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How to listen to tweets on Twitter

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Twitter is a popular social media platform that publishes small pieces of content on a frequent basis. Did you know you could listen to tweets? Learn more.

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If you are someone who prefers listening to the content, you can easily convert text to voice on apps such as Twitter. This can save you time, and allow you to enjoy browsing through the latest tweets, notifications, direct messages, and hashtags like never before. 

How to make your social media more accessible

People from all around the world are using social networks, and for many of them, having accessibility can be a game-changer. And this is one of many reasons why people would want to use various apps and tools to make it simpler. 

Of course, the main question here is whether you are looking to improve accessibility as a user or as a developer. For visually impaired users, the best options are screen readers and magnifying tools. There are also Braille displays available, but not many people own them. 


And if you are a developer, you can always add the necessary info in the alt text, which will allow Twitter users to hear the description of the photograph. If you are making content, having closed captions and subtitles will be more than helpful. 

Helpful audio study material

Improving the accessibility of the device can also serve as an incredible starting point for e-learning. Since one in three people are auditory learners, they would prefer to hear the content instead of reading it. 


And audiobooks can achieve just this. Today, you can find numerous different audiobooks, and this includes study materials. With the increased popularity of audiobooks, more and more students are exploring this option.


What this also means is that more companies are willing to invest in audio literature, and students will have plenty of different versions to explore. And audio materials and different techniques you will be using can often be used on other platforms as well. 

This includes social media, news, or any other type of content that requires reading. It improves accessibility, and you can listen to anything while multitasking. 

Listen to real time trending tweets

Any tool that can allow you to listen to the content of your screen will allow you to explore trending tweets and retweets as well. Many people like staying in touch with recent events, and you can easily check out what people are tweeting about. 


After all, this is what the trending feature was designed for in the first place. Whether you have reading disabilities or you just prefer listening to the content, this can be a perfect chance for you to stay in touch with the rest of the world in a more comfortable way. 


With appropriate tools, you can turn any type of content into audio, and listen to it on your device. Since Twitter API is mostly based on tweets and texts, exploring the content will be so much easier if you listen to it. And there are several different ways to do it. 


Needless to say, you will still need to have a Twitter account to access various tweets and content this social media has to offer.

Text to speech

Text to speech or TTS is an accessibility software designed to assist those that have reading disabilities, visual impairment, or any other condition that will prevent them from reading the text on the screen. 


What these apps do is synthesize speech based on complex algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and so much more. And the results can be incredible. It is not rare to find an app that will sound as realistic as real human voices. 

People from all over the world are experimenting with text-to-speech apps, and they can be a great tool for e-learning as well. Of course, if we are talking about the Twitter app, it will be able to read the content to you, and it will make everything a bit simpler. 


So, if you are someone who’d prefer listening to trending tweets instead of reading them, you should check out this software. 


One of the most popular tools you can find today is Speechify. The main advantages of this app are realistic voices and versatility. You can use it on any imaginable device. This includes iOS-based platforms like iPhone and iPad, but also Android and Windows. 


Additionally, you can use Speechify through your web browser via the Chrome extension. And most importantly, the app is easy to use. You won’t need to spend hours learning how things work. There are no tutorials. All you need to do is start it, and you’ll be good to go. 


When it comes to voices, Speechify supports numerous different languages and accents. Furthermore, you can choose different reading voices, and genders, and there are a couple of impressive features you won’t find anywhere else. 


You can adjust the speech rate, voices, languages, and many other parameters within the app, but be sure to cover necessary authorization as well. This includes the use of Twitter data, personal data, record space, and many others. 


The reason why Speechify is such a great option is that it will work not only on Twitter but on any other docs and platforms as well. Even if you want to use it on physical pages. If this is something you’d wish to try out, there is an OCR functionality that can be more than helpful. 


Just take a photo of the page, and the app will convert it into voice. This will save you so much time, and you will be able to start listening to trending tweets, make your own audiobooks and playlists, and enjoy content like never before. 


Does Twitter have audio?

Yes. You can use the built-in feature to record the audio tweet. If this is something you’d be interested in, you should click on the waveform icon while creating a tweet. After that, select the Voice Tweet option, and you can record your message. 


The app will allow you to record up to 140 seconds, and if you go over the limit, Twitter will automatically create a new thread for you with the rest of the tweet. 

How do I listen to tweets on Twitter?

The simplest way to listen to tweets is by downloading a text-to-speech API such as Speechify. This will allow you to convert any type of text into voice, and it works on any type of text. 


Keep in mind that the app will read emojis, for example, but it won’t be able to read you the profile picture unless it includes the alt-text. 

What audio file formats does Twitter support?

Twitter supports mp4 and MOV formats if you are using the mobile app, and mp4 with H264 format and AAC audio for the web version. The maximum supported file size is 512 MB. 


Twitter is also working on Twitter Spaces, which is a way to have a live audio conversation with specific users and people who are using this feature. Naturally, you will be able to design your Spaces and choose who the participants will be. 

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