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How Speechify outperforms WellSaid Labs: A side-by-side comparison of AI voice over platforms

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Explore the differences between Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs’ AI voice over capabilities.

How Speechify outperforms WellSaid Labs: A side-by-side comparison of AI voice over platforms

In the ever-evolving world of AI voice and text to speech technology, content creators, whether they're developing e-learning modules, crafting podcasts, or producing YouTube videos, are constantly on the hunt for the perfect voice over solution. Two giants in this space, Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs Voice Over, have been vying for the attention of these creators, each promising exceptional audio experiences. This article dives deep into the features and functionalities of both platforms, helping podcasters, educators, and videographers determine which is the best fit for their unique needs.

How Speechify Voice Over Studio works

Speechify Voice Over Studio's AI voice generator uses artificial intelligence, speech synthesis, and machine learning, to craft synthetic voices that sound like human voices. Users can simply upload their text, select their preferred voice avatar from a wide array of voice styles, and receive audio files, typically in user-friendly formats like WAV, which are perfect for video editing or audiobooks voice overs. Additionally, Speechify Voice Over Studio offers voice cloning, allowing voice actors or other creators to create a custom voice by cloning their own voice.

How WellSaid Labs Voice Over works

WellSaid Studio relies on deep learning algorithms that analyze countless hours of human voice data. This data is then used to craft realistic voice styles, ranging from a calm female voice to an energetic male narrator. The platform is user-friendly, allowing content creators to simply input their text and select a voice to create voice overs for any project.

Speechify Voice Over Studio vs. WellSaidLabs Voice Over: An in-depth comparison

In recent years, text to speech software has evolved, integrating the prowess of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has given birth to high-quality, natural-sounding voices that can be utilized across various platforms. Among the frontrunners in this domain are Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaidLabs Voice Over. Here's a comparison to discern which might be the best text to speech solution for your voice over needs.

Annual cost

In today's economy, pricing plays a pivotal role for businesses and individuals alike. Speechify Voice Over Studio, with its $288 annual fee for its lowest premium tier, offers a competitive edge not just in terms of cos, but also the value provided. Considering its feature set, the pricing reflects a high-quality voice over solution that's economical.

Contrastingly, WellSaid Labs, priced at $529, may seem steep, especially for businesses or content creators who are just venturing into voice over projects.

Instant feedback and real-time edits

In our modern, rapid-content-consumption age, speed and efficiency are paramount. Podcasters and audiobook creators often operate on tight schedules. For them, Speechify Voice Over Studio's real-time feedback offers a massive advantage, streamlining the voice over editing process. WellSaid Labs, not having this feature, might pose a challenge for those who thrive on instantaneity.

Control over voice attributes

The soul of any voice over lies in its authenticity. The more lifelike and natural the AI-generated voice sounds, the more immersive the experience. Speechify Voice Over Studio capitalizes on this by providing intricate controls down to the word level. Whether it's altering the pitch, manipulating pauses, or tweaking pronunciation, users have the reins. Unfortunately, WellSaid Labs falls short here, potentially affecting the final voice over's finesse.

Natural-sounding voice range

Versatility in voice avatars ensures content resonates with a varied audience. Both platforms shine here, boasting 60+ different voices. This plethora of choices means that a YouTube video creator or an e-learning tutorial maker has ample options to find that perfect voice match, enhancing user engagement. However, Speechify Voice Over Studio’s 200+ high-quality voices produce such natural-sounding speech that the humanlike voices are practically indistinguishable from real-life voice actors, giving the platform a slight edge over WellSaid Labs.

Language and accent diversity

In our globalized world, content reaches all corners. Both Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs cater to this global outreach by supporting 20+ languages and accents, including English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, French, and so many more. This ensures whether your target audience is in Latin America, Asia, or Europe, there's a voice that speaks their language and resonates with them.

