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MCAT audio study material and prep

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Finding it hard to study for the MCAT while managing your daily life? Read more for recommended study material and ways that you can utilize audio to study anytime and anywhere for the MCAT.

MCAT audio study material & prep

The Medical College Admission Test or better know as the MCAT course, is required for almost all medical schools. This is a seven-hour test you don’t want to retake. There are fifteen chances a year to take this test, and it’s over three hundred dollars for the initial registration. Taking it multiple times can add up, especially if you have to cancel or reschedule because there are extra fees. Fortunately, the AAMC does offer a free assistance program for those who need financial assistance to take the test. You’ll want to be prepared as possible. There are so many options for getting ready for your MCAT, and the audio options for MCAT preparation are phenomenal. 

You may feel like you have to study constantly to pass an exam of this nature, but you have other needs in your life, sleeping, eating, your family, and friends. You have to find a way to get all the information you need while keeping a balanced life/study schedule. You will need retain all the information you study to get a good score on the MCAT. Audio learning could be a great option for you. You can listen anywhere and anytime to your MCAT material.

Overview of the MCAT exam

Medical students take the MCAT online, tests like physical and biological sciences, writing skills, and verbal reasoning. In 2015 they added more to the course, a section called Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior. This is meant to test your ability to understand sociocultural, biological, and psychological influences on behavior as well as how people process emotion and stress. 

The MCAT is scored in individual sections, with a median score of 125 for an average score of 500. Total scores can range from 472 to 528. The MCAT exam lets the admission officers get a feel for how successful you’ll be in medical school. So you can see how important this test can be to your future in the medical field. You can register online through the Association of American Medical Colleges. It’s recommended you register early so you can secure your MCAT test date and location.

MCAT test preparation

So, what’s the best way to start your MCAT test prep? Well, the great thing about MCAT practice questions or practice tests is there are so many amazing online options that allow for no commuting. Some of the most well-known and best-selling MCAT Prep quizzes are Kaplan MCAT at or MCAT AudioLearn by Audible, an Amazon company. There are MCAT podcasts and YouTube channels. You could have whole playlists dedicated to your crash course in MCAT study materials. Forget about the flashcards and try an MCAT audio study guide. You can even get online MCAT tutoring.

Proper prep for your Medical College Admission Test is critical if you want to get into a good Medical school. You have to start planning early for success. Taking a prep course is a must if you want to get a great score the first time around. This isn’t like a high school test that you can forget right after, either. You are going to use this knowledge to further your career and support people on their journey to better health. So, find an MCAT prep strategy that works for you.

Study guide & prep course options

When you’re studying for MCAT, you need to have the best high-yield content and study aids available. You have to make sure you're covering all the little details, and hard topics such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, and general chemistry. Subject reviews on all topics are critical if you don’t want to end up retaking the MCAT course. When looking for MCAT practice exams and practice MCAT questions you want to make sure that everything on your wishlist is hit.

You can take online courses with expert instruction; you could learn from Sam Smith himself, the designer of MCAT Go and the creator and former host of the MCAT basics podcast. These courses have Extensive quizzes and questions. You can optimize your learning by following a structured course created by experts. They have carefully crafted these courses in an organized way that makes retaining information simple and effective. You can get extra practice resources and take a test in a realistic setting if you want. If you learn better in a school-like setting, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find classes in your area to fits your need.

Audio MCAT prep

Try an audio course! Your retention will skyrocket when you're not thinking about how big the word you read is or how they all sound the same. When it comes to your medical exams, you don’t want to take shortcuts or feel strapped for time and stressed when you’re trying to study. With an audio course, you can listen while you’re jogging, cooking, and cleaning. For any task that doesn’t take much of your attention, you can spend that time multitasking and retaining information for your Medical College Admission Test. If you have trouble reading vast amounts of information or retaining what you read, then an audio course is exactly what you need. You can find audio courses online. Now many of these start off free, but there are purchases needed to get the full benefits of these services.

Using an app like Speechify can give you more options and save you from buying online courses, online books, quizzes, and questions. You can turn any text into an audiobook with Speechify. MCAT books from your library, MCAT books from your friends who have already passed their tests, or any other material can become an audiobook with Speechify. You can print free quizzes and questions, take a picture or a scan of them and turn it into an audio examination. You can even import books from other places like Audible. With Speechify, every book is an audiobook. You can try Speechify here.

Speechify has some of the best AI voices available right now and you can even have celebrity voices read out loud to you. You can use Speechify on Apple and Android phones, and you can even get it as a chrome extension for your desktop or laptop. Maximize your time, and get more done. You can listen to natural-sounding human voices that you can customize. You can customize the speed, the accent, and the language. The Speechify voices are so life-like that you won’t be able to know if it’s an AI voice or a human reading back to you. Use Speechify and prepare to pass your MCAT.

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