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Speechify versus IM Translator

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Learn the key differences between Speechify and IM Translator to help you decide which program is best for you.

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Speechify and IM Translator are two tools that read aloud to you. However, there are some significant differences between what Speechify does and how IM Translator works. While IM Translator reads back translation options to you, Speechify does not translate text. Instead, it reads to you in the language you choose (over 50 are available).

English text-to-speech device  

For an English text-to-speech device, you can’t go wrong with Speechify. You can use it in Microsoft Word or use the virtual keyboard to trigger it when you want to reach a screenshot. Use it with PowerPoint or other programs, too.

IM Translator also offers text-to-speech in English, though it is primarily a translator. If you translate from another language to English, it will work as a language checker and read the new content to you in English directly.


Speechify is text-to-speech software that lets you breeze through any text quickly and easily. It reads through notes, .pdf files, and other kinds of documents in a variety of languages and voices.

One of the perks of using Speechify is the way you can use it to listen to journal articles or read through homework while you take notes yourself. You can read through Spanish or French documents, for example, and be taking physical notes at the same time by hand or on another device.

Speechify synthesizes information quickly from text to speech, so you can listen at a speed that you’re comfortable with. You’ll be able to listen to information faster than you could read it, giving you more time to do other things.

While Speechify does not translate content directly, it can read to you in over 50 languages using any of Speechify’s HD voices. That means you can listen to content in the right accent in the target language of your choice.

IM Translator

IM Translator is a multilingual tool that is designed to remove language barriers. It comes in a few forms including a Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Opera extension, and Yandex extension.

On its website, it states that it can translate languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and others.

It features a voice feature with pop-up bubble translator. It also uses text-to-speech functionality to bring the text to life with audio. It is designed to produce text-to-speech conversion in only 10 languages:

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. Portuguese
  5. English
  6. Chinese
  7. Korean
  8. Japanese
  9. Russian
  10. Spanish

The company states that it uses clear, natural-sounding voices. As an alternative to using a translation dictionary manually, this API could be a good choice.

Translate made easy for English speakers 

Translation is about more than just converting text from English to another language. You also need to understand what you’re hearing. Speechify can help, because it produces natural sounding HD voices that are in the target language. You’ll hear language the way it’s really spoken.

Natural-sounding voices 

Natural-sounding voices are the key to understanding translated content when it’s ready to you audibly. Robotic voices may make it harder to understand newly translated texts, so opting for natural voices is a better option when you’re listening to audiobooks, going through docs, working in excel in a foreign language, or just trying to shop on Amazon.

TTS tutorials 

Text-to-speech apps are easy to use. You can download Speechify for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Android, iOS, and other browsers and platforms. Quickly download this and other translators, like the IM Translator extension, from the Chrome web store, and add it as an extension so you can use both, together or separately, right now.


Which voice translator is the best?

The best Voice Translator is reportedly Pocketalk, which is one of the big-name translators that is on the market today. The Model S translator offers quick, two-way translation between up to 82 languages, so you can chat with people you’ve just met anywhere in the world.

iPhones and iOS products also have their own translators built in, so if you’re looking for a quick online translation using your Apple Watch or similar device, you can ask SIRI or download the base translator app. 

What are the differences between Audible and Speechify?

The primary differences between Audible and Speechify come down to their functions. Audible is used to listen to eBooks and audiobooks found on it directly. Audible lets people listen to all kinds of books in audio formats.

Speechify is different because it can read any text out loud for you. Speechify was designed for people who can’t read or who are disabled, but it can be used by anyone. It converts text to speech quickly and easily in one of 50+ languages. It uses human-like voices and can be sped up as quickly as you’d like to listen.  

Where can I find a voice translator that is free?

There are all kinds of voice translators that are available online today. Using Bing or another search engine, type in the following to find them (and download them) for free.

  • Google Translate
  • Day translations
  • Speak and Translate
  • TripLingo
  • SayHI
  • iTranslate
  • Microsoft Translator 

You can also use the free translator available on iOS, which is built into your iOS devices.

Is there a real time voice translator?

Google Translate allows you to do real-time voice translations on Google Drive and for webpage translation. Google Translate can translate into many languages, like Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and it will retain your translation history if you want it to. Google Translate has language detection features on mobile or online, so you can use these free speech services to communicate with people as you travel around the world.

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