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If you want to use text to speech services, Opera may be one of the best browsers available. Let's break it down.

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Text to speech for Opera

Choosing between web browsers is tough. Do you go for Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox? What about Google Chrome or Safari? There are so many to choose from that you might feel overwhelmed.

Throwing the Opera browser into the mix may make that choice even more difficult.

Still, it’s a browser that’s worth considering. And if you want to use text to speech services, it may be one of the best browsers available.

What is the Opera web browser?

The Opera browser seems like any other on the surface. You can use it to navigate web pages and open multiple tabs. However, if you dig below the surface, you’ll find an array of features that make it ideal for those concerned about net privacy:

  • Opera lets you set permissions and turn off notifications, so you’re not constantly harassed by websites trying to get your attention.

  • The browser has a built-in ad blocker that can stop pop-ups from ruining your experience.

  • Sharing files is easy thanks to Opera’s connection abilities. You can link your mobile device to the browser to transfer files quickly.

  • You get a built-in virtual private network (VPN) that masks your internet protocol (IP) address. This lets you browse in privacy and offers encryption for anything you upload.

Opera is available on most devices, including those using Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

What are text to speech apps?

So, you have the latest version of Opera. Now, you want it to read the text on web pages for you.

That’s where text to speech (TTS) apps come in.

With TTS software, you get a web app that reads digital text in natural-sounding voices. Most of these apps use a combination of speech synthesis and machine learning technology to do this.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to read complex tutorials or learn how to code using a complicated application programming interface (API) to use text to speech. Most TTS apps install directly as a browser extension, allowing you to read your selected text easily.

When might you use a TTS app?

Text to speech is ideal for people with disabilities that affect reading comprehension. They playback the chosen text in an understandable voice, making them ideal for e-learning and accessibility purposes.

Even if you don’t need TTS for these reasons, you can still use them to boost productivity. For example, you could work on a Google Doc while having a TTS reader relate information from another document.

Text to speech readers for Opera

Unfortunately, the Opera browser doesn’t have a built-in text to speech reader. However, there are plenty of web extensions you can download to access TTS.

Text to Speech Extension

Simplicity is the name of the game with the Text to Speech Extension, right down to its name. The software uses HTML5 TTS APIs to read any text you select with a single click.

It can automatically detect the text’s language and select an appropriate voice. You can also use simple keyboard shortcuts, including “Alt,” “Insert,” or your “T” key, to activate it.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is one of the most basic text to speech web apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an Opera extension for you to download.

So, why is it on this list?

Read Aloud is excellent for the most basic of functions. Just head to its Voice Narration Tool, and you’ll find everything you need. Copy your text into a box and the platform reads it for you.

Intelligent Speaker

Intelligent Speaker helps you read text while avoiding the few ads that manage to slip through the Opera browser’s net. It also has voice speed controls and supports reading from Intranet pages.

The add-on is compatible with most files you upload from your computer. It even allows you to create audio files to make your own podcasts.


Though Speechify doesn’t yet have a specific Opera extension, it’s still useful. The website contains a text to speech reader you can use in any browser.

Speechify stands out because of its range of narration options. It’s available in over 14 languages and features dozens of voices. Plus, the app lets you use optical character recognition to take screenshots of text that Speechify can read aloud.

Try Google Chrome instead of Opera

After explaining why Opera is such a strong browser, you might wonder why you should consider anything else. The simple answer is extensions, specifically Google Chrome extensions.

As one of the web’s most popular browsers, Google Chrome has far more extensions than Opera. That means you can customize it to a greater degree. Plus, you can access VPNs and ad blockers for Chrome that give it the same benefits as Opera.

Google Chrome may be a better choice than Opera if you use your browser for work or studying.

Try Speechify – The text to speech reader for your browser

As with browsers, you have a lot of text to speech apps from which to choose. Speechify is one of the better choices because of its large selection of languages and narrators.

The app is available for iOS, macOS, Android, and Google Chrome. Plus, a free version of Speechify is available on the TTS platform’s website.

What if you want the whole Speechify experience?

You can try the full app for a limited time via the website. Test it out today to see if it’s the right choice for you when browsing the web.


How do I use text to speech in Opera?

Download an appropriate Opera extension to use TTS in the browser.

Does Opera have a text reader?

Opera doesn’t have a default text reader, though you can download extensions to create this functionality.

Does a stylus work on Opera?

You can find stylus extensions that allow you to browse web pages on Opera using a stylus.

What does TTS stand for?

TTS stands for text to speech.

What is the difference between text to speech and text reader?

Both text readers and text to speech allow people to navigate their devices and have text read aloud. Text to speech apps also tend to have additional functionality that makes them useful for people without disabilities.

Is Opera accessible for people with disabilities?

Opera has several accessibility features. These include single key shortcuts, access keys, and compatibility with TTS software such as Speechify.

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