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Cancel Libby Library App

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Cancel Libby and create your audiobooks with Speechify.

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Cancel Libby Library App

Digital media consumers were excited to have a one stop library “shop” to access audiobooks, ebooks, and other digital content provided by their public library. Simply type in your library card number and enroll through your library, and you have seemingly endless content at your fingertips. 

It has been touted as the best way for accessing ebooks, audiobooks, and other online media from the public library. Read an ebook and bookmark your favorite pages for later.

But users are finding increasingly more ways to access digital content and convert physical content into digital content for online and on the go. 

How to Cancel Libby

Every excited reader knows the frustration of logging into the Libby app to search that one audiobook that has been set to release for months only to find that there are fifty people in line waiting for the same item. 

If you’re tired of waiting, it may be time to cancel Libby and turn to a different way of consuming content. 

What is Libby?

Libby is the redesigned, fresh face of overdrive, the “orginal” one stop shop for econtent. Its bright and cheery interface will completely replace the more industrial, outdated overdrive app on android, iphone, apple app store, and overdrive websites by the end of 2022. 

Where are settings in Libby app? Users can easily adjust the app appearance to their preference by clicking the menu icon at the bottom center of the screen to access Settings under Help and Support. 

It’s not only a digital library resource but also a place to pay user fines, see your holds, and renew your materials.  

Users can download the Libby app for iOS devices, Android devices, Amazon Fire tablets, Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks through:

  • Apple App Store 

  • Google Play 

  • OverDrive, the developers of Libby 


Have a Problem with Libby? Report Issues

Users experiencing problems with any of the content in the Libby database can ask questions in the search bar. Examples of questions you can ask in Libby help section are: How do I change my Libby password? What is Libby’s customer support phone number? How do I add items to my Libby library?

To report a problem, users will need to click the menu icon and go the Help section in the Libby App, type “Report an Issue” in the search bar, and then click “Ask our support team” in order to report an issue with the app. 

Cancel and Delete Libby

To cancel and delete Libby for any reason, it’s as simple as removing your library card from the account and/or resetting the app. 

The first step for any device is to remove all the Libby data. 

To do so: 

  1. You can navigate to the Help section. 

  2. Select “Get some help”. 

  3. Then select “Reset everything”. This will remove all user content from the device. 

How to Cancel Libby on your iPhone or iPad

How do I delete Libby?

To cancel Libby on your iOS device 

  1. Sign into your device using your apple id.

  2. Navigate to the home screen. 

  3. Tap and hold the Libby icon. 

  4. Select “Remove app” to delete it from the device. 

How to Cancel Libby on your Android device

If you’re asking, “How do I uninstall Libby app?”, the answer is simple. 

To uninstall Libby on your Android device: 

  1. Simply tap and hold the icon until the “uninstall” option appears above.

  2. Then, drag and drop the Libby icon into the trash can. 

How to Cancel Libby on a Mac computer

If you want to remove Libby from your Mac computer:

  1. Use the Finder to locate Libby. 

  2. Click and drag the Libby app to the trash. 

  3. Be sure to empty your trash can to ensure all of the app data is removed. 

How to Cancel Libby on Paypal

Users may ask, “How do I remove a credit card from Libby?” Paypal makes it easy. 

  1. First, sign into your Paypal Account.

  2. Click “Settings”.

  3. Navigate to Payments > Manage Automatic Payments.

  4. Select “Libby, by OverDrive”.

  5. Select “Cancel”.

Libby Alternative: Speechify

Content consumers who are tired of waiting for their favorite books, audiobooks, ebooks, and more may want to consider Speechify. It’s a TTS and OCR app that will translate any text into Speech.

App users can turn their favorite novel into an audiobook by taking a picture of each page and allowing Speechify’s natural sounding, human-like voices to read it back to them in any speed they prefer. 

Speechify can also read web pages, email, ebooks, and more using text-to-speech technology. 

How Speechify is different from Libby

Speechify and Libby are different because Speechify is virtually limitless. Libby’s available content is determined by factors like Library funds, popularity, how many people are on the wait list, and how many copies are available.

With Speechify, if you have permission to download content and save it as a PDF document, you can create an audiobook to listen on the go. You can turn blog posts into podcasts or complete homework assignments in half the time by increasing your listening speed.


  • Where is the Libby menu button?

Libby’s menu button is located at the bottom center of the screen represented by three parallel horizontal lines. 

  • How do I log into my Libby account?

To log into your Libby account, you only need to enter your library card number. 

  • What does suspending a library hold do?

If you are waiting on too many books at once, you can suspend a hold so you can wait to download the title until you’re ready to read it. 

  • What are the Libby app settings?

The Libby app settings allow you to adjust the appearance of the app to your preference. 

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