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Intro to Converting PowerPoint to Video: Unleash the True Potential of Your Slides

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In today's digital age, presentations are not just confined to boardrooms or classrooms. With the increasing popularity of video content on social media...

In today's digital age, presentations are not just confined to boardrooms or classrooms. With the increasing popularity of video content on social media and tutorial platforms, converting a PowerPoint presentation into a video format is more crucial than ever.

Microsoft PowerPoint, a primary tool for many to create slide shows, has functionalities that go beyond static slides. Whether you're using PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, or any other version of PowerPoint, transforming your PPT or PPTX file into a video can give your content a dynamic edge, reaching audiences across various platforms.

This article dives deep into the 'why' and 'how' of this conversion process, guiding you step-by-step to ensure your presentations truly shine in their new format.

Why Convert a PowerPoint to a Video Format?

The power of video cannot be understated. With the ability to integrate transitions, animations, voiceovers, and narrations, converting your PowerPoint slides into a video can enhance engagement, improve retention, and increase accessibility. Videos offer:

  1. Ease of Sharing: Upload your content effortlessly to social media platforms or video sharing sites, expanding your reach.
  2. Increased Engagement: Animations, narrations, and transitions come alive, making the content more interactive.
  3. Flexibility in Playback: Pause, rewind, or skip sections as needed, enhancing user experience.

Turning Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation: Open your desired Microsoft PowerPoint file and ensure all powerpoint slides, templates, and narrations are finalized.
  2. Navigation: Click on the 'file tab' at the top left.
  3. Export Options: In the drop-down menu, navigate to 'select export'.
  4. Choose Video Format: Opt for the 'create a video' choice. Here, you can adjust video quality settings from low quality to ultra HD, set the amount of time for each slide's display, and decide if you want to use recorded timings and narrations.
  5. Saving the File: Click 'Save As', designate a file name, select the desired video file format (WMV for Windows and MOV for Mac, or MP4 for universal compatibility), and begin the conversion process.

Converting PowerPoint to MP4 Video on Windows & macOS

MP4, or MPEG-4 video, is a universally compatible format, ideal for sharing across different platforms. To save PowerPoint presentations in this format, simply follow the steps listed above, but when selecting a file format, choose MP4.

Slide Capacity in a PowerPoint Video

Technically, there's no strict limit on the number of slides in a PowerPoint video. However, keep in mind that more slides can increase the file size, potentially impacting the video quality and download/upload speeds.

Specific Platform Instructions

For Mac Users

To convert a PowerPoint presentation to video on Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac has a native export feature. You'll select 'QuickTime' as the format for smooth playback on Apple devices.

On Windows

Opt for the '.wmv' (Windows Media Video) for best compatibility.

For macOS

'QuickTime' or '.mov' format is most suitable, ensuring smooth playback on Apple devices like iPhones.

In summary, converting a PowerPoint presentation to a video format not only enhances the versatility of your content but also aligns with the current digital content consumption trends.

Whether you're looking to publish a tutorial, share a project on video platforms, or present on-the-go, transforming your slides into a video is the way forward.

Top 9 PowerPoint to Video Converters

1. iSpring River

iSpring River is a powerful add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint that seamlessly integrates with the software. It allows you to save PowerPoint presentations as high-quality videos ready for uploading to social media or video sharing platforms. With support for all transitions, animations, and voiceovers, your slide show can be transformed into a dynamic video presentation.

Top 5 iSpring River Features:

  1. Direct integration with PowerPoint.
  2. Supports all PowerPoint effects.
  3. Option to record voiceover and synchronize it with slides.
  4. Multiple video format output including MP4, WMV, and MOV.
  5. High-quality and ultra HD video output.

Cost: $67/year

2. Camtasia

Camtasia isn't just a screen recording software. It allows you to import PPTX files directly and convert them into engaging video tutorials. The added advantage is its editing suite, which is incredibly robust, allowing you to add effects, trim, and enhance your video post conversion.

