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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Alternatives on June 27, 2022
For those who are looking for Intelligent Speaker Text to Speech Alternatives, there are several options available. Check them out here.

    Intelligent Speaker Text-To-Speech Alternatives

    Text-to-speech software is an application that is used to synthesize the written word and read it aloud. This software is extremely useful across a broad spectrum of applications and is used by many different people in varying industries. These applications help everyone from professionals to those with reading disabilities.

    Text-to-speech applications bring a wealth of help to those who are struggling with disabilities such as visual impairment, dyslexia, and learning disabilities. They are also effective tools in breaking down the barriers that can come with learning a new language. 

    Not to be confused with audiobooks, which are recordings of either a live or AI voice reading a book aloud, tts software converts more than just epub books to audio format. Many tts applications integrate with web browsers, google docs, word documents, and allow uploads of additional documents to convert text to audible format.

    Intelligent Speaker is text-to-speech software that works as a web browser extension on your PC or mac. This extension has the ability to convert written text from the web and local HTML into speech that is read aloud with a guaranteed human-like voice for speech recognition. Compatible with full-screen web pages, google Docs, and even local text files on your PC, Intelligent Speaker allows its users to listen to any type of written content in multiple languages.

    Microsoft uses Intelligent Speakers to automatically identify speakers in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

    When Intelligent Speaker is installed, it places an icon in the browser panel. The icon allows the user to add links to web pages that they want to listen to. The application also allows the user to adjust the speed at which the material is read, so they can choose the listening speed that is comfortable for them. 

    The software does lack the benefit of a mobile app and is only able to be used in conjunction with podcast apps for listening on the go. Intelligent Speaker gives its users 1 hour of free listening every month. Additional hours are available with the purchase of a relatively affordable monthly plan. 

    Top 10 Alternatives for Intelligent Speaker Text To Speech

    For those who are looking for a different text-to-speech reader other than Intelligent Speaker, there are several options available. Some are more involved and do more than Intelligent Speaker while others are less involved and offer basic text-to-speech software.


    Murf is text-to-speech software that is primarily meant for generating voiceovers. They have multiple human voices available in 20 languages. The use of their software is aimed at those seeking to use it for applications in marketing, advertising, and tutorials, but anyone can use it for the simple purpose of text-to-speech.

    For those who want to add a little something extra to their generated audio content, Murf allows editing of the word sounds to allow for additional emphasis, longer pauses, and voice inflection. Their software is aimed at offering a consistent brand voice and ease of international marketing for large companies to advertise. 

    Their free plan is limited to 10 minutes of voice generation, but they do offer monthly paid plans as well.  


    ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech software that has synthesized over 90 custom brand voices for organizations in multiple industries. Aiming its marketing at larger businesses to help them streamline their brand voice and increase advertisements with voiceover content, ReadSpeaker has over 10,000 customers worldwide.

    The application gives access to 110 voices in 35+ languages to find the perfect voice match for any brand to help make content and products more engaging. The voices give lifelike and tailored interactions in the software that they integrate with and also integrates with learning management systems to assist with education and training modules.


    Another text-to-speech software that focuses on video voiceover, Speechelo’s content is aimed at those seeking applications of text-to-speech for training, sales videos, and educational content. However, the use of the software for simple text-to-speech is also available.

    The software can create speech from any text and they offer over 30 male and female voices in 24 languages. Speechelo is advertised as the only text-to-speech software that adds natural inflections to the voices used.

    Speechelo also offers the text to be read in three different tones, normal, joyful, and serious, to fit the mood of the reader. They are currently offering a one-time payment option for services of just $47 that comes backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Their services are compatible with Windows PCs, Apple, and many smartphone devices. 


    Synthesys also aims its services at professional speech synthesis for voice-over applications. Along with the text-to-speech application, Synthesys also provides a text-to-video service that brings training scripts or advertising materials to life with dynamic video presentations accompanied by a voiceover

    The software is cloud-based, allowing its users to tap into its services anywhere at any time. They offer human voices in both male and female tones. There are 35 options for female voices and 30 options for male voices

    Their text-to-speech only plan is $29 a month and offers unlimited voice downloads in 66 different languages.


    Notevibes is advertised as a lifelike artificial intelligence (AI) voice generator that allows text to be instantly converted into speech. They offer over 200 high quality male and female voice tones in 25 languages. 

    Like Speechelo and Murf, Notevibes’s services are also utilized for voiceover applications for training, sales, and educational videos and are used by large global companies such as Pepsi and Johnson and Johnson. 

