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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Alternatives on June 27, 2022
Learn who gets the nudge in the Murf AI vs. Well Said Labs debate and whether you have an even better option in TTS software.

    Text to speech technology is one of the hottest commodities in the digital space, and there’s no shortage of competing apps delivering impressive services. It can help the visually impaired, those with reading difficulties, auditory learns, content creators, and many more.

    Murf.AI and Well Said Labs are two prominent AI tools in this space. This article will compare the two to help you better understand which TTS software caters to your unique needs.

    What is Murf AI?

    Murf.AI uses some of the best speech synthesis technology available to convert written words into spoken text. The app is an advanced TTS reader with an AI voice generator and the comprehensive Murf studio used for audio and video editing. It already does more than Amazon Polly and similar TTS apps.

    Founded in 2020, Murf.AI targets multiple audiences, from students and teachers to content creators to media and advertising professionals and freelancers. It can provide small businesses and enterprises with their social media voiceovers, customer support, IVR automated responses, etc.

    What is Well Said Labs?

    Well Said Labs is a direct competitor of Murf.AI. The company offers a similar platform for turning digital text into high-quality audio for content creation in multiple industries. One of the most significant distinctions is that Well Said Labs is heavily invested in app and product production using text to speech software.

    Although it targets roughly the same markets as Murf.AI, it goes a step further regarding computer software integration.

    Murf AI vs. Well Said Labs – A comparison

    Because the two TTS software apps are so similar, making a comparison based on a few key factors is rather simple.

    AI voice creation

    Well Said Labs has many AI human voices in its library, allowing users to modify them to create custom personalities. It also allows users to record voiceovers using their own voices or voice actors and personalize them in the studio editor.

    Murf.AI offers two similar features. First, it has a voice changer functionality that speech voice customization for classic recordings and renders them to studio-quality audio. In addition, the platform supports voice cloning, which enables the creation of multiple personalities from the same baseline voice.

    Murf.AI is slightly more advanced in AI voice creation and has a more extensive library.


    In terms of pricing, Murf.AI has three subscription plans:

    • Basic – This is the plan for individual users, allowing 24 hours of voice generation in 60 different voices and 10 languages.
    • Pro – The Pro Plan is best suited for two or three users who need more voices, voice editing, and unlimited downloads.
    • Enterprise – This is the premier plan for teams that comes with significant advantages in data protection, customer support, storage, and other great perks for complex projects.

    Well Said Labs has four subscription plans:

    • Maker – With a Maker subscription, users can create up to five projects and use four voice avatars.
    • Creative – This plan supports up to 50 projects, 750 downloads, and 53 voice avatars.
    • Producer – For people with multiple projects and full-time content creators, the Producer Plan lets users create unlimited projects and download up to 2,500 clips, even in OGG and WAV audio file formats.
    • Team – This is the customizable plan crafted for volume licensing and large groups that need to collaborate closely on voiceover and video content creation.

    Both platforms grant users commercial use rights and have free plans. However, Well Said Labs is arguably more expensive and limits clips to 1,000 characters of AI text to speech conversions.

    Tutorials and ease of use

    Murf.AI has a simplified API and is the more user-friendly TTS software. But that doesn’t mean the Well Said Labs platform isn’t a similarly intuitive SaaS. Some user reviews indicate that Murf.AI only gets a slight edge in tutorial availability and ease of use, while others may prefer the other platform’s templates

    Use of artificial intelligence

    The platforms use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in a similar way. However, Well Said Labs does a better job at mimicking accents and motions, while Murf.AI has the edge in pronunciation accuracy and diversity of speaking styles.

    Creation of avatars

    Well Said Labs allows avatar creation. Although similar to Murf.AI’s voice cloning feature, the former’s avatars are more interactive.

    That said, Murf.AI enables unlimited voice cloning. Therefore, users can convey many more emotions and moods to create lifelike personas.

    Quality of voiceovers

    Murf.AI may have the edge in voiceover quality. Its AI voiceover technology and endless customization options allow for more human-sounding voices.

    Platform compatibility

    Both platforms offer cloud-based text to speech software and AI voice generators. All the tools are available in the cloud, meaning users can collaborate and work on projects from almost any device and operating system.

    How people use each app

    The most significant difference between Murf.AI and Well Said Labs in terms of usage is when it comes to app integration. It’s easy for users to integrate the latter’s TTS software into other apps and digital products.

    Apart from that, both services perform almost the same when creating audiobooks, YouTube video voiceovers, podcasts, advertisements, social media content, and online courses for eLearning platforms.

    Try Speechify – A TTS app for everyday use

    Murf.AI and Well Said Labs use powerful AI technology and speech synthesis. But their high-quality voice overs have niche uses. Many people need TTS software, not for automation but to read and learn easier or to multitask.

    That’s where Speechify comes in as the best text to speech software solution for multiple platforms. Speechify doesn’t have online restrictions and is available on Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, and Microsoft Windows systems. The app can import multiple digital documents and use OCR technology to convert text from hard-copy books and documents into natural-sounding voices and real-time narrations.

    Speechify offers more realism with its female voices and male voices in many languages. You can create content for your YouTube channel just as easily as you can improve your literacy skills, study for school, or listen to your favorite eBook or comic book.

    Try the free version of Speechify today and get the full text to speech reader experience across all your devices.

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