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11 perfect jobs for people who love to read

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Bibliophiles on June 26, 2022
Love reading? Obsessed with it? Here are 11 PERFECT jobs for people who love to read.

    Do you love sitting down with a good book? Are you speeding through the latest novels the day they land on the shelves?

    Spending hours with your favorite reads at home is a great use of your time, but what if you could get paid while being surrounded by your favorites all day?

    There are many jobs you can do that help you stay close to your favorite hobby and make it into a career. Whether you love learning new things or want to dive into a deep romance, one of these jobs could be the right one for you.

    1. Working as a librarian

    One of the first jobs that you could try as someone who enjoys reading is becoming a librarian. This job makes you responsible for handling books and deciding if you want to add or remove titles in the library’s collection.

    You may not read many words per day unless you choose to do so in your downtime or have to assess a new book, but on heavy reading days, you could deal with eye strain or fatigue. That’s something to keep in mind, since most librarians work eight-hour days (or longer).

    2. Becoming a copy editor

    If you love to read the newest books and papers, becoming a copy editor could be a good job for you. People who love to read tend to make good copy editors, because they know what an audience wants.

    Copy editors need to have sharp attention to detail, so even if you only read a few thousand words a day (the average is $4,000 per hour), you have to have a tight focus on grammar and syntax.

    3. Being an English teacher

    English teachers read almost constantly with their students. They know the ins and outs of grammar and syntax, and they read term papers, poetry and other content produced by their students. Many English teachers work eight-to-ten-hour days and take assignments home with them to grade.

    4. Becoming a book reviewer

    There’s plenty of reading to do as a book reviewer. You could read for eight hours a day and still not finish the books that have come in. You’ll also have to draw up your own opinions, so others know if those books are worth reading.

    5. Working as a translator

    Translators have to read in at least two languages, which can be tiring for the eyes and mind. In both languages, the grammar has to be perfect. A formal reading education is a must for this role.

    6. Working at a bookstore

    If you want to work a chill position that may give you time to read books that you find interesting, working at a bookstore could be a good choice. In your day-to-day work, you may not read much more than the titles of books or computer screen with details about your customers’ purchases, but your eyes will still stay busy.

    7. Becoming a political scientist

    Political scientists have to be educated about political history, and that means studying, studying, studying. There is a ton of reading to do, because you will need to pull material from articles, reports, books, and other data sources while you’re working this job.

    Most political scientists have a master’s or Ph.D., because the level of reading required can be immense.

    8. Being an archivist

    If you love older books and documents, becoming an archivist may be for you. It is an excellent field for historians.

    You’ll have to appraise documents, preserve historical items, organize the archives, and more. Not everything you do will be reading, but you should expect to read for several hours a day as you work on historical documents, filing, and other regular tasks.

    9. Working as an attorney

    Attorneys aren’t always in the office, but when they are, they’re studying law. They need to go through the details of their cases, focus on reading about changes in law, and prepare documents for court for many hours each day.

    10. Becoming a labor relations specialist

    A labor relations specialist has a profession that requires you to focus on the little details. You’ll read through collective bargaining agreements, handle employee complaints, and more. You may be on the computer or have your nose in a book most of your daily shift.

    11. Working as an epidemiologist

    Epidemiologists don’t focus on reading, but they do a lot as they study patterns and figure out how to prevent diseases. Even if they don’t read the whole shift, they are likely to read research studies, medical journals, and other content as a part of the job.

    How can TTS help in these professions?

    All of these jobs have the potential to cause eye strain and fatigue, but the jobs still need to be done.

    No one should be expected to read for hours a day, because once fatigue turns into eye strain, you’ll find it much harder to focus or work at all.

    Text to speech can help because it reads content to you. You can save your eyes from running through a second edit or review by letting TTS speak to you.

    TTS can help in situations such as:

    • If you have a review a new book, but your eyes are tired from reading the first several chapters. Turn on TTS, and listen to the story come to life.
    • If you’re trying to translate a document and keep having to go back and forth between multiple documents. Try TTS to have the content read to you in one language, so you can type the translation and focus only on one thing at a time.
    • If you’ve just switched careers and weren’t expecting your profession to have such long hours. If your eyes start to get tired, switch over to TTS to take a break while still getting your work done.

    Get to know Speechify

    With Speechify, you can read smarter, not harder. Listen to articles, PDFs, and more whether you’re in the office or on the go.

    You can listen to any book on your shelf by snapping a photo of the page you want to have read to you. With natural-sounding voices, it’s easier to listen to and understand anything you want to read.

    Do you want to explore more about TTS and how it could help you? Try Speechify for free.

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