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How to cancel Audible easily

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Audible is a popular audio-book tool that many people enjoy. However, if you'd like to cancel your subscription, we will walk you through the steps to take.

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There are a lot of people who enjoy having an Audible membership because it gives them access to a wide variety of audiobooks that they can listen to; however, if you have had enough of your Audible account, you might be wondering how to cancel your membership through your Audible account details. Learn more about what you need to do to cancel membership with Audible.

About Audible

If you have an Audible account, you get access to numerous features. You can listen to some of the top audible books on the market through crystal-clear audio files. You also get access to a huge library on, with new titles added all the time.

On the other hand, you might not feel like you are getting enough use out of the program. If you take a look at the Audible website for your membership details, you might be frustrated if the cost goes up, and you might not like it if the customer service team is not that responsive to you. The good news is that you can cancel your Audible membership as well.

Canceling your Audible subscription is usually straightforward

Similar to canceling your Amazon account on Amazon Prime, canceling your Audible account is usually easy. It usually takes about three or four steps, but the exact number of steps will depend on the payment method you use and the platform through which you cancel your account.

The good news is that canceling your Audible account usually doesn’t take any more than a few minutes. At the same time, if you want to cancel Audible membership, it is helpful to take a look at the exact steps you need to follow.

Cancel Audible on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the steps you need to follow include:

  • Open the settings section of your iPhone.
  • Type in your name and log in using your Apple ID.
  • Tap the subscriptions drop-down menu.
  • Then, find the section for Audible, and hit the button to cancel the subscription.

This is where the subscriptions button is located under your Apple ID. From here, click the subscriptions button, find Audible, and hit the cancel subscription button. The button to cancel your subscription will be in red text.

Cancel Audible on iPad

To cancel Audible on iPad, the steps are the same as canceling the Audible app on iPhone. The process is the same for all iOS devices.

Cancel Audible on Android

If you want to continue canceling Audible on your Android device, there are a few steps to follow. They include:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or device.
  • You should see your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Open the profile menu, and select the option for payments and subscriptions.
  • Select the subscriptions option, and find Audible on the list.
  • Finally, cancel the subscription by clicking the button.

Cancel Audible on the desktop version

If you want to cancel Audible using your web browser, the process is very easy. The steps include:

  • First, you need to log in to your Audible account.
  • Then, go to the Account Details section.
  • There, select the option to view your membership details.
  • From there, simply click the “cancel membership” button and follow the instructions on the page.

You should get a confirmation email letting you know that your membership has been canceled. 

Cancel over email

If you are having trouble canceling your Audible premium plus or regular Audible subscription using your account information on the account details page, you should send Audible an email asking you to cancel it instead.

Here is a sample email:

“Dear Audible,
My name is XXX, and my username is XXX. I am writing to cancel my Audible subscription effectively immediately. Please send me a confirmation email confirming my cancellation.


Notice that the email does not need to be long or complicated. You should receive a confirmation email canceling your Audible audiobooks subscription after a few days, but to make sure that you are not charged again, you might want to contact your credit card company or bank to issue a stop payment on the recurring charges.

Cancel with Do Not Pay

If you are still having trouble with the cancel membership button or the cancellation process, you might want to use an app called Do Not Pay to help you. This is an app that helps you find hidden sources of free money by canceling subscriptions that you no longer want to use.

You can access this app in just about any web browser, and you simply need to click the button to find hidden money. 

Then, you simply need to select Audible as the subscription that you want to finish canceling. The program has already worked well for countless people.

How to verify Audible has been canceled

If you want to make sure that the app has been canceled, you should start by heading to Audible on either your desktop or mobile device. Then, go to the homepage and log in to your account. You can take a look at your account details from there and confirm that you are no longer being charged for the subscription.

You can also take a look at your credit card or bank statement to see when Audible usually charges you. If you do not see a new charge on the same day this month, then your account has been canceled. Of course, you should get a confirmation email after the process is done.

How to still read Audiobooks after canceling Audible

After you cancel your monthly subscription service to Audible and have used up your remaining credits, you might be wondering how to still enjoy audiobooks without a Kindle service. If your unused credits are gone, you can look at other options like text-to-speech to help you.

This is a program that will take any text on the screen and convert it into a beautiful podcast or audiobook on your behalf. You can even paste entire books into the box on Speechify, or upload files of all types, including from Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Speechify is the best program for converting text into speech. Some of the top benefits you will enjoy include:

  • You can customize the voice to meet your needs. You are in control of the reading speed, pitch, tone, and volume.
  • You can follow along with the program as it highlights the text you read. This is great for people with disabilities.
  • You also get access to instant translation features with the premium version.
  • The voices all sound very human and lifelike. They are crystal clear, HD, high-quality voices.

There is a free version and a premium version available. You can try a free trial of the premium version before signing up for the whole thing. Learn more about pricing options here. Speechify is the best way to listen to audiobooks after canceling Audible.

Top reasons people cancel Audible

Some of the reasons to cancel Audible include:

  • The library is not as good anymore.
  • The customer service team is poor.
  • The subscription is too expensive.
  • You would rather use Speechify.

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