    The software allows for editing of pronunciation in voiceovers which can assist those who are utilizing the software for language learning purposes. It also allows those who wish to edit the speech to add pauses, inflections in pitch, and speed up or slow down the speech. 

    For the extent of services and options it offers, the software is very affordable at $8/month for personal use.

    Natural Reader

    Natural Reader is optical character recognition (OCR) based, meaning that it automates data from written text or scanned documents. 

    The voices used are advertised as clear and natural sounding and the software allows the voice files generated to be saved as MP3 audio files for listening on the go.

    The services are aimed at assisting a wide range of those who may need to utilize a text-to-speech program, such as students, professionals, language learners, or those who are dyslexic. They offer natural-sounding voices in english and 17 other languages.

    While the selected voice reads the words aloud, the selected text is highlighted in a dyslexic-friendly font to help with reading words and retaining information.

    Natural Reader offers a 7-day free trial and a single plan price of $49. 

    Linguatech Voice Reader – Voice Reader Home 15

    The Linguatedh Voice Reader caters to those who are using the text-to-speech engine for personal use and learning. Studies have shown that retention of information is about 25% higher when listening as opposed to reading and when listening and reading are combined, there is an increase in retention by nearly 45%.

    The basic beauty of a text-to-speech reader is that it allows the listener to enjoy texts in their leisure time and take a break from their desk or the screen. Linguatech allows its users to access the software while traveling or exercising to enjoy texts at their leisure and convenience to make better use of their time.

    Error detection is another useful application of text-to-speech software. Term papers and manuscripts can be uploaded and read aloud to listen for any misspelled words or grammatical errors.

    Linguatech offers 45 languages and 67 different voices and is available for purchase at $29.99 for personal use. There is a business option available for a slightly higher fee. 

    Amazon Polly

    Amazon Polly is a tts service that generates a lifelike speech transcript from text. This software is fairly involved, allowing its users to create applications with voiceovers or to build speech-enabled products.

    The voices used by Amazon Polly are natural sounding human voices generated by an API software that creates audio files in MP3 or WAV format. Polly also offers a neutral test-to-speech voice that offers a news-type approach for use cases of narrating articles concerning current events.

    Like other software that caters to those who are seeking to have a consistent brand voice or provide voiceovers for video marketing content, Amazon Polly helps businesses create a custom voice for their organization.

    Voice Dream

    Winner of the 2021 Apple Design Award, Voice Dream is a text-to-speech reader designed specifically with special needs in mind. They have carefully designed the software to make it accessible and user-friendly for those who struggle with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, dyslexia, autism, and motor functions.

    The software offers over 100 premium voices in 30 languages and can operate offline without connection to the internet, allowing for ease of listening wherever the user may go. Compatible with iCloud Sync, Voice Dream can sync and backup your documents across all devices, including ipads and iphones.

    Highlighting is synchronized, so the selected text highlights specific words in real-time as it reads along and the software offers a self-scrolling screen with a blank background to keep the reader in the zone and free from distraction. Voice Dream also allows the user to change font size, colors and character spacing, making the visual experience of tts completely customizable.


    Speechify is the leading text-to-speech reader in the industry. If there is anything that needs to be read, it can be listened to with Speechify. PDFs, word documents, articles, emails, and more are easy to upload into the software and have translated into speech. The app even allows the users to upload photos of documents that they need to have read to them such as bills, letters, flyers, or bank statements.

    Highlighting the words as it moves through the document, Speechify allows its users to read the words from the page as they listen to provide for better absorption of the materials consumed. This type of interactive learning that couples reading and listening increases the efficiency of retention.

    Compatible with iOS, Android, and Chrome, the software easily integrates with almost every device, allowing for desktop or mobile listening anywhere the reader finds themselves. Because of its versatility, Speechify is the best option for the busy multitasker, always on the go in need of time to read. The application allows those who are out and about on a hectic schedule to still listen to whatever reading materials may beckon them. 

    Speechify also helps its readers cut their time of reading down by having the ability to adjust the reading speed at which they choose to listen to their reading. Utilizing this feature helps the reader to absorb more materials faster than traditionally reading them.

    Speechify’s voices are more fluid and have a more natural-sounding speech than the AI voices in other text-to-speech providers. By using a more human-like voice with emphasis and inflection, the listening experience becomes more natural and easier to absorb.

    Take the stress out of reading with Speechify.

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