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The best apps for kids with ADHD

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in ADHD on June 27, 2022
There are a multitude of text-to-speech apps that you can use online. Searching Google will show you hundreds of results but we've curated only the top 5.

    What is ADHD

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is one of the most prevalent childhood neurodevelopmental disorders throughout the world. Typically, it is diagnosed when the child starts school, and it is usually a lifelong condition. The ADHD brain can cause a child or adult to have difficulty focusing, struggle with controlling impulsive actions and behaviors, have a hard time paying attention, and may not be able to sit still.

    The Three Types of ADHD

    The CDC defines three types of ADHD. Each has its own set of ADHD symptoms.

    Predominantly Inattentive Presentation

    The person with this type of ADHD struggles with attention.

    ·         Difficulty with organization

    ·         Difficulty finishing a task

    ·         Difficulty paying attention to details

    ·         Difficulty following instructions

    ·         Difficulty following conversations

    ·         Is easily distracted

    ·         Forgets details of their daily routine

    Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation

    The person with this type of ADHD struggles with impulsivity and fidgeting.

    ·         Fidgets

    ·         Talks excessively

    ·         Difficulty sitting still for long

    ·         Children may constantly run, climb, jump, etc.

    ·         Feels restless

    ·         Difficulty with executive function

    ·         Has difficulty with impulsivity

    ·         May interrupt others

    ·         May grab things from people

    ·         Speak at inappropriate times

    ·         Difficulty waiting their turn

    ·         Difficulty listening to directions

    ·         Poor time management

    ·         Accident prone and prone to injuries

    Combined Presentation

    The person with this type of ADHD exhibits symptoms from both types of ADHD.

    How ADHD Makes Reading Difficult

    The reason that ADHD makes reading difficult is contained in the name – attention deficit. A person who has ADHD has difficulty focusing and concentrating which can make it much harder for them to track information visually and retain the information that they read.

    This can significantly impact the person’s reading comprehension and reading speed. It can also impact a person’s mental health and even overall wellness as they struggle to succeed.

    A study published in 2019 found evidence that ADHD often occurs with other reading disabilities. These learning disorders can impact reading skills.

    How Parents can Help their Children With ADHD

    Parents of children with ADHD should have their child evaluated for a learning disability or reading disability. Often this testing can be obtained through the child’s school.

    Regular communication with the child’s teachers is integral. If they feel that additional support in the classroom, they should discuss that. They may be able to get the teacher or aids to help the student be more engaged in learning activities.

    Early intervention is important because the younger a child is when they are diagnosed, the earlier they can get the accommodations they need to help them perform not only in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. Even young children in pre-K and kindergarten can show signs of ADHD. This can help head off the low test scores and grades that are typically consistent with ADHD.

    Parents should also talk to their children to find out what is going on. They should ask questions and listen to their child to find out what the problem is and what the child needs to succeed.

    Gaining the support of other parents who have children with ADHD can also help. Seeking the advice of a professional is important, but other parents who have walked down that same road can offer invaluable insight and advice that can only come from someone who has been there.

    How Adults with ADHD can Make Their Reading Experience More Enjoyable

    Focus and attention are the usual struggles for adults with ADHD, especially if they are dyslexic. They often have trouble remembering with they have read or they may have trouble keeping their mind from wandering as they read. While adult ADHD does have a few differences from child ADHD, many of the solutions are much the same. These are some techniques that can help make reading less of a struggle and more enjoyable.

    ·         Read aloud – When you read aloud it helps you focus on each word. Reading silently is not as effective in doing this.

    ·         Highlight main points – As you read, highlight important points or main ideas. This will increase your focus as well as help you remember the main points.

    ·         Use a ruler or bookmark – Use the bookmark or ruler to slide down the page, line by line, so you don’t miss a line or lose your place.

    ·         Discuss what you read – Talking about the material that you read helps to commit it to memory and aids in comprehension. If you can’t talk to someone else about it, talk it out aloud to yourself.

    ·         Keep pen and paper handy – If internal thoughts cause your to be distracted while reading, write them down so that you can remember them and go back to them later. Simply jot the idea, put it aside, and move on.

