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Listen to Wikipedia with text-to-speech

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Wikipedia is a powerful resource for learning new information on a variety of topics. Paired with text-to-speech, learn how you can get the most out of the tool.

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There are lots of people who love to use Wikipedia to learn new information. Articles can get Wikipedia edits from time to time, and they can learn in real-time. While the visualization is impressive, some articles can be long. You might have a hard time getting through some articles, such as those involving Stephen LaPorte or Mahmoud Hashemi.

What if you could listen to your favorite Wikipedia page?

Have you ever wanted to listen to Wikipedia?

If you want to make Wikipedia articles more accessible, consider listening to them. You can review recent changes and use tools such as Github or Bitlisten to broaden your horizons. There are some open source programs that can even put ambient music in the background as you read about topics, such as Bitcoin.

Some of the top reasons why you might want to listen to your articles include:

  • You can read an article on the go.
  • You can listen to content from a new user while you drive or cook dinner.
  • You can increase the reading speed. This helps you read more articles from this free encyclopedia.
  • If you have trouble reading, a text-to-speech tool can help you. With Speechify, you can take advantage of the sound of Wikipedia. This is great for people with learning and visual disabilities.

This is a great way to learn more about all topics, including the Wikimedia foundation. People like Brian Eno and Maximillian Laumeister have played an important role. If you really want to take advantage of everything Wikipedia has to offer, use a speech tool. You can read more articles, faster.

Listen to Wikipedia with a TTS tool

Thanks to automated bots, there are larger edits taking place on English Wikipedia. This can make it harder to get through all of the information on Wiki. That is where TTS tools can be helpful. 

How do TTS tools work? These are tools that can take the text on the screen and convert it into spoken speech. That way, instead of having to read it, you can listen to it. There are some tools that allow you to customize the voice you hear. You can change the reading speed, alter the accent, and even translate certain articles. It makes the information on Wikipedia more accessible to you.

Speech to text tools

There are several tools available that can help you convert text into speech. They include:

  • This is a program that is easy to work with. It is fast, reliable, and comes with lots of options. But, it is expensive. If you want the best features, you will need to spend a lot of money to get them.
  • TTS Tool: This is a completely free tool. You simply need to navigate to the website, paste the text into the box, and hit play. The downside is that the voices are very robotic.
  • Speechify: This is one of the most popular TTS programs on the market today. You can customize the voice to meet your needs, change the reading speed, and even translate articles from one language to another. It is also very easy to learn and extremely cost-effective.

Our recommendation: Speechify

If you are looking for the best program to create a playlist of your favorite Wikipedia articles, you should go with Speechify. While some people enjoy, Speechify is simply better. You can control the reading speed, change every aspect of the voice, and even make your favorite articles sound like you are listening to one of your favorite podcasts.

There is a free version available, but you also have access to a free trial of the premium version. If you want to listen to your favorite articles, put Speechify to work for you.

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