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Robot voice vs Speechify

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What's the difference is between a robot voice platform like Robot TTS and Speechify? Read the full comparison on these text-to-speech programs!

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Difference between Speechify and Text-to-Speech Robot

If you prefer to hear text read aloud rather than read it yourself, you have plenty of excellent text-to-speech (TTS) tools to choose from. However, not every speech app is created equal, and finding the best text-to-speech software for your needs often requires a little research.

For years, robot voices have been the primary tool for speech synthesis. Today, AI technology, such as the technology that powers Speechify, offers improved functionality and more lifelike speech output compared to robot voices.

To help you decide which of these two options is best suited for you, we will explore everything you need to know about the differences between Speechify and TTS robots, including how they function, the features that they offer, pricing considerations, and more.

Speechify vs TTS Robot 

TTS robots work by synthesizing each word individually using a database of pre-recorded words. Like Speechify and other AI voice generators, these robot voice generators can be used to synthesize web pages, text files, and any other digital text. However, TTS robots are not able to produce the same natural sounding voices as AI voice generators. Since TTS robots perform speech synthesis by synthesizing each individual word, the end result is typically choppy and easy to identify as a robot voice. 

Speechify, meanwhile, utilizes artificial intelligence to produce natural voices that sound like real human voices. Since Speechify is capable of understanding the context of what it is reading, the software is capable of replicating the text’s intended tone, pitch, volume, and more rather than simply reading text aloud in a robotic, monotone voice. 

Along with producing high-quality voices that sound much more natural than the voices produced by TTS robots, Speechify also offers a number of other features you won’t get with most TTS software. This includes the ability to adjust the app’s reading speed, the ability to synthesize text in different languages, and the ability to build text-to-speech functionality into apps and web pages using Speechify API. 

As for pricing considerations, Speechify comes available in two pricing plans. The free version of Speechify provides ten AI voices to choose from and is one of the best free text-to-speech tools on the market today. Speechify Premium, meanwhile, costs $139 per year and provides 30 high-quality AI voices as well as additional features such as adjustable reading speeds, the ability to scan and listen to printed text, advanced skipping and importing, and powerful highlighting/note-taking tools. 

TTS robot software, meanwhile, varies in price depending on the exact software that you choose. Plenty of these software solutions are free to download, however, none of them can match the quality of AI voice generators such as Speechify. 

Speechify and TTS robots have many of the same use cases, providing readers with dyslexia and other disabilities the option to listen to text rather than read it themselves, offering the ability to produce a voiceover without hiring voice actors, enabling you to multitask while you read, and more. In every case, though, the real-time synthesis and audio files produced by Speechify are going to be much higher quality than those produced by a TTS robot. 

Comparison table between Speechify and TTS Robot 

SpeechifyText-to-Speech Robot
Produces natural sounding voices using artificial intelligenceProduces robotic voices using a pre-recorded database of words
Capable of synthesizing text in 20+ different languagesTypically only capable of synthesizing text in a single language
Includes a wide range of listening tools and featuresFeatures vary depending on the TTS robot that you choose
Offers a free version and a Premium version for $139 per yearPrices vary, though many TTS robots are free to download

What is Speechify? 

Speechify is a text-to-speech AI voice generator that can be used to convert any digital text into natural sounding speech voice. This includes digital text such as Word docs, web pages/HTML, PDFs, and more. Speechify Premium also offers the ability to scan printed text so that even physical documents can be read aloud. 

Speechify Premium provides the ability to synthesize text in 20+ different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and many more. Across these 20+ languages, you can choose between 30+ high-quality AI voices. 

Speechify comes available for Microsoft and Windows devices, as an iOS app for the iPhone and other Apple products, an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play app store, and can also work in your web browser through Safari and Chrome extensions. Along with offering a forever-free version of the software called Speechify Limited, Speechify also offers a three-day trial of Speechify Premium.

Speechify can be used to convert e-books into audiobooks, to listen to important documents while you multitask, to create voiceover content, and for a wide range of other applications. For business users, Speechify also offers an API for building text-to-speech functionality into web pages and mobile apps. You can even hear social media posts such as Facebook or LinkedIn read aloud to you!

Overall, Speechify provides a natural-sounding listening experience not unlike listening to podcasts to learn new information or while multitasking. There are even many tutorials to many Speechify even easier to use for first-time text-to-speech users.

Speechify was founded by Cliff Weitzman. Inspired by his diagnosis of being dyslexic when he was a child, Cliff went on to create one of the most powerful and easy-to-use TTS platforms!

What is a Text-To-Speech Robot?

TTS robots synthesize digital text one word at a time. While this is a straightforward and efficient way to convert text into audio, TTS robots are not usually able to produce the same pitches, pauses, and tones as real or AI voices, leading to audio that is easily identifiable as being a robot voice.

The features offered by TTS robots differ from software to software. Some TTS robots offer the ability to synthesize speech in multiple languages, but most do not. Other features such as adjustable listening speeds and note-taking features may or may not be offered depending on the exact software that you choose.

Many TTS robot apps are free to download, but some of the more feature-rich apps do cost either a one-time or monthly subscription fee to use.

Main differences between Speechify and TTS Robots

The primary difference between Speechify and TTS robots is the quality of the voices produced. By utilizing machine learning, Speechify is capable of reading text aloud in a way that sounds completely natural, analyzing the content in its entirety in order to produce the appropriate tones, pauses, and pitches. Even the best TTS robots, meanwhile, are not capable of producing the same natural sounding voices.

Along with this key difference, Speechify also offers a long list of features you won’t get with most TTS robots, including multi-language text synthesis, adjustable listening speeds, listening tools, and a wide range of AI voices to choose from.


If you are looking for text-to-speech software that is capable of producing high-quality voices that sound like a real human being, Speechify is a much better choice for you than TTS robots. If you would like to see for yourself why thousands of users have left glowing reviews for Speechify, be sure to download Speechify Limited for free or sign up for a free trial of Speechify Premium today!

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Speechify is not the only AI voice generator on the market today. However, Speechify’s convenient features, high-quality voices, and affordable pricing make it the best choice available for personal and business use alike.

What is the most realistic TTS voice?

The most realistic TTS voice is always going to be voices that are produced using AI and machine learning. All 30 of the AI voices that Speechify offers are high-quality voices that sound just like human narrators.

What is the best narrator voice app?

A few of the most popular narrator apps include apps such as:

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What is the most realistic Text-to-Speech free app?

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  • TTS Reader
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