Text-To-Speech Voices

If you are looking for apps that can convert text files into audio files, then you need to explore Speechify. This is a program that has a high-quality API that is great for e-learning. One of the top benefits of this program is that you had multiple options for your voiceover speech synthesis. The custom voice options are amazing, and you can access a variety of natural-sounding voices on a variety of platforms.

Experience Female TTS Voices

If you want to experience some amazing TTS voices, then you need to put Speechify to work for you. This is a free text-to-speech program that comes with premium features at affordable pricing levels. There are plenty of lifelike, human voices available through this program. 

This is a program that you can access through your mobile app and on a desktop or laptop computer. You have plenty of natural-sounding text-to-speech options that will talk to you in real-time. One of the most important speech tools you have is the option to switch the voice.

You are in total control of the speech output that comes from this program. All you need to do is paste your text into the box. Then, thanks to the strong SaaS capabilities of the program, you can change the speech in real-time.

All you need to do is click on the person icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you can switch the voice to meet different use cases.

If you decide to increase your subscription level, you may get access to more voices. Once you find a voice that you like, you can save it in either a WAV or MP3 file format. 

Some of the most popular voices from Speechify that people love include:

Emma (American English)

If you are looking for a voice that sounds like an adult female, then you will be interested in Emma. This is a very clear voice that people often use to read stories, news articles, and research papers for themselves.

After you put your text in the box, you need to click on the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like a person speaking. Then, scroll down until you find Emma, and click play. You will hear a very clear, slightly deeper voice read the text to you. You should not have any trouble understanding what she is saying.

Salli (American English)

Another very popular voice from this speech service is Salli. Salli has a voice that is slightly higher. You will not have any trouble understanding what she is saying, but it might sound like a middle school girl, a teenager, or a young adult.

If you are looking for a slightly higher-pitched voice that can read your text to you, this might be the voice that you want to choose. Even though the voice is higher pitched, you can still select this voice to read very serious text back to you. 

Stephanie (British English)

One of the major advantages of Speechify is that you can listen to your text in multiple languages and accents. For example, you might be interested in having something read to you in British English.

If that is the case, you should go with Stephanie. Stephanie has a very natural-sounding voice that can detect the context of different words, creating a very clear speech flow for you. You will immediately notice the differences in pronunciation when comparing this voice to the American English voices. If you need a British accent, this could be the best female voice for you to choose. 

Ananya (Indian English)

There are plenty of other accents in the English language. For a long time, India was under the control of the British Empire, so there is a distinct Indian accent to the English language as well. If you find yourself needing an Indian English accent, you should select Ananya. You can find this voice by clicking on the person icon and scrolling down until you find her name.

Even though some people have a difficult time understanding the Indian accent, you will immediately notice that this is an HD, high-quality voice. You should not have any trouble understanding her, and her accent could give you the vibe or feel you are looking for in your text. 

These are just a few of the many voice options available. Keep in mind that you also have plenty of male voices as well. You can customize your listening experience to meet your needs. Play around with the voices to see what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the most common questions that people ask include:

What is the most realistic text to speech?

Without a doubt, the most realistic TTS voices are on Speechify. This is a program that is compatible with a wide variety of platforms, including Microsoft, Android, Google Chrome, and plenty of other platforms.

What is the most popular text-to-speech voice?

Without a doubt, the most popular TTS voices are found on Speechify. Even though there are plenty of English voices, this is a program that can handle other languages as well. Examples include Swedish, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and even Portuguese.

How do I use different voices for text-to-speech?

If you want to take advantage of different voices for natural-sounding speech, all you need to do is enter your text into the box on Speechify. Then, hit play, and you should hear the AI voice speak to you. If you click on the person icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you can select different voice options from the voice generator.

Is there a text-to-speech that sounds natural?

Yes! The customer experience on Speechify is exceptional. The voices even sound like your favorite podcasts and audiobooks!

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