Audio processing speed

Time constraints often bind creators. Here, Speechify Voice Over Studio takes the lead with its rapid audio processing, ensuring creators get their content ready without unnecessary waits. On the other hand, slower processing from WellSaid Labs might become a bottleneck, especially during crunch times.

Advanced editing features

Professional content creation demands precision. Speechify Voice Over Studio's advanced audio timeline is a testament to this, enabling exact placements and fine-tuning, ensuring the final product is polished. The absence of this in WellSaid Labs could pose challenges for those obsessed with precision.

Voice generation capacity

Volume matters, especially for those consistently churning out content. Speechify Voice Over Studio's generous 50 hours per user yearly ensures creators never feel restricted. WellSaid Labs' 24 hours, while significant, might seem limiting for power users.

Download capacities

The freedom to download without counting ticks is liberating. Speechify Voice Over Studio's unlimited downloads cater to the voracious creators, ensuring no cap disrupts their flow. In contrast, the 750 download limit on WellSaid Labs might need careful rationing, especially towards the year-end.

Licensing and soundtracks

Background soundtracks elevate voice overs, adding depth and mood. With 8000+ licensed tracks, Speechify Voice Over Studio allows creators to find the perfect accompaniment, enhancing the overall auditory experience. WellSaid Labs is quite limited in regards to soundtracks.

Commercial usage rights

Monetizing content is often the end goal, so ensuring you’re creating content that’s allowed to be used for commercial use is imperative. Both platforms, recognizing the commercial aspirations of their users, provide essential commercial usage rights. This means creators can monetize without worrying about royalties or infringements.

Customer support

In a tech-driven arena, issues can arise. Here, the robustness of support defines user experience. Speechify Voice Over Studio's round-the-clock phone, chat, and email support ensures users are never left in the lurch. WellSaid Labs, while offering chat and email, might leave some users wanting more immediate responses that a phone line offers.

Free trials

Both Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs allow beginner creators and professional content creators to try out their offerings through free plans. Providing free versions highlights their confidence in their respective offerings but also underscores a commitment to user accessibility and satisfaction. By allowing individuals to test out their text to speech voices without any financial commitment, both Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs demonstrate a keen understanding of modern user preferences and the importance of trust in the competitive world of video editing software.

Speechify Voice Over Studio - #1 AI voice over tool

Given the growing world of AI technology, both Speechify Voice Over Studio and WellSaid Labs offer robust text to speech voice over solutions. However, for those prioritizing cost-efficiency, real-time feedback, advanced editing, and comprehensive customer support, Speechify Voice Over is the best AI voice over tool. Try Speechify Voice Over Studio for free today and experience first-hand how it can level up your projects.


What is the best text to speech software?

While there are many TTS options, including Amazon Polly, LOVO,, NaturalReader, WellSaid Labs, TTSReader, Read Aloud, and, Speechify offers some of the most lifelike voices on the market. Additionally, Speechify, whether through its website, Chrome extension, or mobile app, can read any physical or digital text aloud, including social media posts, emails, scanned documents, study guides, webpages, and so much more.

How do text to speech tools help those with disabilities?

AI text to speech (TTS) tools, such as Speechify, assist individuals with ADHD, vision impairments, dyslexia, and other disabilities by converting written content into audible speech, enhancing comprehension and accessibility.

Is there an app for Speechify Voice Over Studio?

While Speechify Voice Over Studio does not have a mobile app, it’s web-based, meaning it can be accessed from any device, including Microsoft, Android, IOS, Linux, and Mac devices.

Why is it good to transcribe videos?

Transcription of videos enhances accessibility, searchability, and comprehension by providing a written record of spoken content.

What is a voice changer?

A voice changer is a software or device that alters a person's voice by changing its pitch, modulation, or other attributes, often used for entertainment, privacy, or security purposes.

Is it Well Said Labs or WellSaid Labs?

The correct spelling is WellSaid Labs.

Can I use the Speechify API?

Yes, visit for more information and pricing.

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Cliff Weitzman

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