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Let's dive into Fandom.com and how fans of top series can continue to immerse themselves in the universes they love.

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Text to speech Fandom

Keeping up with your favorite shows, movies, and games can be challenging. Fortunately, websites like Fandom.com provide updates to deliver the latest news to fans. But production companies like Amazon release remakes and spinoffs constantly, so connecting the new updates to the original lore takes time and effort.

What is Fandom?

Fandom.com prides itself on being one of the world’s most popular gaming and entertainment fan platforms. It’s a one-stop shop for users who want to build communities with like-minded people about their favorite shows, characters, or video games. Whether you want to learn the release date of a show’s second season or share memes with others, the Fandom site has got you covered.

But why is Fandom so successful? One of the most notable reasons behind the platform’s popularity is that it encourages user participation. For example, Fandom will allow you to update the site’s entries if you’re knowledgeable about the Star Wars franchise. That way, you can share your passion with users with similar interests.

Currently, Fandom has over 40 million pages of content, 74 of which are dedicated to just the furniture featured in the Star Wars franchise.

Some of the most popular topics on Fandom include:

  • Video Games

  • Anime

  • Movies

  • TV shows

  • Videos

  • Wikis

The content on the platform caters to fans in over 200 countries, meaning you can find entries in over 80 languages. You’ve probably heard of text to speech technology if you’ve already checked out the site. After all, it’s an integral part of the “If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device Wiki.”

What is “If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device”?

In 2013, Youtuber Bruva Alfabusa released the first episode of his “If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device” series. It’s a parody of the beloved Warhammer 40,000 franchise. The series quickly amassed a dedicated following, with fans creating memes and adding wikis to the Fandom platform.

Along with original characters like Little Kitten, the series features familiar names from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, including the Emperor of Mankind.

The initial premise is that the Emperor has lost the ability to speak. If he regains his voice, he can take control of his realm again. Little Kitten, the leader of the Fabulous Custodes, commissions the Adeptus Mechanicus to attach a text to speech device to the throne.

As a result, the Emperor of Mankind recovers and starts planning to rid the Warhammer 40k universe of nefarious forces threatening the Imperium of Man. To do so, he must collaborate with and battle other factions and species, including the Necron, the Inquisitors, the Space Marines, the Tyranids, the Primarchs, and the Tau.

“If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device Wiki” on Fandom praises the incorporation of meme culture and animation style. In particular, fans seem to enjoy the voice of Magnus the Red, one of the most memorable Primarchs.

Moreover, Bruva Alfabusa has taken advantage of the franchise’s over-the-top plots, making many factions, like the Space Marines and the Inquisitors, unreliable. As the Inquisitors and the Space Marines are responsible for guarding the Imperium of Man, their characterization drives the plot of this fan-made spinoff.

Still, the show isn’t without haters. Some users have complained that it’s hard to keep up with its multiple storylines. Additionally, they’re dissatisfied with the voicing of the Inquisitors and Space Marines.

While the Fandom platform can clear away some confusion, not everyone has the time to read through thousands of entries. 

Text to Speech

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Who plays Magnus the Red in TTS?

Zegram, a talented voice actor, is the voice behind Magnus the Red.

What happened to TTS Emperor?

“If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device” parody is currently on hiatus. Previous episodes are still available on YouTube. 

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