Top 5 Camtasia Features:

  1. Direct PPTX file import.
  2. Comprehensive video editing suite.
  3. Interactive elements addition like quizzes.
  4. Multiple video outputs including MP4, WMV, and MOV.
  5. Green screen effect for video overlay.

Cost: $249 (one-time fee)

3. Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Movavi offers a dedicated tool to convert PPT files into various video formats. Its user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free conversion process without compromising on video quality.

Top 5 Movavi Features:

  1. Simple drag-and-drop interface.
  2. Supports transitions and animations from PowerPoint.
  3. Option to save powerpoint with voiceover narration.
  4. Multiple video output formats.
  5. Automatic adjustment of file size for specific platforms.

Cost: $49.95 (one-time fee)

4. Wondershare PPT2Video Pro

This converter from Wondershare is tailored for professionals looking to turn their PowerPoint presentations into a video format suitable for business. It ensures that animations, transitions, sounds, video clips, and even narrations are retained during conversion.

Top 5 Wondershare PPT2Video Pro Features:

  1. Batch converts up to 12 PowerPoint files.
  2. Over 130 preset output profiles.
  3. Retains all original elements.
  4. Fast conversion process.
  5. Supports PowerPoint 2010.

Cost: $49.95 (one-time fee)

5. Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter

Xilisoft offers a straightforward solution to convert PPTs to videos without needing PowerPoint installed on your computer. It supports most versions of PowerPoint and provides a wide range of output video formats.

Top 5 Xilsoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Features:

  1. Supports various PowerPoint versions, including PowerPoint 2013.
  2. No need for Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed.
  3. Retains animations, transitions, and sounds.
  4. Batch conversion support.
  5. HD video output option.

Cost: $49.95 (Standard version), $79.95 (Pro version)

6. Aiseesoft PPT to Video Converter

Aiseesoft provides a tool that's easy for beginners to navigate. It allows the user to convert, burn, and customize the PPT files for the desired video output.

Top 5 Aiseesoft Features:

  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Supports PPT, PPTX, PPTM, PPSX, PPS, etc.
  3. Add watermark, adjust video effect, and more.
  4. Batch conversion.
  5. Multiple video outputs.

Cost: $39.20 (one-time fee)

7. ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to Video

ImTOO's converter is a comprehensive tool that doesn't require PowerPoint to function. It's versatile, catering to both beginners and professionals.

Top 5 ImToo Features:

  1. Compatible with different versions of PowerPoint.
  2. Record presentation narrations and sounds.
  3. Add watermark and adjust video parameters.
  4. HD video output.
  5. Batch conversion support.

Cost: $49.95 (one-time fee)

8. DigitalOfficePro's PowerVideoMaker

PowerVideoMaker specializes in retaining the original look and feel of your PowerPoint presentation during the conversion process, ensuring no element is left behind.

Top 5 DigitalOfficePro Features:

  1. Retains every PowerPoint element.
  2. Direct convert PPT to video file format.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. High-quality video output.
  5. Efficient conversion process.

Cost: $149.95 (Professional version)

9. RZ PowerPoint Converter

RZ's offering is a simple tool that provides reliable PowerPoint to video conversion, ensuring your presentations are ready for any platform.

Top 5 RZ PowerPoint Converter Features:

  1. Support for all versions of PowerPoint.
  2. Retains all elements like animations, transitions, and sounds.
  3. High-quality video output.
  4. Batch conversion support.
  5. User-friendly interface.

Cost: $49.95 (one-time fee)

Choosing the right PowerPoint to video converter depends on your requirements and budget. These tools offer a diverse range of functionalities and capabilities, ensuring there's something suitable for everyone. Whether you're creating content for a tutorial, social media, or business presentation, these apps ensure your content retains its original flair and engages your audience in its new video format.


How do I turn a PowerPoint into a video File?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial above under "How to Convert PowerPoint to Video."

How do I convert a PowerPoint to MP4?

After clicking "Create a Video" in the Export menu, select MPEG-4 video before you save.

How do I save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow?

Go to File > Save As > Choose a location > From the drop-down menu, select PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx).

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