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How to Dub all of your Instagram Videos

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    Navigating the realm of social media, especially platforms like Instagram, can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the introduction of Instagram reels, video...

    Navigating the realm of social media, especially platforms like Instagram, can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the introduction of Instagram reels, video content is soaring to new heights. As you scroll through your Instagram feed or watch those short videos on TikTok, you'll notice a trend: dubbed videos. These are videos where the original audio has been replaced or supplemented by a new voiceover, sound effects, or music. Here's a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help beginners get started with dubbing their Instagram videos.

    1. How do you add music to multiple Instagram posts?

    • Open the Instagram app.
    • Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and select "Story" or "Reel."
    • Record a new video or upload from your camera roll.
    • Once done, click on the music note icon at the top of the screen.
    • Search for your desired song and drag to choose the exact part you want.
    • Complete your post. The same song can be used across multiple video posts by repeating these steps.

    2. How do you change the voice on Instagram videos?

    Instagram currently doesn’t have a native feature for voiceovers. However, you can use external video editing tools on your iPhone or Android to record a new voice before uploading to Instagram.

    3. How do you get all the audio on Instagram?

    To use a full audio clip, especially in Instagram reels, tap on the "original audio" label at the bottom of the video you're viewing. From there, you can use the entire audio by hitting the "Use Audio" button.

    4. How do you use whole audio on Instagram reel?

    After recording or uploading your video, tap the music note icon. Choose your song and rather than dragging to select a part, let the entire song play for your video's duration.

    5. How to download audio from Instagram?

    Due to copyright issues, downloading audio directly from Instagram isn’t straightforward. However, there are third-party apps and websites that can assist. Always ensure you have the right permissions before using someone else's content.

    6. How to add a voice to your Instagram videos?

    • Record your voice using your phone's voice memo feature.
    • Use a video editor to merge the original video and your recorded voice.
    • Upload the video to your Instagram stories, feed, or reels.

    7. How to dub the sound from Instagram?

    Dubbing means replacing the original audio. This can be done using video editing apps. Once you’ve extracted the desired audio, use a video editor to sync this with your video.

    8. How do you dub videos on Instagram?

    To dub a video means to add a new voiceover or audio. This can't be done directly on Instagram. You'd need a third-party video editor. Once dubbed, the new video can be uploaded.

    9. How do you dub an Instagram video?

    By using video editing tools on your iPhone or Android, you can overlay a voiceover, sound effects, or music onto an original video. Post the dubbed content to Instagram thereafter.

    Top 8 Software or Apps for Dubbing and Video Editing:

    1. InShot - A user-friendly video editor with various templates and stickers. Available for both iOS and Android. Contains sound effects and music options.
    2. KineMaster - Offers a range of editing tools, from text to speech to high-quality sound effects. Pricing varies, but it's available on both iOS and Android.
    3. FilmoraGo - A robust video editor with tutorials available. Features include adding subtitles and music.
    4. Adobe Premiere Rush - Perfect for creating high-quality Instagram videos and stories. User-friendly interface suitable for beginners. Pricing varies.
    5. CapCut - A free video editor, offering features like dubbing and adding subtitles. It's available on both iPhone and Android.
    6. VideoLeap - Exclusive for iOS. It offers powerful video editing tools, including voiceovers and sound effects.
    7. VivaVideo - Available for both platforms, it comes with templates and tools for video content, including dubbing.
    8. Quik - Developed by GoPro, it's a free app suitable for quick edits and creating Instagram stories.
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