    ·         Break down the material into more digestible bites – Dividing the material lets you break it down into smaller parts that are easier to manage. Take a break after each section and walk around or play a quick video game to give your brain a break.

    ·         Walk around while you are reading – Pacing or walking about can help you stay focused and keep you from zoning out. Many internal distractions can impact your focus from the words on the page so walking around can keep that from happening. Speechify text-to-speech allows you to walk and pace while reading. It also has a highlight feature that allows you to follow along as you read.

    ·         Read at optimal times – If you are feeling stressed or tired, it probably isn’t the right time to read because it could increase your difficulty focusing.

    ·         Create a reading space – Adapt your environment so that it works best for your needs. You may want a completely quiet area for reading or you may prefer a little background noise. You may want a lamp or a bright overhead light. Do what works for you.

    ·         Give audiobooks a try – Audiobooks, assistive technology, or having someone read to you can help if you get overwhelmed when looking at a whole page of text or if you learn best by listening.

    ·         Personalize the content – Look at the content from your perspective. How does it relate to your likes and dislikes? What personal experiences have you had that you can relate to what you are reading?

    ·         Take frequent, brief breaks – Take short breaks fairly often to stretch your legs and move a little so you can satisfy your urge to fidget.

    ·         Take notes – As you read, take notes, then at the end of each chapter or the end of the text, summarize the main ideas.

    ·         Read a physical book instead of an electronic one – Research has shown that reading a physical book is more conducive to reading comprehension than reading a digital book.

    ·         Minimize distractions – Take concentrated steps to eliminate distractions such as closing your door, regulating the temperature in your space, putting your phone on silent, and making sure you aren’t hungry or thirsty. Get rid of any distractions that could interfere with reading.

    ·         Read it then read it again – Reading material once may help you recall some information, but reading it twice can help increase your understanding and recollection. It can also help you catch information that you missed during the first pass.

    Try Speechify, the Best Reading App for Kids With ADHD

    Speechify is the number one text-to-speech reader that is compatible with Android and IOS. You can read Microsoft Word docs, PDF files, articles, web pages, social media, email, ebooks, and more. You can control the reading speed and it reads in a natural voice. Try it for free today and find out if Speechify is right for you.

    People Also Ask

    What helps ADHD in reading?

    Reading comprehension and retention can be difficult when a person has attention problems. Note-taking is a great way to retain information while reading. This can be actual note-taking or highlighting text as you read. Improving vocabulary is also very helpful as is finding a quiet, distraction-free place to read. A text-to-speech program like Speechify can be a tremendous help for those who struggle with attention because it can allow them to take notes while listening or to move about to satisfy the need to fidget.

    How do you make text ADHD friendly?

    A text-to-speech app like Speechify can make text very ADHD friendly because it allows the person to move about if they are hyperactive or fidgety but it also allows them to freely take notes while listening to the text being read.

    Can reading treat ADHD?

    Reading can help the person with ADHD overcome some of the more difficult struggles and frustrations on a social, academic, and emotional level that are caused by the learning disorder.

    What is the best way to read for ADHD?

    Because ADHD causes inattention and difficulty focusing as well as fidgeting and difficulty sitting still, a text-to-speech app is the best way that a person with ADHD can read. Speechify is the number one text-to-speech app for many learning issues, including dyslexia, autism, and ADHD.

    What are the best apps for ADHD?

    Some of the best apps for ADHD include timers and reminders, mind mapping, tracking projects, organization, and more:

    ·         SimpleMind Pro

    ·         Remember the Milk

    ·         Due

    ·         Brain Focus

    ·         Evernote

    What is a reading app for ADHD?

    Speechify is the number one reading app for ADHD and is a game changer for people struggling with a disability. It has several features that can help improve reading comprehension and retention using neuroscience. First-time users can highlight texts as its read. Users can also choose the voice as well as the reading speed. The app is compatible with Android and IOS so users can take it anywhere on their mobile devices such as smartphones or Apple iPhones and iPad. You can get it at the Google or Apple app store.

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