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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Productivity on September 27, 2022
Learn how to use Firefox and Speechify together as well as why you should use text to speech services with Firefox.

    Speechify for Firefox

    Speechify is a text to speech voice reader with many customization options. Through its powerful AI algorithms, Speechify can make any text into an audio, creating a more pleasant and convenient reading experience.

    On the other hand, Firefox represents one of the most popular browsing solutions. Moreover, the browser is highly customizable due to various plugins and its open-source license.

    If you’re enthusiastic about using Firefox and Speechify, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to get the two to work together.

    This article will explain just that and also why you should use text to speech services with Firefox.

    Can you use text to speech on Firefox?

    Due to its great flexibility, Firefox represents an excellent platform for many additional functions. Unsurprisingly this includes TTS.

    Text to speech is great when you need to multitask, allowing you to listen to articles and blog posts to take in information while working. It’s also invaluable for people with reading and visual impairments. Some people, such as those with dyslexia, also receive information much better through auditory cues and sound, making text to speech a superior option.

    There are various text to speech options for Firefox, including services like Read Aloud, Intelligent Speaker, Talkie, and, of course, Speechify. Let’s look at what each of these options has to offer.

    Read Aloud

    Read Aloud is easy to use and comes as a free Firefox add-on. Once installed, the add-on will appear as a button on the upper browser bar. From there, you can simply click on it, and Read Aloud will start doing precisely what the name says – read the content of the current web page.

    The other way to use Read Aloud is to select a part of the text and then click on the button. In that case, the add-on will read only the selected text. In either case, the app will display a pop-up containing the text it’s reading currently.

    Read Aloud can be customized in terms of reading speed, voices, and playback controls. or instance, you can rewind, fast-forward, or pause the text and change the size of the displayed text. Finally, Read Aloud allows you to add extra voices to make the experience truly your own.

    Intelligent Speaker

    Intelligent Speaker is an interesting option because it doesn’t function as a real-time reader. Instead, this add-on lets you save files and articles for later listening. This function is as simple as opening the add-on and putting your current web page on its list.

    Once you have several items on your list, Intelligent Speaker can play them back-to-back. You may choose to listen to each file separately, which the add-on also lets you do.

    There are several ways to customize Intelligent Speaker. The add-on has a decent selection of voices and multi-language support. However, the service isn’t available for full use for free. As a free user, you’ll be able to listen to Intelligent Speaker for only an hour monthly. If you purchase the premium plan, this limitation will be lifted.


    Talkie has the advantage of being discreet and easy to use. Once installed, it will seem like a native Firefox feature so much that you might forget you’ve installed the browser extension. Talkie will work either through the toolbar button or the right-click menu.

    In terms of customization, Talkie isn’t as well-equipped as some other options. For example, you can change voices and add new ones to the add-on, but those voices will need to come from your system rather than from an online database.

    Other customization options like reading speed and pitch adjustments are only available with the premium package. With Talkie Premium, you’ll also be able to set the default narrator voice for multiple languages.


    Speechify is a much more powerful tool than most because it doesn’t function as a typical add-on. This text to speech engine isn’t created only to accompany another app but to function on its own.

    Speechify can turn any text into spoken words through AI processing and advanced algorithms. The app will function with typed, pasted, or imported text, scanned pages, PDFs, articles, and any web pages on your browser.

    The basic functions of Speechify allow you to try out 1,000 words with premium options, after which you can use a smaller selection of narrator voices and reading speeds. A Premium plan unlocks the full power of this TTS service, which can make your browsing experience truly unique and enjoyable.

    Due to its versatility, Speechify is your best option for listening to any digital text. While Speechify is the leading extension for Chrome, there is no extension for Firefox at the moment. However, you can yet enjoy Speechify text to speech on Firefox with the Mac app.

    Why is Speechify the best choice?

    Speechify provides many advanced options that make listening to any web page seamless. In addition to that, the tool is very easy to use on different devices. Here are some of the most significant advantages of Speechify:

    • Compatible with multiple platforms

    • Huge range of voices

    • Lots of languages

    • Various reading speeds

    • OCR technology

    • Can read most types of text files

    • Maximize your time

    • Ideal for people with reading disabilities

    Speechify can work on Android and Apple iOS smart devices, as well as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. The service supports many formats, like various docs and even screenshots.

    The speech synthesis technology used in Speechify sounds natural in all of the different languages that the app supports. This allows users to transform any written text into comprehensible audio to listen to at their convenience.

    Give Speechify a try

    If you want to start using Speechify in combination with Firefox, you can start today by signing up for a free trial. It’s worth noting that Speechify also has a Google Chrome extension, making the TTS service ideal for use with that web browser as well.


    Is there a screen reader for Firefox?

    There are several text to speech options for Firefox available as browser add-ons.

    How do I turn on voice typing in Firefox?

    If you want voice typing on Firefox, you’ll need to install a different extension – a speech-to-text add-on. You’ll also need a microphone and the app will need certain permissions to function properly.

    How do I download Speechify?

    You can find the Speechify app on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store. From there, you can download the app quickly and have it installed on your smart device.

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