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Oddcast text to speech

Have you ever wondered how adding a text to speech (TTS) voice to an animated character would work? You can do just that with Oddcast’s range of exciting technologies.

This article examines the nature of Oddcast, the technologies they bring to the table, and how the company fits into the text to speech audio sector.

Who is Oddcast?

Since its founding in 1999, Oddcast has specialized in creating new technologies in the character-creation and vocalware fields. It is an online marketing company that brands use to create unique campaigns.

It provides a range of solutions designed to help consumers interact with brands on various platforms, including the web and social media. With Oddcast, brands can create personable content to share with others.

Ultimately, Oddcast helps brands get personal with their consumers. Its primary software, PhotoFace, allows users to upload 2D pictures that it turns into 3D character models. From there, the company’s other technologies enable users to manipulate their facial model in several ways.

Oddcast technology

Oddcast breaks its core technologies down into five categories:

  1. Character

  2. Voice and Audio

  3. Sharing and Distribution

  4. Mini Customization and Widgets

  5. Other Capabilities


Oddcast’s extensive character-creation switch includes PhotoFace technology. It also has VideoStar, which lets users insert their faces into film scenes. They can then playback the scene to watch themselves in the film.

Oddcast lets users create full 3D avatars and illustrated characters as well. Plus, you can add audio effects and text to speech voices to the characters you make.

Voice and audio

The company’s voice and audio technologies include software that allows you to record your voice via phone or microphone. Both technologies use Flash to enable users to create an audio file they can place over videos.

You can even create a playlist of vocal effects for use in video creation or use the speech online for various marketing campaigns.

Oddcast’s text to speech voice generator fits into this category as well. It uses speech synthesis technology to create a TTS voice for your work.

Sharing and distribution

As principally a marketing company, Oddcast has to offer users ways to share their creations. Its core sharing engine makes it easy to send creations via email or publish them on social media.

Marketers also benefit from analytics for their campaigns.

Mini customization and widgets

The 3D PhotoFace and VideoStar technologies fit into this category. But the primary technology here is Oddcast’s widget creation suite.

You can build standard widget modules with built-in functionality.

Other capabilities

The “other” category is a catch-all for everything else that Oddcast provides, including several clever technologies.

3D Worlds

Chat to people in real-time within an innovative 3D environment. 3D Worlds is a fun platform that allows users to play around with their creations.

Head tracking

Have you ever wanted to use your head to interact with Oddcast’s technology? Head tracking allows you to use your head and facial movements to execute commands.

Voice recognition

In addition to its text to speech software, Oddcast allows people to deliver voice commands. Use your voice to play around with your 3D avatars.

Social media and banners

Upload your created characters and audio files to social media or online ad banners. Brands can use these technologies to develop interactive marketing that appeals to customers.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Oddcast has jumped on the AR bandwagon by offering a range of tech to bring the online world into the palms of users’ hands.

Oddcast Text to Speech

The Oddcast text to speech technology combines with its character-creation tools. Oddcast allows you to sync your audio files with 3D character models. That means you do more than upload a txt file and listen to the playback.

The tool features lip-synching expressions and dynamic cues. It’s a fun and helpful tool for business and play.

For example, a brand may want to create a video tutorial. Instead of a dry voiceover with a simple video, they can make a character using Oddcast. Then, they use Oddcast TTS to add a unique voice to it.

Over 185 voices

Oddcast offers over 185 male and female voices for users to enjoy. Those voices can also speak in more than 30 languages, including, but not limited to:

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Hindi

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Russian

The company even offers a TTS translator that allows users to enter text in one language and have it spoken in another.

Pricing and APIs

Unfortunately, Oddcast isn’t free text to speech software. You also won’t find specific pricing details on Those interested in the company’s TTS offering need to contact them at [email protected] to discuss the cost.

Oddcast also makes application programming interfaces (APIs) available to developers. For example, its Audio Engine APIs use JavaScript and ActionScript to enable audio file editing.

The Oddcast text to speech demo

Perhaps you want to get a taste of what Oddcast’s TTS software can do before you invest.

The company teams up with SitePal to offer a text to speech demo create talking avatar suite.

Oddcast’s demo allows you to work with a sample 3D character, select from several languages and voices, and apply effects. You can access it on any Apple or Microsoft device by visiting the Oddcast website.

Speechify – Another Option

Though Oddcast offers plenty of fun tools, it may not deliver everything you need from a TTS reader.

Speechify is another text to speech option for those who want more.

Speechify is a powerful TTS reader that can convert almost any text into an audiobook. The tool also includes a snapshot mode, which lets you take pictures of text that Speechify then converts into audio.

With dozens of voices to choose from and handy integrations with Google Chrome, Speechify’s realistic voice generator can transform any txt document or other digital text into natural-sounding narration or unique voiceovers for your next video project or tutorial. Looking for the best text to speech demo create talking avatars software? Try Speechify’s free trial.


What is the difference between text to speech and Oddcast text to speech?

Regular TTS software, like ReadSpeaker and NaturalReader, read text to you. Oddcast TTS can align that audio with a custom character.

What is the voice in Oddcast text to speech?

Oddcast offers over 185 voices, all of which you can use to read text aloud. You can also download recordings as .wav files for use elsewhere.

How do you use the application?

The Oddcast demo gives you a basic idea of how the application works. However, its TTS software integrates with several other platforms.

Why would a person want to use Oddcast text to speech?

You may use Oddcast text to speech to create marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you can have a little fun with it and not worry about business.

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